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Cook has been Apple's CEO for 10 years and is expected to launch Apple cars in his next term

2021-08-31 06:13:09 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , According to foreign media reports ,2011 year 8 month 24 Japan , Jobs resigned from Apple CEO The position of , Transfer to Chairman , The board of directors shall thereupon appoint the then President COO Tim · Cook is the new CEO, And grant him a deadline 10 Year of 100 Ten thousand restricted shares , Cook immediately began his apple CEO career .


And on Tuesday local time , Cook took over as apple CEO, It's full 10 year .

In the position of CEO Ten years , Apple under cook's leadership is constantly on iPhone、iPad And Mac These three product lines have been updated since the Steve Jobs era , The operating system is also following the tradition of updating every year , A smart watch conceived by jobs when he was alive Apple Watch, stay 2014 It was also successfully launched in , Also launched a smart speaker HomePod And wireless headphones AirPods Wait for new products . Contributed more than half of the revenue iPhone, During cook's term of office, he successfully entered 4G, And began to support 5G, It has crossed three mobile communication periods .

Served as apple in cook CEO period , except iPhone and iPad Continue to use Apple self-developed 、 More and more powerful A Family processor ,Mac The product line also began to adopt Apple's self-developed technology Arm Architecturally M Series of chips , Further consolidate the self-sufficiency of the core components of Apple's hardware products .


And cook is CEO period , Looks like a spaceship 、 The cost is as high as 50 The new $100 million Apple headquarters , It has also been successfully started and completed . This is Apple's new headquarters , Jobs had been planning... When he was alive .2011 year 6 month , Jobs was in Cupertino City Council, California , The plan for Apple's new headquarters was explained to lawmakers , And showed the renderings of the new headquarters to members of Parliament . But unfortunately , Jobs, who was struggling with the disease at that time , Failed to survive the disease , After two months, he resigned from Apple due to illness CEO, And in the year 10 month 5 The sun died , Failed to wait until the day when the new headquarters was started and completed , He could not host a press conference in his new Apple headquarters .

Cook took over CEO after , He went all out to promote jobs's unfinished work , A new plan was soon established , Through EIA , And started the construction of the park , Although the contractor was changed during the period , The project has also been delayed , However, the construction of the new headquarters park is still advancing , stay 2017 year 2 In June, it was officially announced that it was named “Apple  Park”, And put into use that year , Many employees, including cook, settled in the office . The auditorium in the new headquarters park for major issues such as press conferences , It was named jobs theater , In memory of the late founder Steve Jobs .


The ground part of jobs theater

Although in the role of apple CEO Ten years , Cook led apple to continue their brilliance in the field of consumer electronics , Apple's market value has also changed from the lack of success at the time of taking over 5000 Billion dollars , It jumped to Monday local time 2.59 Trillions of dollars , But in Cook's ten-year term , It is still widely believed that Apple has not launched a system that can match the one that existed in the Steve Jobs era iPhone Comparable new products .

however , Apple last year 9 In June, cook was granted a new stock option , Ready to keep cook until 2025 year . And if cook is in office for another five years CEO, The long rumored Apple car , It is expected to come true , Become cook as apple CEO Heavy new products launched during .


The apple car project has been rumored for a long time ,2016 It has been reported that Apple has been digging around for automobile related engineers 、 Secretly set up a research and development laboratory in Berlin, Germany 、 Retired hardware executives came out again and other car related news . It is generally believed that , Code name “ Titan ” Apple car project , Start time inside Apple , Well before rumors abound 2016 year . At the end of last year and the beginning of this year , It has been reported many times that Apple cars will 2024 The news that production began in .

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