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Cryptopunk is wildly fired, Buffett faces a dilemma

2021-08-31 12:50:49 TechWeb

Legendary investor Warren - Buffett has been outspoken in his criticism of cryptocurrency for many years . But now he may face a dilemma , Because some companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway have invested in the growth of cryptocurrency , This may lead Buffett to change his attitude , Or forced to sell these positions in its portfolio .

Monday , Visa, in which Buffett holds a large stake, made headlines , Because the company paid 49.5 Ethereum ( About us 15 Thousands of dollars ), Bought a picture NFT Artwork ——CryptoPunk 7610 Number . Visa's move may help NFT Legalization , Because this marks a big well-known company betting on a non-financial asset with rising valuations .

Visa has said , It wants to be NFT The growth of “ Have a place at the negotiating table ”. The company has been developing cryptocurrency services and products .

Buffett is one of visa's largest shareholders , As of the end of the second quarter, the company held 998 ten thousand 7460 Stock , amount to 0.59% Shares in circulation . Visa is the first of Berkshire Hathaway 16 Big positions , These positions are valued at approximately 23 Billion dollars .

Buffett has always had a negative view of cryptocurrency , Bitcoin “ Maybe it's the square of rat medicine ”, There is bound to be a bad ending .

however , Buffett is interested in Ethereum and NFT The emergence of is relatively silent . If he publicly opposes these two investments , It means criticizing the company that accounts for a lot of weight in his portfolio .

Except for visa , Berkshire Hathaway also owns Brazilian fintech startups Nubank Shares of , The latter also supports cryptocurrency , Now through a ETF Provide bitcoin exposure , And there is a section on its website devoted to cryptocurrency .

What would Buffett do ? Whether it will change his attitude towards cryptocurrency , Keep silent about the company he invests in turning to cryptocurrency growth projects , Or will he start clearing stocks of companies such as visa because of his aversion to cryptocurrency ?

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