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Alarm - he wants to buy a house, "brother" takes the initiative to swipe his card; He likes cars, "brother" gives millions of luxury cars... "Jianghu friendship" poisoned him too deeply

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   Addo , male ,1962 year 1 born ,1982 year 5 Joined the communist party of China in January ,1984 year 7 Monthly job participation . He once served as Deputy Secretary of Derong county Party committee of Sichuan Province 、 county magistrate , Secretary of Xiangcheng County Party Committee , Deputy governor of Ganzi Prefecture , Director of Sichuan coal group 、 Deputy general manager , Member of the Party committee of Sichuan coal group 、 director 、 Deputy general manager , Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Sichuan coal group 、 director ,2019 year 11 month , He was removed from the post of deputy secretary of the Party committee of Sichuan coal group 、 Office of director .

  2019 year 9 month 28 Japan , Approved by the Sichuan provincial Party committee , Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision filed a case for review and investigation on Addo's suspected serious violation of discipline and law , And in 10 month 8 Take lien on it on the day of .

  2020 year 4 month , It was studied by the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and submitted to the Provincial Committee for approval , Decided to expel Addo from the party 、 Dismissal from public office ; Confiscate his illegal gains ; Transfer the suspected crime to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution according to law .

  2020 year 6 month , It is under the jurisdiction of the people's Procuratorate of Sichuan Province , Nanchong Municipal People's Procuratorate initiated a public prosecution to Nanchong intermediate people's Court on Addo's suspicion of bribery .

  2020 year 12 month 30 Japan , Nanchong intermediate people's Court of first instance convicted Addo of taking bribes , Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 11 years and 6 months , And a fine of one million yuan , The illegal gains shall be confiscated according to law , Turn it over to the state treasury .

   During the retention period , Addo often recalls 2004 The picture of him returning home after he was promoted to vice governor of Ganzi Prefecture in .

  “2004 One day in , I went home , My mother has been waiting for me while watching the news , I just sat down , She said to me , You don't belong to yourself now , It belongs to the organization , Belong to this family , Do anything , Don't just think about yourself , Never eat what you shouldn't eat , Never take what you shouldn't take . I was also secretly determined , Never make economic mistakes .”

   However , The earnest teachings of my mother , Addo didn't do it ,“ Now I feel ashamed to think of this thing 、 ashamed .”2019 year 10 month 8 Japan , Addo was detained ,“ From this day on , I am an unfaithful and unfilial man , I am determined to follow the party , But it didn't end well ; Just when you can serve your old mother , In prison again .” In the judgment , Among the ten bribery facts accused by the procuratorial organ , Nine occurred in 2004 Years later , Accounting for... Of the total bribes 97.9%.

   Initial retention , A fluke 、 Fear of sin 、 Pessimism and other emotions are intertwined , Addo takes “ Cold treatment ” Against censorship and investigation . Under the ideological and political work carried out by the task force , Addo gradually repented , Completely open to the organization .

  “ All mistakes are made by yourself , I'm here today , The root cause lies in yourself .” As a leading cadre of Party members , Addo from 1984 Year of work , To 2004 He was elected vice governor of Ganzi Prefecture in , Promotion to vice office level , Until then 2019 Subject to review and investigation in , The lesson is very painful . What changes have taken place in Addo's heart ? In the face of hunting , What characteristics of his character caused him to fall into a trap step by step ? In the struggle between hunting and anti hunting , Addo finally lost , What is the root cause of ? Explore the case , There are many lessons to be vigilant .

Inner imbalance , Three kinds of psychology make their faith waver 、 Thought landslide

  1962 year , Addo was born in a cadre family . His father 25 I went to Tibet with the army at the age of , In democratic reform 、 He has done many meritorious deeds in the struggle against rebels , Later, he took the initiative to return to his hometown , For the peaceful liberation of Tibet 、 Contributed to the construction of hometown . from childhood , My parents taught Aldo by example , Educate him to be grateful to the party , Be clean 、 Take on .

