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The national team entered and invested 1 billion yuan in round a financing. Muxi integrated circuit led the high-performance GPU localization light source capital as the exclusive financial consultant

2021-08-31 16:05:29 Heart of machine

Committed to high performance GPU Muxi integrated circuit ( Shanghai ) Co., LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Bathe in the sun ”) Recently announced the completion of 10 RMB 100 million A Round of funding , This round of financing consists of two companies “ national team ”: China State owned enterprise structural adjustment fund Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ National transfer fund ”)、 China Internet investment fund ( Hereinafter referred to as “ China netcast ”) Joint leading investment , Old shareholder Jingwei China 、 Heli capital 、 Sequoia China 、 Speed of light China continues to over invest , Guochuang Zhongding 、 Smart Internet industry fund 、 Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund 、 Lenovo venture capital 、 China Merchants Jintai 、 Fuxing Ruizheng 、 The East is rich 、 Chuangtu investment and investment , Source capital acted as the sole financial advisor . This financing will further support Muxi in high performance GPU Investment in R & D on , Strengthen Muxi's leading position in this field in China .

The national team entered the stadium for the first time and led the high-performance team GPU

As a startup , Muxi has been established for less than a year , It has obtained four rounds of multi billion yuan financing , High performance in China GPU Continue to be in a leading position in the process of industrialization . In addition to the support of front-line investment institutions , The national team also began to take a heavy position in Muxi .

In this lead investment institution , The national transfer fund is approved by the State Council 、 A national private equity investment fund entrusted by SASAC , Total scale 3500 One hundred million yuan , It mainly undertakes the tasks of optimizing the layout and structural adjustment of the state-owned economy and improving the operation efficiency of state-owned capital . Focus on national security 、 An important industry in the lifeblood of the national economy 、 Key areas and major special tasks , Including biomedicine 、 Integrated circuit and intelligence 、 Advanced manufacturing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Digital economy and other fields .

Another leading investment institution, China netinvestment, was established with the approval of the State Council , It is jointly initiated by the central network information office and the Ministry of finance , fund planning Total scale 1000 RMB 100 million . CIC adheres to the national strategic orientation , Focus on the key technologies and facilities of Internet infrastructure 、 Network security 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Internet +、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Innovative technologies in key fields such as network information services 、 Innovation model , Screening is in line with the national strategy 、 Promising growth enterprises and high-quality projects .

Among the new investors in this round , Except for the two heavyweight national team leaders , Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund with a large amount of investment 、 Investors such as smart Internet industry fund are well-known state-owned background funds in the market , Guochuang Zhongding , Lenovo venture capital 、 Fuxing Ruizheng 、 The East is rich 、 Chuangtu investment and other institutions will also bring rich industry and industry resources to Muxi .

The national team and industrial resources have multiple considerations about Muxi's favor . One side ,2020 year 8 month , null 《 Some policies to promote the high quality development of integrated circuit industry and software industry in the new period 》, From finance and Taxation 、 Investment and financing 、 Research and development 、 Import and export 、 personnel 、 intellectual property right 、 Market applications 、 Increase support for local integrated circuit industry in terms of international cooperation . “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” planning Take IC as a strategic national major science and technology project .

Muxi's core product is one of the most important high-end integrated circuits :GPU(Graphic Processing Unit), The full name is graphics processor , Also commonly known as the graphics card , Early used in computers 、 Game console and other image processing related work . In recent years, because of its strong universality and parallel computing ability , High performance GPU It is widely used in AI、 Cloud computing And high performance computing , It is gradually called the chip industry “ crown jewels ”. Whether in industrial design 、 Scientific Computing 、 Finance 、 Aerospace 、 Biological medicine 、 Autopilot 、 Artificial intelligence Other fields , Or the data center 、 Consumer oriented desktop rendering applications ,GPU Are the most important 、 Most basic 、 The core chip . High performance GPU Like the engine on a racing car , Give the computer super high computing power , Greatly enhance AI Calculation 、 Data processing 、 Efficiency in scientific research and other fields , It is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises and countries . But this field is currently dominated by NVIDIA 、AMD And other overseas companies , The technical difficulty and engineering threshold are very high , The reason lies in the lack of team talents and experience in mass production . Achieve high performance GPU Domestic independent and controllable , It is not only of great significance to the development of China's integrated circuit industry , At the same time, it can enable downstream industries to quickly rank among the first echelon in the world , Improve China's overall national strength .

