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The beginning and end of the collapse of China's rice circle

2021-08-31 06:08:58 TechWeb

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Yesterday afternoon , Multiple official microblogs or big blogs of Zhao Liying's fan group V Banned , There are many accounts with millions of fans .

The reason is that Zhao Liying will play a TV play 《 Barbarous growth 》 And again, the news of Wang Yibo caused the dissatisfaction of fans on both sides , Then something happened “ Tear each other apart ”, There is a great tendency to develop into a network curse war .

Some fans even said “ Just make things big ”“ Scuffle between the parties , So that your studio can see how big the hidden danger is ”.

The madness of the rice circle is nothing new , But this time it happened to hit the cusp of rectification . Madness is crushed in an instant ,“ Lest there should be no chaos ” My fans are banned .

since this year on , The collapse of the rice circle is visible to the naked eye .

First, the exquisite idols supported by fans' investment in real money and emotion continue to burst into scandals , There are not only great flaws in morality , Wu Yifan and others have even gone to crime .

Next , The chaotic image of the rice circle that made the public unbearable was finally renovated on a large scale , Cyber Manhunt 、 Rumor attack 、 Cyberstorm 、 Pull and step on each other 、 Provoking opposition 、 Controlling public opinion has become the object of heavy blows . The interests of many underlying capital and platforms have also been greatly suppressed .

The rice circle is like , It's not like you can swagger around like before .

once , Chasing stars means appreciating and loving , Become better with idols . But I don't know when , Challenging the public bottom line has become the norm in the rice circle , Finally, we can only move towards the fate of being renovated on a large scale .

Rome wasn't built in a day , Star chasing is a social phenomenon , And social psychology 、 The evolution of media technology is closely related , But when star chasing becomes a business , From a purely profit seeking perspective , When it is not properly controlled , Evil is inevitable , Will in turn erode social values , cause endless trouble to future .

We need to understand star chasing from a higher dimension “ deals ” To “ On the feather ” The evolution of , To see the complex factors behind the collapse of the rice circle , So as to have a deeper thinking on this problem .

The article published by the Shang Yin society today is long , But after reading it, you will definitely understand the beginning and end of the rice circle collapse .

01、 Star chasing mania is never new

Hands up 、 Fight for idols call Fan culture , It is not unique to modern culture , It has existed since ancient times , And the fans went crazy at that time , It's no worse than now .

such as , Ancient idioms used to describe men's beauty “ revered person ” and “ Better looking than pan an ” Just two “ Be a popular male star ” As an allusion .

Wei Yu, a beautiful man in the Jin Dynasty , Talent and demeanor are first-class , Wherever he goes since he was a child, he will be noticed , So he often had to struggle to escape from the crowd , Time goes by , Originally weak and ill, he finally couldn't support himself and fell ill , And finally die .

Pan an, another male star, is no less popular than : It is said that when he was young , Driving down the street , Even old women are fascinated by it . And those women who admire him often throw fruit into Pan'an's car , Whenever he comes home, he comes home with a full load , The whole car is full of fruits .

so , Star chasing and fan culture have a long history in China . It's just , After years of media and technology development , such “ Traditional art can ” Also playing a visible change , Then it caused confusion and conflict between different types of people .

stay 1993 Zhao Lirong 、 CCTV sketch performed by Cai Ming and Guo Da 《 Star chasers 》 in , It vividly shows the three generations' different understanding of stars :

Grandma, who represents the older generation, is full of misjudgments and misunderstandings about all kinds of star chasing words , She thought “ Four Heavenly Kings ” Like King tota Li, he is one of the gods ;“ Star chasers ” It is one of the ethnic minorities ; song 《 The stars light 》 It's a song of Pingxi ……


My father is full of opposition to this kind of star chasing culture , I think the excessive infatuation with stars affects my daughter's academic performance , Therefore, some star chasing activities of her daughter are directly and explicitly prohibited , Make father and daughter quite unhappy .

