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How do Kwai certified promoters do it?

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Well quickly blue v yes Well quickly The official enterprise number certification with marketing function for business owners ; To be more specific , It's certification Well quickly blue v after , You can get advertising and marketing content 、 The website links 、 The store POI Wait, blue v Exclusive rights , Business owners can conduct drainage and transformation through these rights and interests . and Well quickly blue v The agent is Well quickly Officially authorized to promote Well quickly blue v The third party of , blue v Agents are helping business owners to authenticate Well quickly blue v Then you can get Well quickly Official commission return .


Well quickly As a representative of short video , It can be seen from the large flow . at present Well quickly The traffic is still growing , It can attract more business owners to settle in Well quickly . however , As a new thing , Well quickly blue v Your awareness will not be too high , This requires Well quickly blue v The agent publicized .

As a pair of blue v Agency incentives , One for each successful certification Well quickly blue v, You can get Well quickly Official commission return . Help business owners to certify successful Well quickly blue v The more , The more commission you get . Then join in Well quickly blue v Are there any conditions for acting on this project ? According to the information available at present , Found a conflict , That is whether we need to pay agency fee . Because some require agency fees , Some don't have to pay , Standards are not uniform , I don't know whether to hand it in or not .

stay Well quickly blue v During the publicity and promotion of certification, only pay attention to the business license 、 Whether the enterprise certification official letter and other certification qualification and certification information are filled in correctly and completely . Because there is Well quickly blue v Prohibited industries and industries requiring additional certification qualifications , So you need blue v The agent is proficient in this part of business knowledge . Besides , You also need to fill in the invitation code , You can't get commission without filling in the invitation code . Then submit the certification application and pay the certification audit fee 600 element , You can finish the blue v Application for certification , Wait until you pass the certification to get Well quickly The return of servants .

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