   Influenced by my father , A duo was determined to follow the party since childhood , Learn skills well and build a hometown .1980 year , Addo went to college as he wished , It was the only undergraduate in the county . Once you enter school , Addo wrote a volunteer letter to join the party , Soon joined the party organization . On graduation , Addo specializes in writing applications , Asked to work in Tibet , Go where the motherland needs most . later , Addo was assigned to Ganzi Economic Research Institute , From the deputy section chief 、 The section chief gradually grew into a deputy county magistrate 、 county magistrate 、 Secretary of the county Party Committee 、 Deputy governor , From an ordinary young cadre , Step by step on the leadership post .

   However , It is also a few things that have happened during this period , Let Addo's heart gradually change , Become lost in their faith 、 The idea of becoming corrupt “ Inflection point ”.

   See his wife and children live frugally , Create a debt mentality .1996 year , A duo discussed with his wife to send his son and daughter to Chengdu to study , Get a better education . After buying a house in Chengdu , Husband and wife are already stretched out , To save money , Decoration materials and even a nail. Addo's wife bought them by herself . In order to save the cost of traveling from the residence to the new house , Addo's wife carries her son back and forth four times a day on foot 20 Many kilometers . Addo thinks , Because of my incompetence , Just let the family do this , I feel very indebted to them .

   In the face of gray income , Create an imbalance .2000 year 9 Month to year 4 month , Addo went to a department of the provincial government as deputy director . During the Spring Festival , Addo received some red envelopes one after another , The total is about 8000 yuan , This figure is equivalent to a year's wage income in remote mountain areas such as Derong .“ At that time, my heart was very unbalanced , Work for a year , The income is not as good as the red envelope received by the office for the new year .”

   I feel confused about my official career , Make a profit before retirement . since 2004 After being promoted to the deputy department level in , Addo didn't go any further .“ When I was a state leader , Some of my subordinates are still at the county level , Later, he was promoted to the main hall level . The ninth government of Ganzi Prefecture is a cadre at the main office level except me , I'm very unbalanced .” With age , Addo gradually felt confused about his career , produce “ Ship to dock car to station ” Thought , So I want to make more money , Surpass others materially , Not only make life richer in old age , And satisfy vanity .

   Wavering in ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous wavering , The decline of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous decline . With the promotion of office 、 Environmental impact 、 Changes in mindset , Addo gradually lost his revolutionary ideal , Forget your party membership , Forgot to be clean 、 Take on the teaching of ,“ Three views ” Twist , Thoughts began to slide 、 Transformation , The mind is a matter of service , Lost in the face of power and money , So far, we have embarked on a road of no return .

Talk about Jianghu Loyalty , Immersed in “ brother ” Love without danger

  “ Often play mahjong , Rough character , Talk about righteousness , Like luxury cars , Lofty and conceited .” In an interview , Several investigators talked about Addo's character .“ Brand depends on character .” A case handler introduced , Addo's upright character , It is obvious on the mahjong table .2005 After year , Addo is addicted to playing mahjong , There are card games every day after work , The weekend is all night , When playing cards with businessmen, bosses or subordinates , Don't let others let him , Promise to win , And playing cards is very casual , Nine out of ten .

   A duo talks about Jianghu Loyalty 、 Straight and rough character , He also left himself a gap to be hunted . According to the investigators , Addo doesn't have many bribes , A total of ten , And what it receives 1454 More than ten thousand yuan of bribes , More than half of them come from Chen 、 Chen mouliang and Zheng mouguo . The reason why Addo accepted these three people and regarded them as “ brother ”, Because they came into Addo's heart by telling stories .