Similarly, , Famous sitcoms of almost the same period 《 I love my family 》 There are also 《 The star in my heart 》 This episode , Jia Yuanyuan, the youngest daughter in the family, is addicted to Hong Kong star Zhang Guorong and can't extricate herself , Thus causing conflict in the family .

so to speak , In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong, China 、 The star culture led by Taiwan has a strong impact on the mainland, which has just opened up , Make the above scenes staged in thousands of households . This is different from the ancient Wei Yu 、 Pan'an style stars are, of course, the product of modern times , That's why , Will cause no small shake in the traditional Chinese family .

02、 idol = The age of ideology

Find out where this conflict comes from , First of all, we should understand what we are talking about “ star ” What is it .

In the context of modern culture “ star ” It is precisely synchronized with the modern culture and entertainment industry :19 The end of the century 20 At the beginning of the century , When the film industry is just beginning to develop and operate , Stars tied up with this entertainment industry came into being , Hollywood actress Florence · Lawrence was the first movie star born in this context , She was later called “ The ancestor of movie stars ”.


Get into 20 The middle and lower industries of the century , With the rise of the recording industry , And the emergence of pop music culture marked by the emergence of rock music , The entertainment industry is getting richer and richer , More and more people are lucky to be among the stars .

And then , With the popularity of TV in every household , TV stars 、 Rock star 、 Movie stars have appeared in succession , And a huge industry with each link tightly fitting has gradually taken shape , Mankind has officially entered an era of national entertainment .

But in China , Why in the 1980s and 1990s , Will the older generation still regard star idols as monsters ?

Because the development history of Chinese idols is slightly different from that of other regions .

Throughout the history of China since the founding of the people's Republic of China , Stars are not scarce products , From the movie 《 Children of Heroes 》 Warrior Wang Cheng in , To the singer Jia Shijun who frequently appears on the screen 、 Guo Lanying , All can afford “ star ” The title of , But the first one has stability “ Fans ” The star of , It could be another person we know : Lei feng .

This is the first clear “ Learn from him ” Our national idol .1963 Beginning of the year , Ready to help others 、 Lei Feng, who is diligent in doing good, died soon after , What he wrote during his lifetime 《 Lei feng's diary 》 Be made public ,《 The People's Daily 》 Publish excerpts from Lei Feng's diary and commentator's articles .

soon , Should be 《 Chinese Youth 》 At the invitation of the magazine , Chairman Mao Zedong wrote an inscription ,“ Learn from Comrade Lei Feng ”.3 month 5 Japan ,《 The People's Daily 》 And other major newspapers and periodicals publish Mao Zedong's inscriptions . Everyone since then 3 month 5 Day to day “ Lei Feng's anniversary ”. After that , Lei Feng's iconic image in a military uniform , His good deeds and diary quotations have spread all over the streets of China . You may not recognize every neighbor around you , But you don't know Lei Feng .

This may be in 80 In the s, Hong Kong and Taiwan stars “ intrusion ” Before , The highest participation “ Chasing stars ” And the largest one “ Fans group ”, Although it is different from the star chasing movement based on the entertainment industry in western countries , But what makes this movement possible , It's also a newspaper 、 radio broadcast 、 Television, film and other media .

Lei Feng spirit , It also highly represents the kind of... In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China , Simple and warm , The values of selfless dedication to the cause of socialism .

however , The second national idol after Lei Feng , And the entertainment industry , It marks the ebb of collectivism and the return to the individual , And the idol that marks this phenomenon , Her name is Teresa Teng .

03、 Teresa Teng's song , Fei Xiang's face

Time came to the last century 70 years , A literary troupe in an army , Female soldier Xiao Suizi and her friends are secretly trying on new shirts and tight jeans bought from Guangdong .

Then suddenly there was a knock at the door , It turned out that it was Chen can, the trumpeter of the art troupe , He brought a black tape recorder bigger than a brick , Mysteriously put a tape into the radio , Press on key , A sweet and gentle song came out :“ In the days of love , It's hard to forget ”, This song is Teresa Teng's 《 I'm in love 》.

