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On the digital transformation of manufacturing industry from the "Transformation Road" of technology suppliers

2021-08-31 16:06:04 Heart of machine

The business transformation of suppliers has become the epitome of enterprise digital transformation to a certain extent . When a technology is mature enough in the industry , After landing fully , Its market size will naturally shrink rapidly . Suppliers are looking for growth , Naturally, we should also seek transformation from our own business , Whether it is technological upgrading or expanding the field of innovation . Again , When a technology falls slowly in the industry , Or when the effect is not obvious , The market will also quickly focus on , Transfer to intermediate technology or other related fields .

Writing LV Haiyang

For manufacturing 、 Informatization and IoT For practitioners in the industry ,PTC It's not a strange name . The company has been engaged in the R & D and application of digital technology since the earliest digital upgrading of manufacturing industry .

1985 year , Russian immigrant mathematician Samuel Geisberg Doctor set up a design software company in the United States ——Parametric Technology Corporation( Parameters Technology Co., Ltd , It is abbreviated to 「PTC」), This company is just like its name , With Parameters Design technology started .

Three years after its establishment ,PTC Launched its flagship product , Computer aided design (CAD) Tools Pro / ENGINEER. Soon the agricultural machinery giant John Deere Become its first customer , Until today, John Deere Of CAD and IoT The business is still heavily using PTC product .

At the time , At a time when computer aided design is on the rise in manufacturing ,CAD Software has flown into ordinary people's homes from top application fields such as aerospace , It blooms everywhere in mechanical design and basic manufacturing , This has also opened the digital transformation and upgrading in industry 、 The first climax of manufacturing .

Pro/ENGINEER rely on Parameters The simplicity and ease of use of modeling , Quickly capture the market .PTC The annual income will also increase from 1988 Year of 300 Ten thousand dollars grew rapidly to 1991 Year of 4500 Thousands of dollars , And in 1989 Officially launched in , Ticker PMTC.

thus ,PTC Began to provide digital design tools for a large number of manufacturing enterprises .1992 year , Industry weekly Pro / ENGINEER Best technology of the year , Same year PTC Got the biggest customer at that time Caterpillar. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary ,PTC Successful entry into wealth 500 strong ,1997 Annual revenue reached 8 Billion dollars . And in three dimensions CAD M & A of related technologies has been carried out in the field , Include CDRS and 3DPaint.

In our country , State Councilor Song Jian (1998-2002 In, he served as president of the Chinese Academy of engineering ) Just at 1991 in 「 Drawing board 」 The call of , China's manufacturing industry began to pay more and more attention to CAD Application of Technology , It has also contributed to a vigorous enterprise innovation in various fields of industry .

Over the next ten years , The plate throwing project introduces AutoCAD、UG、SOLIDWORKS、CATIA as well as Pro/ENGINEER Wait for a batch CAD Design tools . It has greatly promoted our CAD Further development of Technology , It has laid the foundation for the digital transformation of China's industrial field . 

Approaching the Millennium ,PTC Our business focus starts with CAD Extended to the rapid rise of product life cycle management (PLM), Start to focus on the next digital transformation node of manufacturing industry .


There is a saying in the industry that PLM Originated from American Automobile Company (AMC).1985 year ,AMC Vice president of product engineering and development François Castaing Lead the team in Jeep For the first time, Cherokee's product line was developed with CAD A model combined with a central database , Greatly improve data management and R & D efficiency . At Chrysler AMC after , This R & D system is extended throughout the enterprise , Connect everyone involved in the product design and production process to the system . As PLM Early adopters of Technology , Chrysler became the lowest cost manufacturer in the automotive industry at that time , By the mid-1990s , Its development cost is only half of the industry average .

1998 year ,PTC Dramatically bought the founder Geisberg Former owner Computervision, And indirectly acquired its subsidiary , These include Windchill Technology.Windchill Technology The founder of James Heppelmann, Today's PTC President and concurrently CEO. Later in the same year ,PTC Released an Internet based PLM Solution Windchill, The business direction has also started from a single point of view CAD Transformation of design software to a higher digital design management system .