   To get close to Addo , Chen mougen tried his best , Introduced by a friend of Addo . At a party , He told a story , Addo's memory is still fresh .“ In the last century 80 years , He went to Tibet to start a business , On the way to Tibet through Tanggula Mountain in Qinghai , Due to severe high reaction , Plus the cold , Life is in danger . A passing family saved him , Take good care of it all the way , When I got off in Lhasa, I didn't know the language , I only know it's from Ganzi Prefecture . Now I have made some achievements in my career , I wanted to come to Ganzi Prefecture to repay my benefactor at the first time .” This story moved Addo , He believes that Chen Mou Gen is a person who values love and righteousness , And looks simple and honest , So I valued him very much , As a brother .

   For Addo , Chen is very attentive . Know that Addo likes playing mahjong , He sent the gambling money in time ; Addo bought a house in Chengdu , He took the initiative to swipe his card ; Addo likes cars ,2007 At a party in, I appreciated Chen's car , Chen mougen then said 138 I bought an off-road vehicle for him at a price of more than 10000 yuan ……“ I sometimes see something , Talk about love , He kept it in mind , Later, I really didn't dare to speak in front of him , I'm afraid he will cause misunderstanding again .” Addo recalled ,“ For any of my needs , He is trying to cater to .” meanwhile , Chen mougen asked Addo to adjust the nature reserve for his company's changdi'er gold mine in Jiulong County 、 The Zhangdu gold mine in Baiyu County provided assistance in mobilization and prospecting , Adojun used his authority for its successful operation . Until you accept the lien , Addo didn't realize that their behavior was improper economic exchanges .

   During the retention period , Addo gradually realized ,“ I doubt the truth of his story , It's possible to make up stories , Because he knows my character , Once you think this person is worth paying , Will pay with sincerity . Why did he send me so much money ? Is it really because of our feelings ? Calm down , The answer is No , He was hunting me from the beginning .” here , Addo realized , Long term psychological implications , Poison yourself too deeply , Blinding the mind with brotherhood , Not aware 、 I don't want to admit that I have violated discipline and law .

  2010 year , A duo met Chen mouliang , Many things about Addo in Chengdu and Tibet , He actively helps , So he was regarded as a brother by Addo .2013 year , Addo went to Sichuan coal group to take charge of material procurement , I met Zheng and his uncle at a dinner party , During the dinner, he was moved by his uncle's entrepreneurial story of prospecting in deep mountains and old forests , Since then, I have been in constant contact .

   Since work , A duo doesn't contact many businessmen , But recognized as brothers and friends , There have been improper economic exchanges , In this regard, he also believes that reciprocity , No problem . Right thing to thing , Addo depends on his own subjective judgment , And never according to the purpose of the party spirit 、 Thoughts on Party discipline and state law ,“ I think what is right is right , I think the wrong is the wrong ”. When hunters surround , Addo is still immersed in the seemingly brotherly friendship , Keep yourself in the dark .“ actually , Every penny these businessmen give me is calculated in return , They came for the power in my hand , I want to exchange my power for greater interests .” Addo finally woke up .

Deceive oneself and others , With “ legal ” Form paralyzes itself 、 Cover up greed

   Before being detained , Addo thinks he's doing well ,“ Violation of discipline is , But I didn't expect to break the law ”. In his opinion , A lot of property “ packing ” You can take it in a minute , If you think it's OK, it's ok ,“ I'm really hypocritical , Even myself , So that the poisoning is too deep .”

  “ To be honest , I realized that I was so greedy after I was detained , And want to avoid punishment , Want to collect money again , Did a lot of things , It's funny to think of it .” Addo used it for a long time “ Loan ” or “ Brotherhood ” Accept benefits as an excuse 、 Paralyze yourself , It is the inner greed that hides .

   Officials and businessmen “ transboundary ”, Both officials and businessmen make money .2005 year , A duo and a businessman friend opened a concert hall in Kangding . at that time , As the vice governor of Ganzi Prefecture, Addo often ignores his identity , Become a singer in a concert hall “ salesman ”, He said hello to all his departments , He was invited to the concert hall , He refused until he got to the house . Besides , Addo also lent money to others to collect interest 、 Gain benefits by investing in the company in the name of others . During the review and investigation , Addo took the initiative to hand over the property and loan proceeds received in violation of regulations, totaling 1260 Ten thousand yuan .

