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What Kwai Fu certification is for service providers?

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Kwai Tung business application for blue V Certification has 2 Ways of planting :


One 、 Self certification , Opening

1、 I don't know if the account can be opened ;

2、 It is unclear whether the qualification is complete , Is there a problem ;

3、 Unfamiliar with the rules of Kwai Tai platform , I don't know whether the contents filled in during certification meet the requirements ;

4、 In the process of certification , I don't know how to solve the problem ;

5、 The operation after authentication does not know how to set or use rights and interests ;

6、 If the audit fails , The audit fee will not be refunded ;


Two 、 Select service provider certification ( Fill in the invitation code )

1、 Complete pre-sales and after-sales service .

2、 There are thousands of success stories , More accurate submission , faster , Don't worry about being called back ;

3、 If problems occur during certification , Contact at any time and solve it in time ;

4、 The service provider has exclusive access , Faster audit time ;

 5、 There is no extra charge , The same audit fee has one more one-to-one professional ;

 6、 First, master the latest policy of Kwai Chung. , Make adjustments as soon as possible . for example : Updated some prohibited industries 、 Policies to crack down on cheating , Will not be announced first , Even if published It must be behind . But you must find an officially authorized service provider when authenticating , Jutui media as an owner Officially authorized service provider company , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . To learn more, add us WeChat jutui23, You can also make a phone call :010-86399611 Consultation .  




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