Computervision At the time , Design data management and PLM A pioneer in the field .1982 year ,Computervision That is, participated in Rockwell for the U.S. military B-1B Early design data management system for bomber development —— Engineering data system (EDS) . This system realizes Computer vision 、CAD Connection between system and database , Ability to track part configuration and component life cycle , It is often regarded as product data management (PDM) and PLM The prototype of .

Introduction Windchill after ,PTC They have acquired Polyplan Technologies、Arbortext、NetRegulus、Synapsis Technology、Relex Software and Planet Metrics Wait for many companies , And to develop, including assets 、 application 、 Life cycle management software for processes and services . meanwhile PTC A series of experiments with CAD Related acquisitions , Include Cadtrain,NC Graphics,Mathsoft,ITEDO Software GmbH and CoCreate.

2000-2010 Year ,PLM Rapid market growth , The market value is close to 300 Billion dollars .PLM Concepts blossom everywhere in the mainstream field of industrial software , Mainstream solutions include the development of Siemens industrial software Teamcenter、 Dassault system ENOVIA and PTC Of WindChill. However , At this point , A new wave of enterprise digital transformation technology has quietly arrived . 

According to the CIMdata stay 2014 Data released in ,2011 In the world PLM The total investment reached 299.8 Billion dollars , Than 2010 Annual growth 15.2%. And then , Market growth began to slow down ,2012 Annual growth to 334 Billion dollars , The growth rate is 11.6%,2013 In about 350 Billion dollars , The growth rate is about 4.8%.

2010 year 10 month 1 Japan ,James Heppelmann In office PTC President and CEO . And put forward that the initial CAD product Pro / ENGINEER Rename it to PTC Creo. 

Heppelmann Extremely sensitive to the digital transformation Market , stay PLM The beginning of the slowdown in market growth , He has smelled the smell of disruptive technologies and new trends , And follow the footprints of digital technology upgrading , Start to gradually prepare for a new strategic transformation .

2013 year 12 month ,PTC With 1.12 US $100 million acquisition ThingWorx, This house is owned by CAD Transformed from PLM company , Start a new round of business transformation again , The goal of transformation is the hottest in today's industry IoT field .2014 year 8 month ,PTC With 1.7 $100 million online shopping connection management provider Axeda Corporation,2015 In, he acquired automation communication software Kepware, Gradually expand the capacity of the Internet of things .


2015 year ,PTC As an Internet of things Software Developer , With 6500 Acquired Qualcomm's augmented reality technology products at a price of US $million Vuforia. take Vuforia Merge with your own Internet of things and analysis platform , Start with the most effective visualization field of the Internet of things , Establish a fusion technology platform of augmented reality and Internet of things . 

thereafter ,PTC Expand the application boundary of the Internet of things through cooperation , stay 2018 In, we cooperated with Rockwell Automation , And 10 A hundred million dollars will be 8.4% To Rockwell . meanwhile ,PTC Also with ANSYS And Microsoft in simulation and AR/VR And other fields have established important strategic partnerships .

2010 So far this year , The voice of industrial Internet of things in the industry is rising ,「 All things connected , The combination of real and virtual 」 The concept of is widely recognized by the industry . thus , stay IoT The network infrastructure behind the concept has gradually attracted people's attention , Cloud Applications 、SaaS The pattern becomes IoT Hot spots in subdivided fields .

SaaS and PLM Born almost at the same time , However, its application in the field of industrial Internet of things seems to be a bit slower than that in other industries .1999 year ,Salesforce For the first time SaaS Gate , With CRM It shows great commercial value to the market , thereafter SAP、 Oracle 、 Microsoft and other giants joined , Even more will be SaaS Into today's 100 billion market .

stay CAD、PLM and IoT Era ,PTC Our business and market performance is not at the top of the industry , But it has always been in the first echelon , And continue to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of technical concept , With its own rapid technological transformation and upgrading , Drive the rhythm of customer digital transformation . However, in SaaS Transformation of applications ,PTC Your movements are not coming fast , The top of the company seems to have lost PLM and IoT Sensitivity in transformation .