On the other hand , Muxi was founded by senior professionals in the field of integrated circuits from all over the country , It is of great significance for China to master the key technology nodes of integrated circuits and cultivate domestic high-end chip design talents , Its core IP Completely autonomous and controllable , Will become our country GPU The backbone of chip design breakthrough , In the future, we can really realize high-performance general purpose GPU Localization in China , Really master the key technology in their own hands , And establish our own talent echelon .

The only senior full organizational team in the industry is at the helm

Muxi has the only one in China that all come from the world's top manufacturers , And has more than ten years from high performance GPU A core team with experience in the whole process from design to mass production delivery .

The founder of Muxi 、CEO Chen Weiliang once worked in the world's top GPU The manufacturer serves as the global leader GPU SoC Chief designer 、 Universal GPU MI General director of product line design , Have excellent team management skills , Top technology R & D and mass production experience . Ms. Peng Li, chief hardware architect, is AMD The world's first Chinese female scientist (Fellow),  Previous appointment AMD chief architect , Have 15 Annual high performance GPU Design experience . Dr. Yang Jian, chief software architect, is AMD The first scientist in Greater China (Fellow), Successive generations AMD、 Chief architects such as Hayes , Have 20 Large scale chips and GPU Hardware and software design experience . The rest of the executive teams have many years of experience AMD、Trident、ARM、 Hayes 、 Ying Wei Da 、 Intel 、 Exhibition 、Cadence、Synopsys、 byte 、 Working experience in top chip manufacturers such as Lanqi , In chip design 、 Algorithm 、 Extensive experience in marketing and operations .

at present , The number of Muxi employees has exceeded 300 people , The R & D personnel are more than 80%; Core team members have an average of nearly 20 year GPU Practical experience of deep cultivation in the field , He has led more than ten mainstream high-performance products in the world GPU Product development , Master tens of thousands of GPU Design and debugging technology of server system with chip working at the same time , stay GPU framework 、IP、 Design 、 Integrate 、 verification 、 Back end and other R & D links are checked by industry experts .

In terms of Technology , Muxi uses fully self-developed instruction set and graphics IP Based on , Through innovative reconfiguration GPU framework , Effectively break through the tradition GPU Energy efficiency bottlenecks ; The original hardware acceleration unit can greatly optimize the core computing power and energy consumption ratio ;GPU Programmability overcomes ASIC Route application scenarios are limited , It can meet the requirements of high-performance computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Data center and other all-round needs , In terms of performance, it will not be inferior to the top products in the current market .

Chengtong Fund ( National transfer fund management organization ) General manager Wei Ran said :“ Muxi is the specialized sub fund of the national transfer fund in the chip field -- Nanjing guodiao Guoxin smart core fund is the market leader excavated and invested in Angel round GPGPU Technical team , It is positioned to provide completely independent and controllable Chinese solutions to the field of high-performance computing chips with broad market space . The national transfer fund is linked through the master sub fund , With differentiated investment strategy 、 The investment style and post investment enabling ability provide strong capital and industrial collaborative support for the invested enterprises at different stages . We look forward to seeing more and more China “ core ” With the support of the master fund and sub fund of the national transfer fund, the power is booming .”

China Internet investment fund said :“ The new information infrastructure is “ New infrastructure ” Top priority , Able to provide high-performance computing and Artificial intelligence The application provides a more comprehensive and suitable development environment , As well as Artificial intelligence The industry provides support forerunner and application computing resource guarantee . Universal GPU As an important part of computing infrastructure , It has entered the stage of Deepening Application , It has broad development space . Muxi focuses on the layout of key core technologies 、 Help high-end localization replace , Have excellent team and design concept , The wave of localization in high-performance computing centers and high growth cloud reasoning 、 Competitive advantage in the training chip market .”

Wang Huadong, partner of Jingwei China, said :“GPU、GPGPU High performance computing is at the core, and the products are monopolized by a few foreign enterprises , The breakthrough of domestic enterprises in this field will be of great significance . Muxi team has relevant R & D experience and capabilities that are scarce in the world , China's excess investment in Muxi this time A Round of funding , It is expected that Muxi will lead high performance in China GPU、GPGPU The development of .”

