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[see you at 8:00] the police informed that "Qian was reported for sexual assault"

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8 See you -8 month 25 Japan 01:47


  • The education of Chinese excellent traditional culture will be integrated into all disciplines in primary and secondary schools , No separate courses .

  • China's high-speed rail coverage of cities with a population of more than one million exceeds 95%.

  • Dalian Commodity Exchange realized the first application of digital RMB in China's futures market .

  • Zhangjiajie, hunan 25 Japan 8 Remove all traffic checkpoints from , Orderly restoration of public transport .

  • Deputies to Changsha Municipal People's Congress suggested “ Relax the restriction on the purchase of one suite for the birth of two children ”, Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau responded to this : Maintain the continuity of real estate policy .

  • 8 month 24 Japan , China successfully launched the fusion test satellite at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center 01/02 star .

  • The Tokyo Paralympic Games opened , The Chinese sports delegation 98 Appearances , Female wheelchair Archer Zhou Jiamin 、 Wang Hao, a male crippled track and field athlete, served as the flag bearer , common 150 People attend the entrance ceremony .


  • The Taliban seized a key piece of US military equipment , Biometrically identifiable .

  • Fukushima sewage destroys fishery reputation , The Japanese government plans to spend money on seafood .

  • A fire broke out on an offshore oil platform in Mexico , Cause 5 People have been killed 6 People were injured , Oil production has been hit hard .

  • A Japanese gang boss was sentenced to death , For the first time in the history of the country .

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  • Shanghai Police Report “ Qian was reported for sexual assault ”: The existing evidence cannot prove the existence of the crime of rape . If there are other new evidence involved in the case , The police can be provided with , The police will investigate according to law .


  • Ji'an, Jiangxi 16 Year old boy was beaten with a knife , If you kill one person, you'll be sentenced to 10 year . Jiangxi Ji'an intermediate people's court reported : Will have a fair trial 、 Fair judgment .

  • Time star culture media ( Chengdu ) The average age of dissolution of a limited company 8 Year old “ Tianfu Youth League ”, He said that he would seriously and properly handle the follow-up work .


  • A junior high school graduate in Wenzhou tampered with his classmates' volunteers for the middle school entrance examination , Be placed in administrative detention .

  • Bitten by his own cocky dog , A student in Shangqiu, Henan Province stirred the dog with a washing machine 1 minute . Police report : It has been criticized and educated .

  • One in Shenzhen 36 A - year-old woman refused to see a doctor for three weeks with high fever, resulting in multiple organ failure , after 20 Rescue for many days , At present, the woman has improved and discharged .

  • Heilongjiang Harbin 、 Hail fell suddenly in Daqing and other places , The largest is the size of an egg .


  • The fraud suspect was caught wearing “ Jump out of three boundaries ”T T-shirt , Anhui Bengbu police said , Heaven's net is long and easy ,“ Jump out of three boundaries ” Catch you like this !




  • Early autumn , Villagers in Congjiang County, Guizhou hang rice 、 Pepper and other crops , Present a pleasing picture “ Sun autumn picture ”.


  • The International Space Station captured the sunrise in orbit as it orbited over the Atlantic Ocean .



  • In the core module of China's space station , The amateur life of the three astronauts is rich and colorful : Listen to the music , Play musical instruments , Even played table tennis . Net friend : Table tennis has hit the sky !


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