For industrial SaaS Technological development and enterprise transformation ,Heppelmann Think , Slow rather than fast . He said :「 At the beginning, it was implemented in the industrial field SaaS There are many obstacles , On the one hand, we are concerned about network security , On the other hand, it is the comparison between cloud performance and local performance .」

Data security in industrial production 、 Requirements for operation stability , More stringent than other fields and links .Heppelmann Think , With the development of cloud technology , Today's cloud security and connectivity technologies can prove that their security attributes and operation performance are better than that of local , This is what SaaS The fundamental opportunity for development .

2017 Around the year ,PTC Start experimenting with business models 「 service 」 Pattern ,PTC Propose to change the past licensing mode to subscription mode . And announced that since 2018 year 1 month 1 The date of , Permanent licenses will no longer be implemented in the Americas and Western Europe , Change to subscription license mode . Since then, each technology supplier has launched a subscription model , For later 「 Software as a service 」 Laid the foundation of business model .

2019 year ,PTC Opened based on SaaS A new round of strategic transformation . By appointment 4.7 $100 million price acquisition SaaS CAD manufacturer Onshape.2021 year , Buy again SaaS PLM Solution Arena Solutions.Arena Solutions And Onshape The combination of , Can be said to be PTC Two old businesses SaaS upgrade , At the completion of Arena Solutions While acquiring ,PTC Expanded SaaS Business unit , take Arena、Onshape and Vuforia Integration launched SaaS In solution Atlas platform .


「 With SaaS, Customers no longer need to buy a server , There is no need for system administrators to set up complex field software and maintain it continuously . With SaaS, The barriers to entry and participation in the product life cycle will no longer exist , Because every relevant person in the enterprise can participate in the product life cycle under any circumstances . With SaaS, The team does not need to perform tedious check-in and check-out , Everyone in the team , Including suppliers , Can operate on the same data in the cloud at the same time , And understand the changes of data all the time . With SaaS, The digital economy becomes the real economy .」Heppelmann At the recent LiveWorx21 At the conference SaaS High hopes are placed on the future of industry .

stay SaaS On this new transformation node in the industrial field ,PTC Not only focus on promoting new SaaS The product application , Also in the development Creo、Windchil and ThingWorx Of SaaS turn , And try to bring these products to Atlas In the platform .Heppelmann Express ,「CAD yes PLM A link in ,PLM It's also IoT One of the . Whether it's the transformation of the Internet of things , still SaaS The transformation of , It's not like giving up traditional technology with new technology , Instead, it uses new technology to empower traditional products , Through innovation for traditional products 、 Empowerment of traditional industries , Improve the inherent ability , Create new abilities .

 picture PTC President and concurrently CEO James Heppelmann( Right ) and PTC Senior director of corporate communications Greg Payne( Left )

Over the years ,PTC Indeed, it is the most enthusiastic change among manufacturing digital suppliers , It is also the fastest transformation 、 The most determined . And this kind of The driving force of rapid transformation is not so much from the enterprise's own sensitivity to the trend of science and Technology , Rather, it is the result of forced .

2010 Year is PLM The downturn in the industry , Every supplier in the industry feels the growth pressure of traditional fields . stay PTC towards IoT While marching into the field ,PLM Several other top players in the industry , Siemens PLM、 Dassault system and Autodesk have also started their own transformation , From the Internet of things 、 Low code 、 Cloud native 、AI And so on , To the smart city 、 Cross border expansion in biochemistry and other fields .

The business transformation of suppliers has become the epitome of enterprise digital transformation to a certain extent . When a technology is mature enough in the industry , After landing fully , Its market size will naturally shrink rapidly . Suppliers are looking for growth , Naturally, we should also seek transformation from our own business , Whether it is technological upgrading or expanding the field of innovation . Again , When a technology falls slowly in the industry , Or when the effect is not obvious , The market will also quickly shift its focus to intermediate technology or other related fields .

「 In guiding the use of Technology , Or digital transformation , In terms of internal driving force , In fact, this industry has never changed , What customers need is nothing more than product innovation , Efficiency improvement , And cost savings , That is, reducing cost and increasing efficiency .」PTC Liu Qiang, senior vice president of the world and President of Greater China, believes that ,「 In today's , Whether it's PLM、IoT, Or intelligent manufacturing 、 Industry 4.0, With these technologies , Can further enhance the enterprise , Touch their business goals . Really drive the development of digital technology , The direction of digital transformation is driven by the needs of the market and within the enterprise . picture

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