Kong lingguo, founding managing partner of Heli capital, said :“ Muxi has grown rapidly in less than a year , The team and product development progress have achieved gratifying results , It is also recognized in the capital market . This financing can be led by the national capital Chengtong national transfer fund and China open network investment , It is not easy for local capital to follow up with Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund . From central to local central enterprises 、 Participation of state-owned enterprise funds , It fully shows the state's support for this industry and project , I also believe that these newly added shareholders of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises can provide sufficient resources after investment , Especially in the future product promotion, it will provide great help and value . Look forward to Muxi's unremitting efforts , Launch world-class products , Help the country completely get rid of its dependence on foreign high-performance chips .”

Jin Wenji, managing director of Sequoia China, said :“ With the popularity of the digital economy , The market demand for the underlying computing power is growing .GPGPU Also known as the Pearl of the crown of the chip industry , Research and development difficulties and engineering barriers are extremely high . Muxi team has complete organizational structure , Both software 、 Hardware 、 Architecture capabilities , With many years of partners running in , More than ten models have been completely developed GPU The product corresponds to the scenario solution , We hope the team can be based on solid product technical ability and tacit cooperation , whole , In this long slope and thick snow runway, we continue to create excellent products .”

Zhu Jia, assistant partner of Lightspeed China, said :“ With big data and Artificial intelligence The sustainable development of , As the core of computing power GPU It has a decisive impact on the development of the industry . Muxi's core team is innovating in structure 、 Design 、 Validation etc. GPU The key links of R & D have rich experience and excellent ability , We believe that Muxi can effectively break through the tradition GPU Energy efficiency bottlenecks , Provide strong support for China's computing economy .”

Shi Haining, managing partner of guochuang Zhongding, said :“ Under the dual advantages of policy support and technological maturity , We are very honored to assist Muxi, an experienced Chinese team, to improve China's high performance GPU Capabilities in the field . The professionalism and focus of Muxi team is the guarantee for the safety and controllability of high-performance computing chips , It is also the quality that guochuang Zhongding has been looking for in the founding team of cutting-edge science and technology fields for a long time . Guochuang Zhongding focuses on the investment in the field of new generation information technology and hard science and technology , This investment in Muxi is an important layout of guochuang Zhongding in the semiconductor field .”

Lei Yaofeng, partner of smart Internet industry fund, said :“GPU Is the cornerstone of computing power , With 100 billion market space , There is an urgent need to realize domestic substitution . At present, although a number of GPU/GPGPU Start-up company , But the team we really like , Need to have outstanding technical strength , And must have a long-term basis and successful practical experience . Muxi is one of the best , Have a high standard 、 A fully formed R & D team , In high performance GPU We have made great achievements in this respect . Smart Internet industry funds rely on operators , It will inject energy into Muxi in key markets such as data center .”

Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Fund said :“ Mu Xi is 2020 Founded in Shanghai in Artificial intelligence Chip company , The founding team is what we see in the market at present Artificial intelligence Chip startups , The most formed team , It has more than ten years of experience from high-performance general motors GPU Experience in the whole process from design to mass production delivery . Artificial intelligence Chip is a domestic alternative 、 One of the important areas of autonomy and controllability , It is also an innovative solution from the source “ thetime ” The main battlefield of technical problems . The integrated circuit 、 Artificial intelligence It is the leading industry in Shanghai , Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund will further give play to its advantages in industrial and financial resources , By creating a unique ecosystem , Support services Muxi better and faster development , Accelerate the realization of Artificial intelligence Domestic replacement of chips .”

Lenovo group LTD. Senior vice President 、 He Zhiqiang, President of Lenovo venture capital group, said :“ With Artificial intelligence Empowering all walks of life , From the Internet of things to high-performance computing , The demand for computing power is increasing , More suitable for AI In the new computing environment GPGPU Broad development prospect . Muxi has a top full organizational team in the industry and has worked together for a long time , Deep ploughing in the chip industry for nearly 20 year , Whether it's core R & D , Or the market 、 Rich experience in operation . After investing in the sun , Lenovo will work with Muxi in the data center 、 Deep collaboration of high-performance computing and other services , Both sides work together to promote the ecological development of upstream and downstream industries , Leading China GPU Breakthrough in R & D and application .”

Founder of light source capital 、CEO Zheng Jile said :“ At present, China is GPU The design of high-end chips and domestic alternatives are still in their infancy . Want to break this pattern 、 The establishment of high-performance solutions with independent core is inseparable from an experienced team , Such a team must have from architecture to hardware design 、 drive 、 Mass production experience of full link such as mathematics library , Muxi is such a team . As the exclusive financial advisor of Muxi in this round , The light source is very optimistic about Muxi's future , Looking forward to accompany Muxi to become a first-class semiconductor enterprise in China and even the world .”

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