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The sequel to "gongdou" of Shuanghui 𞓜 Shuanghui's development of employees: after raising funds to help the enterprise MBO succeed, it was "demoralized and killed by some management"

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recently , Shuanghui development (000895.SZ)、 Wanzhou International (0288,HKEX) Wan Hongjian, the son of the chairman, issued a long article accusing Wanlong , Mentioned in the text “ Use your strong power , When employees are in a disadvantageous situation , take away by force or trickery , From the employee stock ownership of Xingtai Group Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Xingtai company ”), Force trading at half the price , Mr. Bandung made his own profit 50 More than HK $100 million ”, Wan Hongjian pointed directly at his father “ harm others to benefit oneself ”.

In recent days, , A number of investors of Haiyu company told the financial associated press that they were held by the middle-level agent of the company , Become a shareholder of Haiyu company , In Shuanghui MBO Provide financial leverage for management in the process .MBO After completion , The equity of Haiyu company is transferred to Xingtai company , But hundreds of grassroots employees and shareholders have been part of the management “ XieMoShaLv ”, Recovery of investment income has been fruitless for more than ten years . The investor said :“ Some famous shareholders of Xingtai have encroached on the rights and interests of our Haiyu company , This is a ‘ In the middle of the game ’,‘ In the case ’.”8 month 23 Japan , Wanzhou International (0288,HKEX) Respond to multiple allegations , However, it did not mention the relevant matters of Xingtai company .

From Haiyu company “ mission ”

Haiyu company was established in 2003 year , survival 5 Year , The main role of Haiyu company is to develop Shuanghui MBO funding . Historical announcements show , Shuanghui development (000895,SZ) Listed on 1998 year ,2003 Years ago , Shuanghui group holds Shuanghui development 60.72% National shares .2003 year 6 month 16 Japan , Shuanghui group will share its 8559.25 Thousands of stocks ( Accounting for the total share capital of Shuanghui development 25%) The state-owned shares are in the form of 4.14 element / Stock pricing 3.54 One hundred million yuan , Transferred to Haiyu company , Haiyu company pays the transfer price in full cash . If the 16 Around the day 20 The average trading price for a trading day is 13.33 Yuan estimate , The market value of this transaction is 11.41 One hundred million yuan , The transaction discount is nearly 70% .

The investors of Haiyu company introduced to the financial Associated Press :“ Haiyu company is actually an executive of Shuanghui group MBO The transition company , Due to the limited funds at the middle and high levels , Therefore, the grass-roots employees of Shuanghui are encouraged to raise funds to become shareholders .”

It is worth noting that , Although the above investors are grass-roots employees of Shuanghui , And is not registered in the register of members , Instead, it invests in Haiyu company in the form of being held by others . Several investors of Haiyu company introduced ,“ The shareholders of Haiyu company are divided into three layers , 16 Industrial and commercial registered shareholders are the highest level , The middle and senior employees of Shuanghui are the middle layer , The grass-roots workers are the lowest level . Investors above the middle tier , There are records in Shuanghui legal department , The bottom shareholders contact the middle and senior managers of Shuanghui in the form of anonymity , It is difficult to understand the truth and inside story of the trading between Haiyu company and Shuanghui .”

( Equity chart of Haiyu company From Shuanghui development announcement )

“ At that time, most of the famous shareholders who chose to go online adopted the principle of voluntariness , Everyone pays their investment money to the trust online , Many are their own direct leaders 、 Relatives or friends , At first, I received some dividends .” Zhang, a dormant investor, said . Anonymous investor Zhou told reporters , Haiyu company has been popular for four times within three years after its establishment .

From Haiyu company “ Fatalism ”

2006 year 5 month , During the restructuring of Shuanghui group , Haiyu company will develop its Shuanghui 12838875 shares ( Originally held 8559.25 Thousands of stocks , After more than three years of distribution and dividend , become 12833.8875 Thousands of stocks ) With 4.38 element / Transfer of shares to ROTEX Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ ROTEX ”), Before the restructuring and suspension, the stock price of Shuanghui development was about 18.48 element , At a discount 76.30%. After equity transfer , Haiyu company, which completed its mission, was cancelled .

Historical data shows , ROTEX was founded in 2006 year 2 month 28 Japan , That year 4 month 26 Japan , ROTEX represents Goldman Sachs Group 、 CDH investment , With 20.1 RMB 100 million won the Shuanghui equity auction , Get Shuanghui group 100% equity . Before the transfer 2005 year , The total assets of Shuanghui group have reached 70 One hundred million yuan .

Through the acquisition of Shuanghui group, ROTEX holds Shuanghui development 35.72% Equity of ,5 After receiving the shares of Haiyu company at a low price in June, it increased its holdings of Shuanghui development in a disguised form 25% shares , thus , ROTEX indirectly holds Shuanghui development 60.72%. here , Goldman Sachs has a stake in ROTEX 51%, CDH shares 49%, The following year 11 month , Wanlong, chairman of Shuanghui Development Co., Ltd., began to concurrently serve as chairman of ROTEX Co., Ltd .

