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National low-carbon day ant forest cooperates with 100 enterprises to start "green energy action"

2021-08-31 06:08:14 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , It's today “ National Low Carbon day ”, The theme is “ Low carbon life , Green building the future ”. According to the Ministry of ecological environment “ National Low Carbon day ” Data released at home Events : Ant forest from 2016 Year online till now , Has accumulated more than 6.13 Billion people participate in low-carbon life , produce “ Green energy ”2000 More than ten thousand tons .

According to statistics , In order to encourage the public to live a low-carbon life ,5 Over the years, ant forest has participated in the whole country 11 Ecological restoration in four provinces , Cumulative seeding 3.26 Hundred million trees , One of them is in Gansu 、 Inner Mongolia is more than 1 Billion trees . meanwhile , The ant forest is still in the country 10 Provinces have set up 18 A public welfare reserve , Protect wildlife 1500 Varied . Through eco-environmental protection projects in various places , Ant forest has created a total of Planting 、 Maintenance 、 Patrol, etc 238 Million green jobs , Bring labor income to the local people 3.5 One hundred million yuan .

stay 2021“ National Low Carbon day ” same day , Ant forest officially started “ Green energy action ”. haier 、 faw-vw 、 muji 、 Are you hungry? Wait for the first batch 100 Many enterprises are involved in it , Together with the ant forest “ Green energy ” As an integral reward , Promote consumers to choose more energy conservation and consumption reduction 、 Low carbon emission reduction products and services , So as to promote the formation of economy and moderation in the whole society 、 Green and low-carbon lifestyle and environmental protection fashion . Relying on the formation of Alipay “ Digital living platform ”, Expected future participation “ Green energy action ” Our enterprises will cover daily life “ clothing 、 food 、 live 、 That's ok 、 use ” And so on , Will affect hundreds of millions of consumers .

The data shows ,2016 year 8 month ,“ Ant forest ” Officially launched on Alipay . Green Travel 、 Paper and plastic reduction 、 Saving energy and reducing consumption 、 Low carbon behaviors such as recycling , It can be calculated as " Green energy ", When accumulated to a certain extent, participants can apply for planting a real tree in the desertification area , Or in areas where biodiversity needs to be protected “ Claim ” One square meter of protected land . after , Donated by enterprises to public welfare institutions , Implement ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation projects .

“ Green energy action ” Project leader Wang Xiaoying said , The first 100 Positive response and participation of many enterprises , It means that more socially responsible enterprises have joined ant forest to link man and nature “ Public welfare incentive mechanism ”: That is, it is supported by enterprise donations “ Visible green ”, Encourage the public to choose more green and low-carbon lifestyles , Create with practical action “ Invisible green ”, Reshaping low-carbon environmental protection and green consumption behavior under the digital transformation of economy and society .

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