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Global chip shortage intensifies Bosch executives: semiconductor supply chain in automotive industry has collapsed

2021-08-31 06:13:12 TechWeb

Bosch group, the world's largest auto parts supplier, said , As the global chip shortage intensifies , The semiconductor supply chain in the automotive industry has collapsed .

Bosch board members Harald Kroeger In an interview on Monday, he said , Due to the surge in demand for chips in many industries , The supply chain has collapsed in the past year . Affected by chip shortage , The public 、 Carmakers such as BMW and Audi have cut production ,Kroeger Think , These car companies and semiconductor suppliers should consider how to improve the chip supply chain .

Kroeger Express , Considering that some semiconductors take half a year to produce , Some parts of the supply chain should increase inventory .Kroeger Also added that , In the past, the semiconductor supply chain problem was quietly handled by the automotive industry , But now it's time to change .

Bosch invested 10 A semiconductor factory has been built in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany , It was put into operation last month .Kroeger call :“ in fact , We started building this factory a few years ago , This shows that we expect a significant increase in demand .”

It is worth mentioning that , Including TSMC and Intel , Chip giants plan to build new factories in the next few years to increase production .Kroeger The shortage of chips is expected to continue until 2022 year , And hope that demand will remain stable .

German President Steinmeier said , At a time of tight supply in the international market , Bosch is right to invest in Dresden , This is a critical moment for the semiconductor industry , The current situation will promote the development of semiconductor industry in Germany and Europe .

The vast majority of chips in the world are produced in Asia , Europe accounts for only a small part of global semiconductor production , Technology network company Silicon Saxony Chairman of the board of directors Frank Bosenberg call , The current demand in Europe accounts for... Of the total semiconductor market 20%, But the output is less than 10%.

Bosenberg Think Europe should increase domestic semiconductor production , But he also said , This is a global industry , No country can achieve full autonomy .

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