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Due to strong demand, Ford plans to double the output target of F-150 lightning in 2024

2021-08-31 12:51:03 TechWeb

According to the CNBC reports , Hu Yiling, head of Asia Pacific utilities and environmental protection Securities Research Department of JPMorgan Chase, predicts that , Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become a major player in China's commercial truck market , And hydrogen energy may play a role in heavy industry in the future .

She expects :“ at present , The share of fuel cell vehicles in China's commercial truck market is less than 5%, To 2050 year , This share may grow to about a third .”

Hu Yiling pointed out , Fuel cell vehicles are expected to become the commercial truck market “ Very good choice ”, One reason is that the refueling time of hydrogen fuel cells is only about 10 To 15 minute , And their mileage is about 800 km , Higher than lithium battery electric vehicles 50% to 100%.

At present, Toyota 、 Honda 、 Major automobile companies such as BMW are entering the hydrogen fuel cell market .

China has been promoting the promotion of fuel cell vehicles . In recent days, , Beijing Tianjin Hebei 、 Shanghai 、 Guangdong has been recognized by five national departments ( The Ministry of Finance 、 Ministry of industry and information technology 、 Ministry of Science and Technology 、 National development and reform commission 、 National Energy Administration ) Approved as the first batch of fuel cell vehicle demonstration urban agglomeration .

Hu Yiling said :“ It's a little similar to about 10 Years ago we saw ( Chinese government ) A policy implemented , At that time, the central government was trying to promote lithium battery electric vehicles . We see how successful this is .”

last year , The general office of the State Council also printed and distributed 《 New energy automobile industry development plan (2021—2035 year )》, Some suggestions are put forward 2025 In, the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in China will reach 20% New goals around .

Hydrogen may play a role in heavy industry

Hu Yiling also said , With China's commitment to 2060 Carbon neutralization was achieved in , Hydrogen as a clean energy , May play a role in heavy industry .

She said :“ For the heavy industry sector , High calories are necessary , Therefore, renewable energy is not a good choice to provide fuel for the heavy industrial sector , But hydrogen is .”

China leads the world in hydrogen production , It accounts for one third of global production . Hu Yiling predicted :“ some time , May promote green hydrogen production , That is, using renewable energy to produce hydrogen .”

At present, hydrogen is mainly produced from coal , And Hu Yiling pointed out , Only if the cost of renewable energy continues to decline , It is possible to turn to green production .

“ We see , in the past 10 In the year , The cost of solar power generation in China has fallen 80%. The cost of wind power has fallen 40%. If this trend continues —— We believe that this will be attributed to technological progress —— So that means , When these things start to work , Green hydrogen will be possible in the future .” She said .

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