It's a movie 《 youth 》 A shot in . In those days , Except for model plays and red songs , Soft love songs have “ Corrosive effects ”. To borrow 80 Special books of the s 《 How to identify yellow songs 》 Description of :

“ Sugar coated poison , Is to let people absorb its toxicity in sweet pleasure ; Such vulgar songs are of great significance to some young men and women in China , It's really the sound of pornographic seduction , The agent of mental paralysis ”

However ,“ Yellow songs ” Nor can it stop people's yearning for this sweet female voice , And the desire to listen again and again , Even if people don't know what the owner of the voice looks like . Because they realized for the first time , It turns out that songs and idols can also be very personal , Can tell feelings and thoughts , Not just slogans and slogans .

This song and throb from tape and radio , It has been decades later than abroad .

With the development of TV from black and white to color , And spread all over the country , People are more exposed to variety shows .

It's just this time (80-90 years ), The prosperity and the demand of the people have stimulated the development of the entertainment industry in Chinese mainland 、 Look up , People first came into contact with the concept of stars and idols in the modern context .

On TV , Idols can stretch their legs , Release your full sexual attraction —— Their representative is Fei Xiang .

1987 year , Fei Xiang, a Chinese American mixed race singer from Taiwan, took the initiative to contact the TV station when returning to the mainland to visit relatives , As a representative of Taiwan singers, he boarded the Spring Festival Gala to promote cross-strait friendship . Although it has political color , Fei Xiang's handsome image and handsome dance moves , image “ A raging flame ” Warm the hearts of hundreds of millions of women , Be regarded as “ Prince charming ” and “ Dream lover ”.


Fei Xiang's popularity , It seems to be a famous American rock star more than 20 years ago “ Elvis Presley ” A miniature of : Both have beautiful faces , Both became famous through television and eventually swept the country , what's more , Their every move , And every hip twist exudes the smell of hormones , I can see the heartbeats of the audience .

If Teresa Teng's singing represents the return of personal feelings , Then the Star Idol led by Fei Xiang began to show people with his face , Combine the audience with the audience . People like idols can be like him / Her song , More can be like their face , For the first time, stars are associated with sexual attraction .

Once this trend starts , Then it's unstoppable .

04、 Drain yourself , I only saw Andy Lau

90 years , Hong Kong and Taiwan stars began to wantonly “ intrusion ” mainland , The little tigers 、 Four Heavenly Kings 、 Zhang Guorong and other stars in the folk , Especially in the student group , At that time “ Chasing stars ” Become a new fashion . This is the scene described at the beginning : The older generation can't understand these trends , But the younger generation's enthusiasm for these stars is hard to retreat .

After Hong Kong and Taiwan culture entered every household , What has changed is the life of young people : There was no Internet , Young people search for magazines and posters everywhere , All over the walls of the room .

A magazine , What if there are only a few pages about idols ? They started cutting newspapers , Cut the relevant contents of idols and collect them , A self-made photo album is their most precious treasure . No social software , Fans can only express their love to their idols through letters . Worship and admiration in black and white , Sincere and warm .

Not only did family life begin to change , Young people's behavior patterns are also beginning to be affected : Due to the popularity of Hong Kong and Taiwan Dramas , They began to learn how movie stars speak , New popular words are also pouring in . For a long time , The older generation of parents can't accept the children's mouthful of “ wow ” and “ Whoa ”, Many family wars have also arisen .

It can be seen that , Until the rise of the Internet , Chasing stars is a one-way behavior . The audience passively accept all the information of the idol : Photo 、 posters 、 music 、 The movie 、 News and information ……

At that time, the fans were not like now , There are no stars around “ The power of life and death ”, They can only choose to accept the image created by the entertainment company . Fans have not yet formed a large-scale 、 Organized group forces , They may buy tapes and CDs , But few people can see stars in person , They are just “ Audience fans ”.

This period is the most famous , And the most appalling consequence is 2007 The Yang Lijuan incident in .

