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Cool group had a net loss of HK $238 million in the first half of 2021, and Jia Yueting and other former directors were condemned by the Hong Kong stock exchange

2021-08-31 06:08:29 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , Cool group (02369.HK) As of 2021 year 6 month 30 Announcement of interim results for the six months ended , During the period , Income from continuing operations 3.2 Million Hong Kong dollars , A fall 17%; A net loss 2.38 Million Hong Kong dollars , The same period last year was a loss 6592.7 Million Hong Kong dollars , Loss per share 3.11 Immortal , No medium-term interest .

In the first half of the year , Coolpad group's overall gross profit has been greatly reduced to gross loss 1450 Million Hong Kong dollars , Gross profit for the same period last year 8410 Million Hong Kong dollars , Gross profit decreased year-on-year 117.2%.

Cool group said , The gross loss was mainly due to the tightening of upstream supply , The cost of some core raw materials has risen , Resulting in an increase in the overall cost of sales , At the same time, the price of mobile phone orders in the U.S. market has been determined before the product goes on the market , Difficult to raise .

Besides , Although Coolpad group has been in 2020 It announced its return to the Chinese market at the end of the year , And this year 5 Cool, a new product, was released in June COOL 20 mobile phone , However, the capacity of the front-end retail delivery system is still insufficient , The sales volume of products has not increased significantly , Therefore, the relevant products are still not available to Coolpad group 2021 Made a significant contribution to the financial performance in the first half of the year .

It is worth noting that , Just when Coolpad group released its financial report 8 month 24 day , The Hong Kong Stock Exchange issued a notice condemning Coolpad group and 6 A former director , Including Jia Yueting, former executive director and chairman 、 Jiang Chao, former executive director and chief financial officer 、 Liu Jiangfeng, former chief executive officer 、 Former executive director Li Bin 、 Zhang Wei 、 Liu Hong .

According to HKEx announcement ,2016 year 7 month 、2016 year 12 month 、2017 year 3 During the month , Cool group conducted three groups of transactions , Involving loans and / Or financial support , The total value of RMB exceeds 17 One hundred million yuan . These payments make cool group 、 Or entities beneficially owned by persons known to Jia Yueting and Jiang Chao .

Name of HKEx , The above acts violate 《 Rules governing the listing of securities on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited 》, But Coolpad group did not announce these transactions in due course .

meanwhile , The HKEx ruled that , Jia Yueting and Jiang Chao did not act honestly and in good faith on the premise of the overall interests of the company or for appropriate purposes , The remaining directors failed to perform their duties as directors in relation to such transactions or failed to ensure that the company has implemented adequate internal control .

Further instructions from the listing committee : Li Bin 、 Zhang Wei 、 Liu Hong and Liu Jiangfeng ( The four are not currently directors of other companies listed on the stock exchange ) If he intends to be appointed as a director of any listed company on the stock exchange in the future , Each shall be completed by the Hong Kong Association of Chartered Secretaries before the effective date of appointment 、 Hong Kong Institute of Directors , Or other course institutions recognized by the Listing Division 《 Listing rules 》 Compliance matters and responsibilities of directors  24  Hours of training , Including at least  6  Hours 《 Listing rules 》 Directors' responsibilities under 、 Corporate governance and Chapter 13 requirements and  4  Hour related 《 Listing rules 》 Training on transactions to be announced under Chapter 14 ( train ); And  (ii)  Provide the listing section with a written certificate issued by the training institution that it fully complies with this training provision .

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