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Facebook executives: exploring digital wallets and NFT non homogenous tokens at the same time

2021-08-31 12:44:03 TechWeb

8 month 25 Daily news : According to Bloomberg ,Facebook  senior executive David Marcus In an interview on Tuesday, he said ,Facebook While exploring digital wallets, we are also exploring non homogenous tokens (NFTs).

David Marcus In an interview :「 We are indeed studying many ways to participate in this field , Because we are in a very favorable position .」Marcus Responsible for the development of Facebook Of Novi The internal team of digital wallet F2, namely FacebookFinancial.

He said the wallet would be used to store NFT.Marcus According to Facebook My digital wallet 「 Now it's ready 」, But still waiting and Facebook Participating digital currencies Diem Launch together ,Diem Formerly known as Libra. But as a last resort ,Facebook Will consider in the absence of Diem Take the lead in launching Novi wallet .

Diem It is a stable currency supported by the US dollar , But I don't know when to launch . about Diem American legislators and regulators are not very satisfied , Now? Facebook It's just Diem Project partners ,Diem It operates independently .

David Marcus Think , Because payment technology is not innovative enough , the West ( Including the U.S. ) Can't keep up with China's speed , China's digital payment has now occupied a dominant position .Marcus Say frankly :「 We are falling behind at an alarming rate .」

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