This may be an extreme case of audience fans . Yang Lijuan is a big fan of Hong Kong star Andy Lau ,1994 One night in, she dreamed of Andy Lau , Since then, she has started her crazy pursuit of Andy Lau . Yang Lijuan's father wanted to realize her daughter's wish to see an idol , Don't hesitate to sell 、 Selling kidneys , until 2007 year 3 month 26 He committed suicide by jumping into the sea in Hong Kong , And this star chasing event also reached the peak of controversy at this time .

Yang Lijuan's feelings for Andy Lau are like a stone thrown into a deep well , Always falling vertically in one direction , But I can't get any response from my idol .

Her wish is “ Meet real Andy Lau , And I hope to have a short communication , In order to tell Andy Lau his dream ”. But this is obviously unrealistic in the era of audience fans , This unresponsive emotion finally drove Yang Lijuan crazy , Angered Yang's father who spoiled his daughter , This is the last tragedy of suicide by jumping into the sea . And Yang Lijuan who made such a big noise , Finally, I only met Andy Lau briefly .

so to speak , At that time, the stars were real “ star ”, They're high up there , Accept the worship of fans .

“ Four Heavenly Kings ” In that particular era, it gave everyone a beautiful fantasy .90 years , At a time of state-owned enterprise reform and enterprise restructuring , A large number of factory workers were laid off , Triggered a huge round of “ Layoffs ”, At that time, many people were in a difficult situation of life , There is no mood and leisure to talk about love .

When Andy Lau sings “ Give me a glass of water ” When ,“ Forget the water ”“ Lovelorn ”“ ex-girlfriend ” At that time, it was a higher level of emotion .

At that time, Hong Kong was in 97 On the eve of the return in , The mainland's perception of Hong Kong is usually similar to “ advanced ”“ To develop ”“ senior ” Draw an equal sign , A prosperous international metropolis , There is a highly modern social division of labor 、 Citizen culture .

So the works of the four heavenly kings and the Hong Kong Golden generation , Regardless of personal feelings 、 Workplace culture or life perception , Have been a great success , There are reasons for the professionalization of the entertainment industry , It is also because they gave the understanding and popular science of modern urbanites to the mainland and even the whole Southeast Asia, which has just started urbanization .


This situation lasted until 21 At the beginning of the century ,2003 Year of 4 month 1 Japan , Hong Kong Star Leslie Cheung from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong 24 The building leaped down , It has become a historical tragedy in Hong Kong's entertainment industry . Also disappeared with Zhang Guorong , It is the influence and status of Hong Kong's entertainment industry among the Chinese people .

Until now , Every year, 4 month 1 Japan , A large number of fans will gather online and offline , To mourn Zhang Guorong's early death , And it all seems to be a sign of , Hong Kong stars as influential as Leslie Cheung and representing the golden generation have long been a thing of the past , It is not just Zhang Guorong that people mourn , And Hong Kong in the golden age .

In a shocking “ Zhang Guorong's suicide ” Marked for 2003 year , It seems to be a watershed , After that , Mainland TV stations , The entertainment industry is gradually mature and developed , SMS 、 Computer Internet cafes have become popular in big cities and small towns , Not to mention color TV .

Because of these changes , The draft shows have the mass and material foundation , And gradually take root and sprout , It is also at this stage ,“ fans ” This group began to form , And slowly show its madness and energy .

05、 The time has come when fans can decide the fate of idols

What is a talent show ? Stars naturally don't go to the talent show , Because the talent show itself produces stars . All we see on the talent show is grass roots , That is, with you 、 I 、 Ordinary people like him . The talent show seems to say , You see , You can also be a star .

therefore , stay 《 Super girl 》 Parents' message link , The faces on the screen were astringent and heavily accented , Let everyone recall their parents . It is also these links of grounding gas , So that 《 Super girl 》 The first talent show has won unprecedented welcome .

First of all 、 Second session 《 Super girl 》, Let the ratings of Hunan Satellite TV be second only to CCTV , The ratings of super girl programs at the same time occupy the first place in the whole network with rolling advantages , And it has led to a huge degree of social attention and discussion .


Where will these popularity and support for players pour out ?

therefore , The voting mechanism has emerged , And have the goal of winning for a player , A huge community of non-governmental interests has formed , They are called “ Rice circle ” and “ Fans group ” The prototype of .

