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Stone technology released its annual double flagship new products, opening the era of intelligent self-cleaning

2021-08-31 16:05:54 Heart of machine

8 month 25 Japan , Stone technology released its annual double flagship stone self-cleaning sweeping and dragging robot G10 And stone intelligent double scrubbing machine U10. As a scientific and technological brand continuously cultivating in the field of intelligent cleaning , Stone technology adheres to technological innovation , The two products also bring users a new cleaning experience . 

Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10, It's automatically backwashing the mop 、 The automatic robot has innovative design in water tank replenishment and sweeping and dragging experience , So that users can really free their hands in home cleaning , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The design of double roller brush is realized for the first time , Double cleaning , The effect of doubling the frequency of wiping the floor , The double roller brush rotates in the opposite direction ,“ Internal volume ” Wipe cleaner , It integrates suction, towing and washing , One click self-cleaning can more thoroughly clean the roller brush and pipeline , It eliminates the work of washing mops , It greatly reduces the burden of users .

Price terms , Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 Starting price 3999 element , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 Starting price 3499 element ,8 month 25 Japan 10 Point on tmall 、 JD.COM 、 Suning 、 Tiktok and other platforms are sold on the same platform .

Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10: All round self-cleaning , Fully liberate your hands

Automatic back washing mop is an important part of self-cleaning , More and more attention is paid by various manufacturers . Prior to this, the commonly used scheme on the market was to design a cleaning protrusion inside the base , Use surface centrifugal force and friction to clean . This time, stone technology has made an innovative design , use “ Cleaning and scraping brush ” Thoroughly clean the mop in a manner , The mop cleaning device that can spray water inside the base is connected to the clean water tank through a peristaltic pump , Driven by the slide rail , From left to right , Then move back and forth from right to left , Back and forth “ Wash and scrape ”, Finally, discharge the sewage , Realize the whole cleaning process .

Besides , A variable direction rubber scraper is installed under the mop cleaning device , When the device moves from right to left , The rubber scraper does not scratch ; When the device is from left to right , The rubber scraper scrapes the sewage and some solid dirt into the water tank from left to right , It plays the role of cleaning the base , There is no need for the user to clean the bottom of the base manually .

At the same time, stone technology through a lot of research on users' daily use habits , A humanized backwashing method is designed , Users can vary according to their own needs , There are many ways to clean the mop , The cleanliness of different floors is different , Different users have different requirements for the cleanliness and time of cleaning mop , Users can use APP Set different mop washing mode gears according to requirements . And the cleaning method is also very humanized , There is standard backwashing 、 Intelligent backwashing 、 Manual backwashing 、 Four gears for manual pile placing and backwashing are selected .

The industry's first automatic water replenishment and sweeping robot for water tank

For a long time, how to keep the mop of the sweeping robot wet in the cleaning process has been perplexing major manufacturers and users . Stone technology aims at the pain points of users , In the stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 It is equipped with a water tank that can automatically replenish water , With the cooperation of self-cleaning charging pile base , Complete the automatic water replenishment of the robot water tank . There is no need for the user to disassemble the mop by himself 、 Hand wash the mop and remove the water tank to add water .

The robot water tank is designed with a make-up joint , It can be connected with the rubber water injection joint in the center of the self-cleaning charging base , The self-cleaning charging base automatically replenishes water for the robot , There is no need for the user to take out the water tank to make up water . This replenishment method, which is similar to aircraft aerial refueling, ensures that no matter which way the user uses to wash the mop , Before cleaning the mop every time , The base will replenish water to the robot's water tank , Make sure the robot comes out of the pile after cleaning the mop every time , The water tank has been replenished .

Sweeping and dragging are fully upgraded , Clean without leaving traces

Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 Up to 3000 High frequency vibration design of rotary motor , It can effectively disintegrate the dirt on the ground . The perfect combination of floating mopping module and high-frequency vibration , Close to the ground , Hit the floor crack deep , Rough porcelain surface and other uneven complex ground environment can also be treated .

Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 The mop can be raised from the ground automatically 5mm The distance above , After getting out of trouble, the sweeping robot automatically judges and raises the mopping module , Avoid error reporting affecting cleaning ; When washing the mop back and after cleaning , The sweeping robot automatically raises the mopping module , Avoid secondary pollution ; When charging , There is no need to use a waterproof pad , The raised carriage and mop can maintain ventilation , Effectively alleviate the smell of covering the ground ; At the same time, the stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 Ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor is added , With new intelligent algorithm and lifting mop support , When you meet the carpet , The sweeping robot raises the mop support by itself , Just vacuuming instead of mopping the carpet . The mop support will be lowered after carpet cleaning , Keep sweeping , The utility model effectively prevents the mop from soaking the carpet .

On collocation G10 Omnidirectional floating rubber brush module , The body of the glue brush can hardly wrap around the hair , There is no need to clean , Most of the hair is sucked into the dust box , A few will be stored in the hair storage bin at both ends of the main brush , Detachable structure design is adopted at both ends , It can easily clean the hair in the hair storage bin , Easy to deal with family cleanliness .

New antibacterial design of mop , Worry free and more assured

In this post epidemic era , Antibacterial and health are more and more concerned by users . Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 The mop is made of 2 One piece design , The vibration mop is made of polyester and nylon , Stronger water absorption , Cleaning power and water locking property are also high , It can effectively peel and disintegrate the dirt on the ground , Good air permeability, easy to clean . At the same time, the mop uses antibacterial materials , Silver ion antibacterial material is added in the sand line , Cooperate with self-cleaning base , Long term use can still effectively inhibit bacterial breeding , Prevent the mop from producing peculiar smell .

New algorithm upgrade , Intelligence is more intimate

The path navigation algorithm of stone sweeping and dragging robot , stay G10 On the plane , Upgrade to RR mason 8.5 .G10 It's a smarter sweeping robot , Because it inherits all the advantages of stone , It can also automatically determine whether it is necessary to backwash the mop , if necessary , The robot automatically navigates back to the base , With the cooperation of the base, the process of automatic water replenishment and automatic cleaning of the mop is completed , Truly achieved the complete liberation of both hands .

Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10: Full coverage strong wipe double brush , Efficient cleaning

Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 It has the advantages of mainstream floor washing machine on the market , For the existing cleaning effect of the floor washer 、 flexibility 、 Corner coverage and other problems , A whole new design , Made it stronger , More comprehensive , Take the experience of the floor washer to a new level .

  Different from similar floor washing machines , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The core feature is the combination of two sets of roller brushes , Wipe the floor cleaner 、 Internal rotation type is involved in garbage 、 Two way assistance 、 Bilateral welt 、 No water stains 、 Vertical air duct ; In cleaning capacity 、 Coverage 、 Promote the qualitative improvement of experience . When the machine is running on the ground , Both roller brushes will wipe the stains separately , It is equivalent to cleaning the machine twice with a single roller brush , Twice the scrubbing time , The cleaning ability is doubled . At the same time, the two roller brushes rotate in the opposite direction , It will push the water between the two roller brushes and suck it away , The scraping strip only needs to scrape off a small amount of residual water , It can achieve better water recovery effect , Drag and dry , No water marks . In order to provide sufficient power for the double roller brush , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 It is equipped with two independent high-power motors to provide power , The total power is as high as 100W, The luxurious power system ensures that each roller brush has strong cleaning power , Achieve a strong cleaning effect .

Suction, towing and washing , Dry and wet garbage can be done at one time

Dry and wet garbage can be inhaled, which is also a core function of the floor washer . Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 It can easily inhale the common dry and wet garbage on the ground , Including dust 、 Debris 、 Wool wool 、 grains cooked rice 、 noodles 、 egg 、 Vegetable leaves, etc . The single scrubbing machine basically rolls the garbage to the rear through the brush head , Enter the horizontal suction port , Then it is sucked into the sewage bucket above through the turning air duct .

Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 Use double roller brush to rotate in opposite direction , The suction port is located between the two roller brushes , When inhaling garbage, two roller brushes can work together to roll the garbage up , Through the vertical suction port and short air duct, it can directly enter the upper sewage bucket . It is more efficient to draw in garbage with double brushes , And the air duct is shortened , Reduced suction loss . In order to meet the water absorption of the floor washer , Demand for hygroscopic waste , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The dry and wet dual-purpose brushless fan is adopted . It has a long life 、 Low noise 、 The advantage of high efficiency . The maximum speed can reach 60000 turn , More efficient than 50%, It can output surging suction , Strong removal of dry and wet garbage on the ground .

One key deep self-cleaning , It's easier not to wash by hand

Traditional floor cleaning tools , Whether it's a rag 、 Mop or electric mop , There are erased dirt accumulated in the mop , In the process of wiping the floor, the mop will become more and more dirty , You must always go back and clean the floor during the cleaning process , In order to keep relatively clean . Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The roller brush is equipped with 304 Stainless steel scraping strip ( Contact with roller brush , Do not touch the floor ), At work , Spray clean water on the roller brush , After the roller brush rotates to wipe the ground, the sewage on it is scraped off by the scraper and sucked away , Then spray water . Every rotation of the roller brush , After a complete process of scraping off sewage and spraying clean water , Can bring better cleaning effect .

meanwhile , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 Some details of self-cleaning are also optimized , The dirt degree of the roller brush can be continuously detected by the dirt sensor , And intelligently adjust the self-cleaning time . In case of water shortage or full water during self-cleaning , Self cleaning will keep the current progress , Just change the water and press the self-cleaning key , You can continue from the interrupted position , There is no need to repeat the whole self-cleaning process .

More flexible and easy to use , Completely clean without dead corners

Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The joint adopts two mutually perpendicular rotating shafts to form a universal shaft , The rotation of the brush head is very flexible , The brush head can be turned by twisting the handle 180 Degrees of rotation , You can easily clean the table legs 、 Around the corner of the furniture . In addition, the brush head is compact and the front and rear length is short , Turn the brush head in the direction , You can enter some narrow areas that other floor washers cannot enter for cleaning .

Different people have different ground cleaning habits , Some people will push forward , Some people are used to pushing and pulling repeatedly . Thanks to the structure of double roller brush , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 It can adjust the power more humanized , Push and pull are more labor-saving , It can better adapt to the use habits of different people .

Corner cleaning has always been a problem often criticized by mainstream floor washing machines , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 The front roller brush adopts the common side driven roller brush , Cover the middle ; The rear roller brush adopts center drive , Cover both sides , It effectively solves the problem that the floor washer can't clean the wall , Fully cover the edges, corners and gaps .

More humanized design

besides , Stone Intelligent Double scrubbing machine U10 It can intelligently detect the degree of dirt on the ground , Automatically adjust the cleaning force , Clean dirty areas , Just increase the amount of water and suction , Enhance cleaning effect ; Clean less dirty areas , Reduce the amount of water and suction , Extended range . During self-cleaning, the self-cleaning time will also be adjusted according to the dirt degree of the roller brush .5000mAh Super large capacity power lithium battery , One charge can work 35 Minutes or more . The capacities of clean water tank and sewage tank are respectively 850ml And 600ml, Automatic mode can work by adding water at one time 15 minute , For medium-sized houses, the cleaning can be completed without adding water in the middle . Multiple cleaning modes , Easy to deal with various ground environments , Standard sterilizing cleaner , have 99.9% The bactericidal effect of , It can remove bacteria from the ground , Protect the health of your family .

Stone technology, as a company focusing on the R & D and production of intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent appliances , Whether in the technical field , It's still a good word of mouth for users , It is the existence of ultra-high standards in China . This time, stone technology launched its annual double flagship products, which is a demonstration of its scientific and technological strength . In the future, stone technology will continue to focus on simplifying users' lives with technology , Let users better enjoy the beautiful experience brought by technology .

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