Wan Hongjian, the eldest son of Bandung, previously issued a document saying :“2007 year , The restructuring of state-owned enterprises in Shuanghui is coming to an end , CDH, which participated in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, somehow , Privately granted to Mr. Bandung free of charge 5% Shuanghui shares , Because both parties are unable or unwilling to disclose this transaction , So this 5% The shares were directly resold to a company in Hong Kong , And Mr. Bandung privately obtained 2 A consideration of $billion .” Wan Hongjian said , This income has been 15 year , Not yet declared for tax .

2021 year 8 month 23 Japan , Wanzhou International announced that :“ Wanzhou International Cinema , CDH investment and Bandung have respectively denied CDH's accusations and 5% Share charges .”

Besides , The complaint materials provided by Haiyu company also questioned that Haiyu company was in 2006 year 5 In June, it issued a false letter of commitment to the Ministry of Commerce , The letter falsely claims that Haiyu company has no direct or indirect relationship with Shuanghui group , So that the Ministry of commerce can approve ROTEX to acquire the shares held by Shuanghui group and Haiyu company . in fact , The shareholders of Haiyu company are highly confused with the executives of Shuanghui , For example, Zhang Liwen 2006 Before, he was a shareholder and director of Haiyu company , He is currently the Secretary of the board of directors of Shuanghui development .

Haiyu company was by some executives “ XieMoShaLv ”

Although Haiyu company has been cancelled , However, huge capital investment and excess returns have not been lost , The reporter received complaint materials showing that :“ The investment income of the former Haiyu company , It has not ended due to the liquidation and cancellation of Haiyu company , But before the liquidation and cancellation of Haiyu company , By the senior management of Haiyu company and Shuanghui company , Through equity operations , Transferred to the employee stock ownership Committee under the name of Xingtai company, the controlling shareholder of Wanzhou International , Participate in Wanzhou International profit sharing .”

The corresponding is , Several investors said , Yes “ Just go online ” After withdrawing from the equity of Xingtai company , Distribute the investment income according to the fund-raising proportion of Haiyu company . also , When the shareholders of Xingtai company withdraw , The legal department of Shuanghui development will ask the online and offline to sign a dispute free confirmation letter , Shuanghui development will recover the shares held by famous shareholders . The upstream and downstream relationship of jixingtai company is inherited from Haiyu company .

Shuanghui development announcement shows , Xingtai company is established in 2007 year 7 month 3 Incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands , For the actual controller of ROTx .

( ROTx equity chart From Shuanghui development announcement )

Except part “ Just go online ” Outside , In the face of huge profits , In addition, the cancellation of Haiyu company , Many online “ Out of contact ”. Zhou said :“ After the cancellation of Haiyu ,( Named shareholders ) Said that the company was cancelled, no , Equity no longer exists to perfunctory , In fact, they ( Named shareholders ) Became the beneficiary of Xingtai company , The benefit amount is calculated by the amount of money invested by the original Haiyu , According to the repurchase price of Shuanghui development , There are about 7-8 Times the return on investment .”

Zhang said :“ After signing the confirmation letter , Some online shareholders require ‘ Premium ’ To return the proceeds , Some play missing and don't give it at all , Some don't sign for confirmation . My online shareholder is my old leader , Now he has retired from Shuanghui , Basically wechat 、 The phone is black , I've only met him once in five years , I still squatted in front of his house before I met , Now I'm hiding outside again .”

A grass-roots employee of Shuanghui said :“ How can employees take money , Leaders benefit ?” According to many investors , At that time, many online shareholders who owned their own equity and benefited still held high positions in Shuanghui .

Zhang sighed to reporters :“ In front of interests , The ugliness of human nature is exposed , Some dormant investors have worked in Shuanghui for decades , Sick, hospitalized and dying, I didn't get my own life-saving money , There are also father and son 、 Brothers and sisters turned against each other , The breakdown of good friends is even more numerous .”

2017 year , Zhou, an investor of Haiyu company, began legal proceedings with several victims 、 Safeguarding rights , Have tried to petition 、 Report and other channels , There has been no effective progress . according to 2017 In, the lawyer sent an agency opinion to Luohe Public Security Bureau to express , The equity case involves 217 victim , Original investment 1878 Ten thousand yuan , Accumulated investment income 1.5 Billion . Zhou said , Probably in the later stage 30 Many people settled it through negotiation , The specific amount of money is no longer counted .

( Anonymous shareholders' rights protection scene Chart of respondents )

Regarding this , The reporter of the financial Associated Press sent an interview letter to Shuanghui development , Inquire about the dormant shareholders and low price transfer of Haiyu company , As of press time, there was no response .

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