You bet , Now it seems 《 Super girl 》 At that time, it really made the rice circle appear on the social stage for the first time . As long as you have a cell phone , Everyone can choose the player they like , Cast your precious vote .

“ Bean jelly ”“ corn ”“ Box lunch ” From a homonym in the player's name , And it was named by the fans with the names of some food , To show the intimacy with idols . At that time , You are a “ corn ” still “ Box lunch ”,“ Bean jelly ” still “ crayon ”, Become a tag on people .

“ fans ” The word is an English word “fans” Direct transliteration of , But in the process of spreading in China , There is a slight dislocation in the meaning of the word : stay 《 Cambridge Dictionary 》 in ,“fans” Can refer to “ Support a person , A person who plays a sport or a team ”, In the example given , We can see things like opera 、 Audiences like movies or music / Lovers can also be “fans” Refer to , But in China, it points to a narrow corner of the word meaning ——fanatic( Fanatical ).

Speaking of this dislocation ,2005 Year of 《 Super girl 》 The talent show can be described as “ " ”, It played a role in boosting the momentum .

As early as a year ago ,2004 Although the same program of Hunan Satellite TV also achieved success and a lot of attention , But at that time, the support groups did not have their own nicknames . And with the success of super girl the next year , Coupled with the popularity is a new fan discourse system :“ corn ”“ Bean jelly ”“ Box lunch ”.

With the accumulation of this fan discourse system , The capital market began to move its huge body and roll slowly , Fan economy began to take shape .

Because the distance between stars and fans suddenly narrowed , Fans will no longer worry about not seeing their idols . Because the talent show needs fans' votes , Then canvassing will 、 The fan meeting will be held in two or three days , You can even have close contact with idols .

The age of super girl , It's PHS 、 m-zone 、 The era dominated by keywords such as SMS and phone bill . Before the smartphone was born , Chat and communicate 、 Information dissemination 、 Most of the wine table jokes need the help of this inch machine on your palm . and 《 Super girl 》 Add a fire here : SMS voting system .

This voting system, which is different from the traditional election, makes the audience aware of , It turns out that your strength can affect the fate of the players on the stage .

This looks like “ democracy ” In fact, the way of voting has long been coveted by the capital market , Voting is not one person, one vote , But you can get more votes for one person , In other words, as long as fans are willing to spend money , Then the chances of sending your idol to the championship will be greater and greater .

In this case , The audience spared no effort to vote on their mobile phones , Mobilize your family and friends , Even pull the passers-by out of his own pocket , Vote for the player you like .

At that time , Super girl SMS voting is hot , Let sensitive businessmen smell the opportunity , There are many ticket companies that want to take a share . Some swiping companies print tickets directly “3 Ten thousand yuan into the country 20 strong ,20 Ten thousand yuan into the country 10 strong ,300 Ten thousand yuan impact champion ” The slogan of the , The implication is that , As long as you are willing to spend money , I will be able to help you put your idol on the championship , The big mouth of capital is not hidden , Bloody open in front of the public .

according to 2006 According to the annual report of China's cultural industry in ,《 Super girl 》 This column has brought direct economic benefits to Hunan Satellite TV up to 6800 ten thousand . One of the patch ads is 1800 ten thousand , The naming sponsorship fee is 2000 ten thousand , SMS revenue has 300 ten thousand .

And after that , A new concept of idol appears in front of the public : Cultivate idols . This new model of idol is in addition to being vague 、 Pulled into the distance between fans and idols , It also makes a group of interest communities , Assembled into an unprecedented group : Fans group .

This is known later “ Rice circle ” The prototype of .

06、 Capital has dug a for fans “ Investment black hole ”

In the second 《 Super girl 》 Two years after the end ,2007 year 1 month 9 Japan , Apple Inc CEO Steve · Jobs released the first generation iPhone, It has officially declared that human information acquisition mode has entered a new era —— Smart phone Era .

