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Even the swindler's wool is collected. How cruel are these young people to save money

2021-08-31 06:13:06 TechWeb

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Collecting wool can also collect business experience , This young people's money saving model is unexpected .

5 He was cheated by telecom in June 14000 After the yuan , Liu lianrely 400 Yuan life 20 God . in the meantime , She pays special attention to all kinds of “ wool ”.

Taote APP Sign in , I can get a few cents a day ; Coupons distributed by liangpin store live online , The second item of some offline Commodities 0 element ; Charge the phone bill with the bank card of the Bank of China , full 30 Yuan reduction 5 element ; Plant fruit trees on Alipay , You can get fruit for free ……

What she doesn't know is , Keep an eye on these promotions , Many more “ Wool catcher ”.

Zhang Fan, a sophomore this year , Senior two began to pay attention to these “ wool ” Activities , Coupons for major brands 、 Consumption vouchers issued by local governments after the epidemic 、 What enterprises put on live broadcast “ Red enveloped rain ”、 The bank's deposit reduction 、APP In the process of promotion “ Head expenses ”, They have become the source of his pocket money . last year , The four months I stayed at home , He depends on “ To save money ”“ Plucking wool ”“ Whoring for nothing ” On the contrary, he made more than 10000 yuan .

After the outbreak , For many people ,“ To save money ” It's no longer just an option , But life just needs .“ Consumption of the drop ”“ Save up money ”“ conduct financial transactions ” It appears more and more frequently on social platforms . On the Douban ,“ Crazy saving group ” There has been a 582279 individual “ Piggy bank ”, That is, there are nearly 60 Million people have had a strong desire to save money .

And in the army of saving money , Many young people , Even the “ Plucking wool ” As a kind of “ alternative ” How to make money . In the past , We all receive coupons with the mentality that we can reduce it a little , Now? , Not only can coupons be cashed out at a discount , The activity group of collecting wool has also become a profitable resource . While saving money , And make money .

For some of them , Anyone who can go “ pull ” Things that are , Can be their “ wool ”. Like , Someone posted a paid recruitment post on Douban , Then , Several netizens who haven't given contact information , Plus the poster . At this time , The poster has become the one being watched “ wool ”.

But after all , Who collected who ?

01、 Liars can pick up wool

“ poverty ” yes “ To save money ” The first driving force of . After being cheated by Telecom , Liu Lian, who doesn't want to borrow money from her parents , a “ Pick the door ” master .

The first step to saving money , Is to cut unnecessary expenses . Lunch was replaced by free meals from home , Social dinners are reduced to no more than twice a month , Buy clothes only for everyday and classic styles , You must buy freight insurance , If it's inappropriate, you must return it .

Of course , These are just routine operations , One of Liu Lian's best ways to save money is , Don't miss even a few cents . such as , One of Liu Lian's major daily expenses is transportation , Overlay Alipay and cloud flash payment , She can often take the subway for free now , You can save more than 100 yuan a month .

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besides , Before shopping on the e-commerce platform , Take a look at the microblog first 、 A rush APP Get a few yuan coupon . Buy snacks on Taobao Special Edition , The above products are from the origin 、 Factory delivery , Although the packaging is slightly simple , It tastes good, too . Buy some small daily necessities , You will choose pinduoduo or Alibaba 1688, But we will carefully identify the place of shipment before buying , such as , The down jacket in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province is not bad . These are some cumbersome things to say , But it has become Liu Lian's habit .

Little by little , Liu Lian also found some unexpected receipts —— On various platforms “ wool ”.

“ The three little squirrels 、 Ryohin keikaku shop 、 Snack brands in offline stores such as Baicao are doing live broadcasting , Online coupons can be purchased in offline stores , It's much more cost-effective than usual ; Alipay has consumer gold. , Do some tasks in your spare time every day to get gold coins , You can use it directly when you pay at the store ; Alipay's Barba farm , Watering and planting trees when taking the bus is boring , You can get fruit for free , Now I have received nearly ten boxes of apples ; Tencent micro view video 、 You can get a red envelope for a task , full 0.1 You can withdraw the money if you want , There are many activities during the Chinese New Year , During that time, I made more than 100 yuan ; The bank has regular activities , For example, Everbright Bank has city week 、 City month , You can buy rice for a penny 、 oil 、 Daily necessities such as paper ; Before, the phone charge was full with the Bank of China 30 Yuan reduction 5 element , Although now it has become only minus 3 element , But compared with Alipay WeChat, it can only be reduced by a few cents. , A lot of discounts have been offered .” Although it was not long before the wool was collected , But Liu Lian's preferential rules for many platforms , It's clear .

After the money saving mode is turned on , Liu Lian's life has also ushered in many changes : Shopping is more practical 、 Cost performance ; After you pay your salary, you will deposit it in the bank regularly , Start learning financial management ; If you have no money, you won't spend so much money . Now? , Her monthly living expenses have been maintained at 1000 Within yuan , Even because they don't order heavy oil takeout anymore , The diet is also more healthy and standardized .

