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Zhonggai stocks rebounded sharply, and the "wooden sister" quickly increased her position in Jingdong

2021-08-31 06:08:25 TechWeb

Since this week , Decadent for nearly half a year, zhonggai stocks rebounded sharply . It's called “ Sister wood ” Of ARK Kathy, CEO of the investment company • Wood said , Firmly optimistic about China concept stocks , And its ARK The fund has quickly established its position in Jingdong .

The technology index of Hong Kong stocks has risen by more than 7%, Previously, the index continued to 5 Zhou dadie , It fell to the lowest level since its launch last year . Tencent holdings and Alibaba, the heavyweights of the index, have also risen sharply recently , The cumulative growth rate reached 8.8% and 9.5%. Over the same period, China's NASDAQ China Index (NASDAQ China IndexSM) It rose for the third consecutive trading day , Cumulative increase 8%.

According to the latest ARK Flag Autonomous Technoloy&Robotics ETF The data of , The fund bought Jingdong on Monday ADR( ADR ). Earlier this year, the fund almost cleared its positions in these medium cap stocks .

Wood's purchase of JD should see the company's strong revenue and rapid growth of users in the second quarter . According to Jingdong, the revenue in the second quarter of this year was 2538 RMB 100 million , More than the same period last year 26.2%, At the same time, the number of users reaches 5.32 Billion , A net increase over the same period last year 1.15 Billion .

Wood told the media , at present ARK The positions of logistics and manufacturing companies are being adjusted , And point out that , Logistics is an important part of JD's business .

In addition to sister Mu joining the army of bottom reading , At present, a number of institutions are interested in Chinese stocks , And build warehouses on a large scale .Aberdeen Standard Investments Senior fund manager Hugh Young Said earlier this month , The fund has bought Tencent , And keep the positions of most other large technology stocks unchanged .

According to relevant media Statistics , Since last week , Has more than 50 Billion dollars into KraneShares Zhongyu Internet Index ETF(KWEB), This is also the highest inflow level since the establishment of the Fund . Although the fund has fallen as much as... This year 34%, But it still attracts 44 A billion dollars inflow .

Hong Kong's first Shanghai Securities strategist Linus Yip Express ,“ If investors want to hold Zhongyu shares 6 Months or more , Valuations look attractive .

Amber HillCapital Ltd Director of asset management Jackson Wong Express , At present, there are a lot of bottom reading funds in the market , At the same time, they prefer to buy Chinese Internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba . And point out that , Those Internet companies that have fallen the most this year may lead a rebound .

Besides , Wall Street's ratings of these Chinese Internet stocks remained basically stable . Technology giants Alibaba and Jingdong won more than... Respectively 93% Analyst buy rating , and B standing (Bilibili) Get all the participating ratings 43 An analyst's buy rating .

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