With the emergence of smart phones , It's all kinds of new media technologies and social networking app.2009 year , Sina Weibo officially launched , The whole people of China have entered the continuing “ Micro blog ” Time .

meanwhile , Sina Weibo “ Add V authentication ” The system is more intuitive on the Internet, pulling the distance between fans and idols ,“ Topic tags ” Make it easier for fans to find their own group , Used to rely on text messages 、 Telephone communication 、 Offline gatherings can now be completed online , Cost is greatly reduced .

The development of new media technology provides a broad stage for fans to practice , It also gives fans the ability of collaborative creation and efficient linkage , It's easier for fans to stick together , Especially when they gather for a common goal .

In the previous extreme events of star fans , What we hear is the one-way input of fans like Yang Lijuan “ Famous deeds ”, And after that , fans —— The relationship between idols is no longer unidirectional , More like a two-way arrow , Even this arrow once began to tilt towards fans .

To 2013 year , With TFBOYS Appearance , The line of idols began to stretch longer , Fans can even be like “ Mother ” Watching them grow up all the way .

Kevin, a scholar in the field of digital culture · Kelly once said :

“ Anyone engaged in creative or artistic work , For example, artists 、 musician 、 The photographer 、 craftsman 、 actor 、 Animator 、 The designer 、 Or author, etc , As long as you can get a thousand loyal fans, you can make a living .”

This sentence is obviously easier to realize in the era of microblog , And we can understand it in reverse —— As long as you have a thousand loyal fans , You can be a star on the premise of maintaining your life , Not to mention ten thousand 、 100000 loyal fans .

Naturally, the capital market has also seen the business opportunities here and the greatly reduced threshold of stars , So from 2014 After year , All kinds of talent shows and star making programs came into being ,《 Idol trainee 》、《 create 101》、《 Rocket girl 101》 Wait for it to spring up .

In this day and age , Stars are no longer called stars , It should be called “ Love bean ”( idol , english idol Homophony of ). And love beans evolved at the same time , It is the scale of the rice circle and the diversification of the division of labor .

Fans gather into an emotional community because of the same emotional pursuit , Cheer for the common idol . Psychological mechanism and cultural concept have become important reasons for fans to give up their personal star chasing behavior and join the group Carnival .

Bakhtin is “ Carnival theory ” Pointed out in , People can indulge their primitive instincts during the Carnival , Indulge in joy with others , drink to one's content , Crazy singing and dancing .

Fans will be enthusiastic in front of the stage , Looking forward to close contact with idols . They also rely on highly interactive social media platforms , Form an idol support group . These revelry behaviors can make them temporarily put aside the depression and troubles in real life , Release your inner emotions .

And pay → Return this line , It was not in the audience fan group in the early years : Give more , How many people can meet Andy Lau , Say the last word , Even shake hands ? But now it's different , The money fans put into their idols 、 Time and material resources are directly proportional to what they finally harvest , As long as you pay enough , You can meet your idol 、 Shake hands and even get a group photo .

But at the same time , Social criticism of idols has also followed , Public opinion generally accuses the idol talent of today 、 Singing 、 Acting is not as good as before , It seems that compared with Zhang Guorong 、 Lau Andy 、 Jacky Cheung, a star with both audio and video and good reputation , Strength and artistic attainments are lacking , They often just “ There is a good leather bag ”, But it is difficult to produce satisfactory works of art , Just like the products made on the factory assembly line , quality 、 The standard is not comparable with traditional handicrafts .

Corresponding to love beans made in batches like products , It is the standardization of fan groups .

Once upon a time 《 Super girl 》 There are fan groups working hard on the streets to canvass for their idols , Ask passers-by to take out their mobile phones and vote for their idols , Now the rice circle has formed a perfect division of labor structure , Including the photography team 、 Data sets 、 Copywriting section 、 Control and evaluation group 、 Anti Mafia groups and other task groups with clear division of labor . Basically took over all the functions of the former star's propaganda studio .

In Aidou's microblog comments , You will see the same copy content , Most of them are written by the Aid Association , And fans will according to different situations , Line up and copy and paste neatly .

