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Cooking, rinsing, stewing are all in line. Xiaomi intelligent cooking pot crowdfunding opens

2021-08-31 15:30:12 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Japan , The first electric cooker product in Xiaomi ecological chain —— Mijia intelligent multifunctional cooking pot was officially launched for crowdfunding . This product is one of the heavy new products of Xiaomi layout intelligent kitchen , Focus on the youth market , Develop recipes such as smart net red 、APP Remote control 、 Automatic temperature control, anti overflow pot and other intelligent functions , Even kitchen white , It's also easy to cook , Yes, I can't cook 、 Young people who like or have to cook are very friendly . The retail price of Xiaomi intelligent cooking pot 199 element , Crowdfunding price 169 element .


One click smart recipes , You can cook, rinse, stew and stew

For young people cooking “ The eyes will , But the hand won't ” An embarrassing problem , This intelligent cooking pot gives a smart solution . It's built in 50 Dao intelligent net red recipe , Including carrying hungry luxury army hot pot 、 Sad hot and sour powder 、 Pure Kanto cooking 、 Popular recipes such as Japanese and niushouxi pot , There is also a low-temperature slow boiled chicken roll 、 Monthly essential fairy soup and other special recipes , Every day, seven days a week .


Each recipe is tested and adjusted by a team of professional chefs , Develop an exclusive scientific heating curve , Let the kitchen white just prepare materials according to the prompts 、 Discharge , You can make Chef Level cuisine . The exclusive heating curve can accurately control the heating temperature of each stage , Automatically control the temperature difference range , Prevent the soup from overflowing when cooking noodles , You don't have to stay in the kitchen and watch the fire , Cooking becomes easy and convenient .

Rice house APP Manipulation ,24 Hour reservation delicious

996 My work is normal , Young people are often busy working overtime 、 Tired of socializing , There is not much time to cook three meals a day , Just order a takeout . This intelligent cooking pot can be connected to rice house APP,24 Hour smart reservation , According to your schedule , Custom cooking completion time , Get up in the morning 、 Get off work at night , Enjoy the delicious food and soon wait .


Not only make an appointment , The smart cooker is still on the phone APP Temperature reminder function is set in the . When using, set the desired food temperature freely , After cooking, it will automatically cool down or heat up to the set temperature , And push the message to the smart phone to remind , Every bite is just good taste .

Characteristic power rationing mode ,300W Low power cooking

For some dormitories 、 Places with limited electricity requirements in apartments , Generally, it is easy to cause tripping when cooking in an electric cooker , Damage to the circuit . The power rationing mode of this product can well avoid this unexpected situation . It provides 300W-800W Low power optional , When working, the power does not exceed the set power , The protection circuit is not overloaded , It can be used safely in different places .

The product is also overheated / Automatic dry burning protection and double-layer anti scalding protection , On the one hand, it is sensitively detected by the temperature controller , When the water is dry, it will automatically enter the protection state , Avoid accidental conditions such as dry burning ; On the other hand, food contact grade 304 Stainless steel liner and PP A temperature locking air layer is formed between the outer layers , Lock in heat, keep warm and prevent scalding , Occasionally in a hurry to avoid scalding .

Fast heating and high power ,9 Choose your firepower

Compared with the common 600W Electric cooker , This product can reach a maximum of 1000W High Power , Boiling water is only about 6min, There is no need to wait long when you are hungry , Boil it right away .

And when cooking different ingredients , It needs a different heat , Intelligent cooking pot settings 9 Stop the fire , Fully meet the cooking fire demand including cooking, boiling, boiling, stewing, etc , Accurately control the temperature , It just doesn't taste too much .

1.5L Exquisite capacity , Split type, easy to handle and clean

The capacity is equivalent to 3~5 A bowl of soup , So you don't have to cater to others , Reward yourself with a hearty meal ; It also allows you to make an appointment with a lover and confidant , Share delicious food and love life . Pot body 、 The steaming frame, steamer and base adopt split structure , Mix freely when cooking , Steaming and boiling make it more delicious ; Easy to separate when cleaning , Wash easily .

On the whole , The shape of this intelligent multifunctional cooking pot is , It continues the consistent simple style of MI family ,OLED Knob screen , It can be rotated or pressed to see , The operation is simple but not complicated ; In terms of function , The upgrade 1000W High Power 、 Smart recipes 、APP Manipulation 、 Power rationing mode 、 Intelligent anti overflow pot and other special functions , It breaks the function of electric cooker on the market without innovation 、 A pattern of serious homogenization ; In terms of price , Stick to the cost-effective route , Crowdfunding only needs 169 element , It's a high configuration and low price , Worth of .

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