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Google said its employees had no right to protest the company's right to choose customers

2021-08-31 06:09:46 TechWeb

Beijing time. 8 month 25 Morning news , As report goes , US Internet giant Google told an American judge , The company's employees do not have the legal right to protest the company's choice of users . The judge is ruling on whether the company's dismissal of activists violates the National Labor Relations Act .

before , National Labor Relations Commission (National Labor Relations Board) The prosecutor charged Alphabet Inc. Our subsidiary violates federal law , Illegally fired five more radical rights defenders . Three of the workers complained as early as then US President Donald · trump (Donald Trump) The period was rejected , According to their lawyer , This is because agency prosecutors believe that their opposition to Google's cooperation with immigration law enforcement is not protected by law . But in Joe · Biden (Joe Biden) After the president fired and replaced the general counsel of the labor Commission , The decision was overturned .

Google lawyer al · Latham (Al Latham) At the Labor Committee on Tuesday (Labor Board) Said in a court hearing that :“ Even if Google terminated employee protests because of the dispute — Protest against the choice of the company's customers — No violation of the law .”

In the past four years , Google has been deeply involved in the wave of employee rights protection . These rights protection employees are constantly in the treatment of subcontracting employees 、 Handling of sexual harassment , And challenge management on issues such as signing cooperation contracts with CBP . Some laid-off employees have obtained internal information , And circulated a petition .

Google denies wrongdoing , In a statement on Monday, it said , Company encouragement “ Open discussion and exchange of arguments ”, But some employees were fired because they violated the data security policy . Google's lawyer told the judge on Tuesday :“ Google fired these employees not because of their protests , But because in the course of their protest , They got highly confidential information they didn't have access to .”

The federal labor law prohibits retaliation for collective actions related to employees' working conditions , But the specific scope of this protection has been widely debated for decades . Biden's appointed official said , Their interpretation of the bill is much deeper than that of their predecessors in the trump era .

Latham said , At the establishment of the Labor Committee 80 In the year , He has not found any case that employees have the right to protest “ Employer's choice of customers ”.

He said :“ The protest that took place here is not seeking to improve the employment conditions of employees , But a purely political protest , Trying to take advantage of Google's government contracts , Or potential government contracts as leverage .”

However, according to the Labour Council prosecutor 7 Complaint documents issued in January , Google has violated the law by preventing employees from engaging in rights protection activities protected by the law .

In addition to obtaining confidential information about Google's cooperation with CBP and disseminating a petition , Allegedly punishing Google employees also includes creating Google forms , Help colleagues express concerns about working conditions ; Organize protests at company premises ; Modify the code , In order to pop up a window on labor law rights when employees visit some websites .

In the opening statement on behalf of the general counsel of the labour Commission , Attorney Tracy · Clarke (Tracy Clark) Express , Google's stated commitment to ethics is the primary reason why rights employees choose to work at Google . She said , Employees will testify in court , Their organization “ It's based on Google ‘ Don't do evil ’ Commitment , And their own desire to maintain a safe working environment for their colleagues and communities affected by the trump administration's border policy ”.

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