In an article entitled 《 Want to chase stars without spending money , Dare you 》 In the article , The author looked back completely over the past few months , Her ups and downs in the rice circle , Its specifications 、 Efficient enough to compete with a small NGO( NGOs ).

such as , She mentioned that fans often have several operations under Aidou's microblog : Li Bo , It refers to microblog trumpets with different number of registered fans , Forward idol's microblog content to brush traffic ; Hot search control review , It means that fans spontaneously organize and praise positive comments under idol's social media , Make it “ Hot reviews ”, Negative comments are either ignored , Or report ; Vote on the list , That is, after the idol has a new song , Go to various selection lists to vote and brush the heat .

She once added... To an idol “ Hit the pitch group ( List voting group )”. There are special managers in the group , Give them a large number of... Bought from Taobao 、 A registered platform trumpet , And let fans log in and vote manually . People in the group receive numbers by group , Each group 10 individual . Even administrators to motivate team members , The number of votes is ranked every day , And synthesize the results of several days , Give certain rewards and assessment to the people with the most votes . The top votes in the group every day , The number of votes can be as high as hundreds of groups .

Hit list / Pitching is probably the most tiring , And the most damaging thing is undoubtedly all the big and small surroundings related to love beans , The products he spoke for , And the singles they bought for their list .

The big mouth of capital is endless , And the same thing , As long as fans have unlimited money , They can keep throwing at the black hole .

therefore , When she didn't pay for an idol that didn't look cost-effective , Her guilt developed :

“ I was extremely frightened , Because he has no —— I didn't do it for my love , Buy that bad perfume that smells bad ”.

I don't know when , Capital has quietly put “ Spend money on ” Cultivate and become the norm in the hearts of fans .

07、 You can't easily escape from this game

Today's rice circle is better than the street canvassing of super girl fans more than ten years ago , Fans bought pirated audio-visual products more than 20 years ago , No doubt more like a bee colony with a clear division of labor . And it is this kind of NGO Characteristics of , Make the rice circle have higher efficiency in collective action , And greater integrity from top to bottom .

2020 Beginning of the year , Wuhan COVID-19 broke out .1 month 21 Japan , Zhu Yilong publishes a microblog at a public welfare aid station , He said he would unite with Hubei Charity Federation 、 Provincial hope project and other units provide assistance to Wuhan and other places , Provide masks 、 Disposable sterile cotton pads and hand sanitizer , And attached the donation link .

20 In a few minutes ,10508 A fan raised 178286.26 element . And then the fan groups of other stars responded , At that time , Zhang Yi Xing 、 hanah 、 Cai Xukun and other fan groups have also joined the ranks of this efficient donation .

Behind the speed of response , It is the difference of operation process , Take a star fan group as an example , Their general operation process is : Find the material manufacturer's contact channel —— Contact the counterpart of Hubei Hospital —— Confirm that the materials meet the standards —— Calculate the amount of contributions required —— Start fundraising —— Find a material manufacturer to buy materials —— Send out donated materials —— Publicize the bill .

According to the official website of Hubei Red Cross , The work flow of the Red Cross is roughly : Receive donations ——( Hubei novel coronavirus pneumonia control command ) Unified deployment and use —— Publish usage .

One of the reasons why the rice circle can act so efficiently on major issues , Is the diversification of internal personnel , In the rice circle, there are many people who are engaged in the market 、 Public relations professionals , Coordination is naturally familiar , Plus, there's no need for the Red Cross's large budget , The budget of the rice circle is quite limited , So they need to calculate the optimal solution in a short time ……

You can imagine seeing , Such action , How much benefit will it produce in the usual ranking .

And in the process of chasing stars , With more and more time and energy invested , It also makes fans in “ Out of the pit ” and “ Retrocircle ” The cost is getting higher and higher —— When enough financial and material resources are invested , It's obviously not cost-effective to quit the game , Also very disappointed with their own things in the past .

therefore , We can see , When the stars spread negative news or public relations crisis , No matter how solid the hammer is , The most active fans on microblog tend to choose “ Believe in your idol ”.

