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Smart mine unmanned company huituo completed a financing of 200 million yuan, led by the operation and investment fund of new central enterprises of the state

2021-08-31 15:54:27 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , recently , Huituo officially announced the completion of super 2 One hundred million yuan B1 Round of funding , This round of financing is led by Guoxin central enterprise operation investment fund , Self investment in the investment platform of Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Well known venture capital organizations are now investing 、 Good money capital 、 Sunrise AXA capital follow-up investment , Saifu investment fund, an existing shareholder investor, continues to increase its holdings , Hanergy investment continues to serve as a financial adviser .

Huituo CEO Professor Chen Long said :“ After this round of financing , Huituo will continue to invest the obtained funds in technology research and development , Focus on the following aspects : First, the R & D of innovative technologies such as the new front loaded unmanned rigid wide body vehicle and unmanned system of well industry and mine, and the self built product production line, etc ; Second, increase investment and promote the implementation of several unmanned projects in the whole mine , In coal 、 metallurgy 、 colored 、 The four major cement industries are deeply covered ; Third, expand the construction of the national network of mining area operation support centers , Accelerate the construction and application of intelligent industrial operation platform ; Fourth, in Australia 、 Africa 、 Vietnam 、 Mongolia and other places , Cooperate with Huawei and other partners , Advance the layout of globalization strategy . At the same time, continuously improve the service capacity , Focus on customer value , Actively promote and energy 、 Resource enterprises 、 Mining construction machinery manufacturer 、 Top scientific research institutes at home and abroad 、 And the in-depth cooperation of upstream and downstream partners , Jointly build an unmanned mine integrating industry, University, research and application 、 Ecological layout of intelligent mine industry , Accelerate the promotion of unmanned mining industry , Help the industry achieve safety 、 green 、 Efficient 、 Intelligent development , Construction of energy enabled zero carbon mine and Realization of double carbon goal , Finally, we will build a modern society of harmonious coexistence between man and nature .”

The investment director of Guoxin central enterprise operation investment fund said , The reason for investing in huituo , The company is the representative of high-tech enterprises incubated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Has been deeply ploughing the unmanned field of mines , Its independently developed software and hardware products , It has the leading technology level in the industry , It has also been fully verified by the Mine Scene . Guoxin central enterprise operation investment fund as a background fund of central enterprises , This investment huituo , For promoting the intelligent upgrading of mining central enterprises 、 It is of great significance to promote and improve the level of mine safety production .

The person in charge also said , next step , Guoxin central enterprise operation investment fund will fully integrate resources , Precise implementation of empowerment , Accelerate the wide application of huituo intelligent mine unmanned product system in the mine , Build a benchmark enterprise of unmanned intelligent mine .

meanwhile , Professor Chen Long said :“ Mine unmanned is not just needed yesterday , Nor is it just needed today , It's not just tomorrow's need , It was just needed the day before yesterday . Guoxin central enterprise operation investment fund leads the current round of financing , It fully shows that the head state-owned capital highly recognizes huituo's leading position in the track . This round of financing , It will further enhance huituo's industrial service capacity , Accelerate the company's strategic promotion , Expand the market for huituo 、 Government relations building 、 Upstream customers drive 、 Fully enable the downstream supply chain , So that we can focus on technical product development 、 Large scale implementation of the project and enterprise management , Finally, complete the digital transformation and upgrading for energy mining enterprises 、 Serve the national energy security strategy and do your part .”

The data shows , Hui tuoyu 2017 It has been officially put into operation since , It is an overall solution for a fully trestle unmanned mine incubated by the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Product and operational service providers . It has independently developed an intelligent dispatching and management system based on cloud 、 Mine car driverless system 、 It is composed of six core subsystems, such as excavator cooperative operation management system “ Foolish Old Man YUGONG” Overall solution for unmanned mine , It is the world's only full model adaptation , The only multi mineral in China 、 The whole scene solution taking into account both open-pit mine and mine .

As of this year 7 end of the month , The total order amount is 3.5 One hundred million yuan , The project covers coal 、 metallurgy 、 colored 、 Four major cement industries . Up to now , Huituo has been in the national energy group 、 Huaneng group 、 State power investment group 、 Datang Group 、 Chinese treasure 、 China Coal Group and other top domestic energy sources 、 More than 20 mining areas under the resources group have achieved large-scale commercial landing , During the year 3.5 In the 100 million yuan order , The proportion of re purchase orders is as high as 50%.

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