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Kwai certification promotion process

2021-08-31 14:48:35 Station master number

For operations Well quickly For the people with accounts , Naturally, I also hope to better maintain my account , But if you apply Well quickly Corporate account number , Naturally, it also needs to be certified , But certification also has advantages and disadvantages , I'll share it with you right away .


One 、 Well quickly What are the benefits of certification ?

1、 Official certification mark

Enterprise authentication account image , It can show the identity of the enterprise , It can also be used as an authoritative credit endorsement on the platform , It is also a way of brand exposure .

2、 Custom header

Enterprise authentication users can customize the homepage header map , Make sure users create a more intuitive brand impression when they arrive at the brand home page .

3、 Top video content

Three top video can be set , The key recommended contents are reheated , Bring more exposure .

4 Book online , Will also achieve a certain transformation

5、 Nickname search top and lock protection

For blue V Authentication user nickname for uniqueness lock , unique ; Duplicate names are not allowed between enterprise numbers , First come first served basis , The guarantee of each enterprise's uniqueness .

6、 Set up official website

On the homepage of enterprise number, you can set up the button to add the link to the official website of the brand , Used to display or publicize the enterprise .

7、 Functions of e-commerce shopping cart

Add shopping cart function in video , Support jump shop , Fast realization of traffic .

For conditional certification, it is recommended that you can certify blue v, After all, there are many benefits , It's best to emphasize that we must find professional people to certify , Jutui media as an owner Officially authorized service provider company , With a professional team , Responsible attitude to serve every enterprise customer , Contribute to the development of every enterprise . To learn more, add us WeChat jutui23, You can also make a phone call :010-86399611 Consultation .  


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