Whether it was last year 2 The Xiao war incident that happened in June , Or the recent sexual assault by Wu Yifan , We rarely see examples of rapid de pulverization of iron powder with the most investment , And the fan support groups of various stars will also express their support for their idols for the first time —— When you put enough into your idol , Fans will regard idols as their own life 、 Part of food, clothing, housing and transportation , So for them , Taken off with de powdering , And part of what you have paid , They have been completely “ Inner group ” I have camped in .

What is the “ Inner group ”? William, an American sociologist · Graham · Sumner was in 1906 In, it recorded the general trend that people distinguish themselves according to the concerns of group members , Later sociologists further called this group “ Inner group ”(in-group), Call groups outside the circle “ Outside groups ”(out-group).

among , An internal group can refer to a relationship of common interest , It also gives members a sense of belonging 、 Closely connected social groups , The outside group is in other circles .

It's easy to happen in the inner circle “ Inner group bias ”, in other words , When a person acquires a group membership , Even if the identity obtained is false , People still unconsciously compare their inner group with the outer group , Then produce positive identification with their own group , And tend to give more resources and positive evaluation to the members of the group . Strong group identity will make members form positive preferences , And have a positive attitude towards their group members .

For example , Why did the Democratic Party and the Republican Party of the United States in the presidential election , Voters on both sides are deadlocked , And there are few cases where voters flow to the opposite side ( No matter how big a scandal the candidate broke ) Well ?

Because voters on both sides are on social media , Often forward 、 Comment and praise support your party 、 Media that vilify the position of the other party , The result is , Both sides have higher and higher confidence and loyalty to their own parties , Disgust with the other party is growing , Just like two solid cities , Without the slightest connection and flow .

The same is true of the evolution of pink circles , When the snowball of capital rolls bigger and bigger , Tell you that your idol only needs your little support ; When you put in a hundred 、 A thousand 、 Ten thousand yuan into the game ; When you get to know more and more friends in your circle , The relationship has been good enough to be based below the line ...... All this is telling you , You can no longer easily get out of the game .

08、 Summary

Let's recall the red explosion in Chinese mainland now “ Top stream idol ”, We can think of how many are from Hong Kong ? How many are from Taiwan , Or other Chinese areas ? It doesn't seem like much .

Once belonged to the four heavenly kings 、 Zhang Guorong and Fei Xiang “ Audience fans ” The times are over , The era of draft and data traffic as the number one has long come ,“ fire ” It means participating in enough popular variety shows and TV movies , Because it has high enough exposure .

Under the chaos of the rice circle ,“ No one asked in ten years , Once famous, the world knows ” It has already become a slogan , Even if you become famous , There is no long-term traffic maintenance , There is no support from the fan group , Your stars will soon dim , Covered by the next wave of flow 、 Roll away .

We can still see that , More traditional stars choose to compromise with this trend , And be one of them .

variety show 《 My sister 》 Invite the female artists who made their debut 20 or 30 years ago to the program , Let them PK, And the fans will score them to determine their future . quiet 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Zhou Bichang …… These used to be movies 、 Music stars , Now it is inevitable to be caught in this big net , Accept the review and evaluation of fans who once worshipped them . Fans marvel at their beautiful permanence , Feeling why they didn't find their charm earlier , One after another “ Passers by turn powder ”.

Through the idol = The age of ideology , It has gone through the era when stars represent the process of modernization , Have been a one-way audience fan , Now we finally “ Be in power ” 了 , Everyone can be a star , As long as you are connected to the network ; The cost of becoming a fan has been greatly reduced , As long as you are willing to move your hands and pay attention .

Social development to the present , It makes it too convenient to pursue stars , The enthusiasm and energy released by star chasing can also spread in cyberspace without hindrance , If you don't control , The consequences are predictable . This also shows how necessary it is to renovate the rice circle .

What will happen next when we enter the era ? Will the boundary between stars and fans be further blurred or even disappear ? We need further observation . But one thing is for sure , As a social phenomenon, rice circle will not die out , The death is the crazy and bottomless rice circle , And squeezing teenagers' wallets “ business ”.

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