   In the name of borrowing , Put on “ legal ” The coat costs money . Businessman Jiang moumin operates minerals in Ganzi Prefecture , If you encounter problems, ask Addo for help , Addo regards him as a friend and often gives him a helping hand .2010 One day in , To thank Addo for his care , Jiang moumin proposed “ To borrow money ”80 Ten thousand yuan for Addo's stock speculation . Addo knows ,“ It's actually for me , I'm greedy and can't refuse , I took it ”.2014 In one day , Zheng mouguo came to Addo's office with two boxes of tea , After a few words , Zheng put the tea on the sofa and left , And specially said to put away the tea . Addo felt strange , Open the tea box immediately , Found it full of money . Give money naked like this , Addo is hard to accept , So he called Zheng back and took the money away . Tear down the tea and resist bribery , Is Addo not greedy for money ? No ! Shortly thereafter , They get together again , Zheng learned that Addo wanted to buy a financial product , To get Addo's help in selling equipment , He offered to lend it to Addo 200 Ten thousand yuan .“ I know what he means , He just gave me two million , I do want to accept .” So , Addo also specially asked Zheng to call his friend Tian ,“ Anyway, through Tian , Even if something happens in the future , Tian also borrowed money .” To cover up greed , What Addo needs is some reason to think he's smart 、 The form of hiding one's ears and stealing a bell 、 It looks like “ legal ” The appearance of .

   PALS , Bribery turns into “ In town ”. A duo regards Chen as a brother ,2012 year , Chen mougen had a conflict with others in Derong County , Was beaten to death , Addo took him to Chengdu at his own expense , Ask an expert to operate on it , Save him .“ I saved his life , Don't we give each other ?” But actually , Apart from this emotional account in Addo's heart , And a money account . Addo helped Chen mougen in gold mine adjustment and gold mine entry exploration , In the meantime 10 I received Chen mougen for the first time 300 More than ten thousand yuan benefits ,“ I wanted to. , Without my help , He can't get in , And they are making hundreds of millions , I'll just take a little , Ought to be right .”

  2018 year , Addo accepted Jiang moumin 80 Ten thousand yuan was discovered by the organization , He did not choose to take the initiative to explain the problem to the organization , But with Jiang moumin 、 Chen mougen discussed his speech together 、 A / P organization .2019 year 8 month , After Chen mougen was detained , Addo couldn't sit still anymore , But he was still lucky .“ He won't have a problem there , We are as close as brothers , I saved his life , I have confidence in him .”2019 year 10 month 8 Japan , The day of detention , Addo fell into deep remorse and regret ,“ Regret what you did wrong , Regret not waking up in time , Regret not returning to the embrace of the organization in time , I regret not going to see my old mother and give her an explanation , In short, what you want to regret , be torn with grief .”

   Still, . From an aspiring youth to a leading cadre at the deputy department level , Over time 、 Promotion , Addo's growing debt to his family 、 Income imbalance 、 Three kinds of psychology of making a profit before retirement , Led to his ideological decline , And then produce the most serious “ Pathological changes ”. Shaken faith 、 Deviated from the party spirit 、 Lost the purpose , In the face of hunting , It's hard to tell , Finally caught . The case also warned the majority of Party members and cadres ,“ This is where we stand ”,“ Ben ” In the hearts of the people , Inner purification 、 If you have high aspirations, you will have infinite strength , Make efforts to establish roots and strengthen the foundation , In order to prevent unhealthy tendencies from clinging to the body , Don't be arrogant and impatient when victory is good , Don't be depressed and waver in times of difficulties and adversity , Always maintain the political nature of Communists .( Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Cheng Wei )

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