Liu Lian's life has been quite frugal , But for the veteran wool party , She's just “ Money saving world ” The junior player of . Cai Wen, who just graduated from senior three this year , since 2018 After being stunned by the wool collection operation introduced by netizens in , Cai Wen also joined “ Whoring for nothing ” army . The shampoo 、 Snacks 、 drinks 、 napkin , It's only one or two yuan at most , These things can be collected at a very low price .


The means of saving money are not advanced , Mainly through APP Pull new people to download help to get red envelopes 、 Collage activities carried out during the early promotion of applet 、 Merchants send circle of friends collection praise and other activities , You can get an extra favorable price . Even products you can't buy at ordinary times , Specific voucher collection software will also be downloaded , You can deduct a lot after you get the coupons .

When swindlers are rampant , Cai Wen even went with his companions to collect the liar's wool .

Cai Wen found , since this year on , Fraudsters have become active , On the cell phone , We often receive all kinds of SMS for free prizes from our friends . Most people will choose to ignore it , Cai Wen and his companions , select “ The routine ”.“ After receiving the text message , We'll send someone to contact first , The other party usually pulls us into the group 、 Do the task , Tiktok 、 The official account, etc , You can get one yuan 、 two yuan 、 Three yuan red envelopes , After you get the money , They will eventually release various tasks related to gambling , One shot of this , We'll retreat and run away ”.

however , Cai Wen also said frankly , Now the state has stricter supervision on fraud , Now I don't collect Liars' wool much .

“ Early promotion stage with platform , The activity is relatively strong , Invite a trumpet with a large one , You can get a red envelope , The trumpet can get a red envelope after registering .” Although not much money is collected every time , But in a little savings , Cai Wen can save hundreds of yuan in living expenses every month .

at present , Cai Wen's daily necessities are collected through activities on the Internet . In Cai Wen's words ,“ I don't want to spend money on anything , I just want to whore for nothing through activities on the Internet .”

After the outbreak , Like Liu Lian 、 A young man like Cai Wen , Not in the minority . They will always pay attention to all kinds of discount information , Queen's Day 、 Mid Year Celebration 、 Year end clearance 、618、99 Great promotion 、 Festivals of all kinds of e-commerce on double 11 , Even the school season 、 Home decoration Festival and other minority promotional festivals , Remember better than traditional festivals , Just to save money .

On the Douban ,“ Crazy saving group ” There have been nearly 60 Wan's team members ,“ Has consumption been downgraded today ” There are almost 30 Wan's team members . stay “ Don't buy | Anti consumerism ” team , Some netizens spontaneously summarized all kinds of “ Don't buy lists ”, One of the essence paste. , The length of the building combs out the near 20 This is a costly and meaningless consumption behavior .

On social networks ,“ Balance payer ”“ Buy buy buy ”“ Delicate and poor ” Sounds and labels in such markets , Has been “ Consumption of the drop ”“ Make money ”“ Save up money ”“ Non consumerism ” replaced .

Young people , It's on “ Everything can be collected ” New money saving model .

02、 Money saved “ Good business sense ”

Unlike pure wool parties like Cai Wen , Zhang Fan has been able to steadily earn more than 1000 yuan a month on these platforms .

From sophomore year to sophomore year , Zhang Fan is a veteran wool party . In my spare time , Search dog 、 Post Bar search coupon keywords , See the live broadcast recommended in the article 、 Activity Links , If it's live , Scan the code in “ squat ” good , Just wait for the time , Crazy point screen , Grab the red envelope rain in the live broadcast 、 Coupon .

2020 After the outbreak in , There's a big upsurge in live broadcasting , Zhang Fan stayed at home 4 Months , Made a net profit of more than 10000 .

An impressive time , Zhang Fan received a red envelope of more than 500 yuan in a live broadcast .“ Forget whether it's an oil boss or a pig boss who makes cars , During the live broadcast 5 Round or 6 Round red envelope rain ,1.88,8.88,58,88,188 element , The whole process takes time 3 Hours , The studio jammed , The anchor couldn't hear anything clearly , I thought I had missed the red envelope , Try it , Got it .”

In addition to the live broadcast on wechat , Alipay official activities 、 Deduction from bank activities 、 Various types APP Extension , It's all wool . among , In Zhang Fan's opinion ,“ Pull the man's head ” yes “ A windfall ”.“ A new user is given by the tiktok. 30 element , Kwai speed version 、 Taobao Special Edition 、 New oxygen APP They are also big families , Baidu also sent movie tickets .”

For the wool party , Trumpet and active group , Is the key factor . Zhang Fanyou 5 A trumpet , Cai Wenyou 4 individual , Cai Wenyou 5 Activity group , Zhang Fanyou has more than ten . As a student , Their circle is relatively simple , But each microsignal has also focused on hundreds of official account numbers. , among , Most of them were used to collect wool . Activity group , Is the owner of individuals or robots , Collect all kinds of preferential information and distribute it to the group .


Someone opened a small shop in the dormitory by collecting wool

How much wool can you collect , It depends on the quality of activity resources . Free group , It's usually a small activity for a few yuan , A large number of people ; Group with better resources , There will be a charge , Ten yuan a month , Some also charge about 100 yuan a year . During the epidemic , Zhang Fan also set up a charging group , All kinds of resources you see , Forward to the group at the first time , Single charge 10 element , In the group 200 Many people , Made more than 3000 .


