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Kwai do certification audit is not approved?

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Kwai LAN V After certification , It's like an annual car review , It needs to be reviewed annually . When paying in the first year , Is to pay 600 Yuan certification fee , When the renewal is needed in the second year , You also need to pay the same certification fee , Moreover, the qualification required for the certification process is the same as in previous years , You don't have to worry about this .



Kwai Fu certification is also very simple when it is renewed. , Unless the business license is changed , Otherwise, it will not fail the certification .

What you need to worry about is the first year of Kwai Fu certification. , When applying for certification in the first year, it was very strict , If there is a problem with the information, the application will not be passed , The overall certification process is still poor , We must be vigilant about this , Avoid failing to pass the certification after submitting the payment ,600 The certification fee of yuan has been watered down .

In fact, don't worry too much about the failure of the audit , It's much better now , And as long as your qualification and industry meet the requirements, you will pass , And if you find an officially authorized service provider to fill in the invitation code , Will pass faster , So we also need to choose the official authorized service providers when choosing Kwai certification. .

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