A charging group , Month of group name , Representative monthly fee

Full discount 、 Bill voucher 、 Red envelopes 、 consumer coupon , Home appliances 、 Snacks 、 Restaurant , As long as there is a discount , The wool party will collect . at present , Zhang Fan's wool source , Mainly from live broadcast 、 Consumption coupons issued by local governments 、 Coupons for flagship stores 、 Hide coupons , among , Live broadcasting and consumption coupons are the big head .

This will involve another link , Bill collector .“ Small amount of , such as 5 Yuanjingdong E Card voucher ,4 Sell yuan to the collector , Generally in 9 Fold the around , A large amount of , For example, a 1000 yuan home appliance coupon , be 95 collect . Different coupons , The price is different .” Zhang Fan said .


A free group

Sometimes , They will also use some external forces , For example, worship a great God , Learn to design a program that can always point red envelopes , etc. .

Collecting wool is not without risk , Zhang Fan heard , Someone who collected coupons was reported and arrested , There is also a leader of the wool flock , Circled more than 200000 and ran away .

Although the wool has been collected for a long time , Zhang Fan's college tuition and living expenses do not need to be paid by his parents , But it takes a lot of time on the phone , Zhang Fan feels himself “ Lazy ”,“ Used to a life where you can make money lying down .”

In Liu Lian's words ,“ In many interests , Someone paid for it , Harvested traffic , Someone reaped money , It took time .”

03、 From brushing bills to collecting wool

Collecting wool became a business , It also forms a huge flow depression .

Now , On major social platforms , You can see many bloggers who teach young people to save money . Search wool collection introduction , There can be all kinds of money saving teaching . When did the wool gathering become so hot ?

The wool party business is not new , It first came from “ Brush the single ” Evolved .

Generally speaking , At Taobao 、 Tmall 、 Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms , Sales and praise , It is the main reference for users to shop . therefore , Bill brushing has become an industrial chain . In the past , The way many stores take , Ask the Navy for help . However, e-commerce platforms are increasingly cracking down on bill swiping , Once found , The shop number and the bill reader's number will be sealed . therefore , The other is low cost 、 Fast and safe promotion methods have emerged .

The industry calls it “ Amoy ”. Its core model , Is to use a product with preferential price , To offset sales and praise . The cost of this model , It's not higher than the Navy brush .

“ The shopkeeper doesn't make money from the people who collect wool , They are even willing to cry at a loss . The purpose of the store , It was after the wave of people who collected wool brought up the sales , Make the next wave of people's money . And users attracted by Taoke , It's all true .” Some people in the industry have pointed out that .

Shopkeeper , In this way , Low cost converged traffic . consumer , You can buy good bargains . Seemingly win-win business , But there are bigger winners , Promoters .

such as , Ali has Taobao Alliance , Jingdong also has jingpick customers , Responsible for marketing promotion . The store will sign with these alliances , Set Commission 、 Return proportion , Since then, someone has helped promote it .

According to industry insiders , Generally speaking , The alliance will charge the store 20% Commission , The rest 80% Divided by promoters . in other words , The bulk of the Commission , Will fall into the pockets of promoters , Promoters can be groups or individuals . If the promotion is enthusiastic , Individual tweeters also earn a lot of money .

To increase user stickiness , They often lead shopping users to join APP, Gather wool together . Over the past few years , There are many specialized in the market APP, Bring together all major e-commerce platforms . Peanut diary 、 Money saving Express 、 The High Commission 、 Sesame whale selection 、 Online shopping Alliance 、 A rush 、 save , All in this list . In these Taoke APP in , There are all kinds of products from tmall 、 JD.COM 、 Juhuasuan 、 A lot of spelling 、 Hungry wool goods , The prices of many commodities are more than 20% cheaper than those on the market .

This kind of APP It's addictive , The viscosity is also very high . It is often used “ Pull the man's head ” The way of promotion .

This model was first developed from 2013、2014 Year begins , In recent years , Found by more and more people , One of the core reasons behind , Is the economic downturn , Many people are beginning to be short of money . And after COVID-19 , Young people have joined the wool army , It should have injected strong purchasing power into the business again .


But according to Zhang Fan and Cai Wen , It's not so easy to collect wool now ,“ The main people who once entered were Xiaobai , Receive coupons , But now it is obvious that there are many professionals 、 The team is doing , Professional wool party ”. Besides , Social platforms such as wechat are more strictly regulated , They also lost a lot of positions .

Now , All kinds of enterprises 、 Platforms have also grasped this hidden danger “ To save money ” Traffic password in . Open a APP, Pull new users to receive red envelopes 、 Sign in for prizes 、 Share friend benefits , Reward for watching video , It became a one-off action .

The flow dividend is being lost , If users have new requirements , A new flow depression will slowly form . But when the promotion gradually tends to be homogeneous , Attract users only by various promotion strategies , It may not attract more and more intelligent target users , Can only attract a group of wool parties .

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