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Industry chain: TSMC's OEM price of 16nm and below will be increased by 10%

2021-08-31 16:43:18 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Chip supply is tight in many fields 、 OEM demand is strong 、 When the capacity of chip manufacturers is generally tight , Chip manufacturers are also constantly raising OEM prices .

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Manufacturers who continue to raise chip OEM prices , It also includes TSMC, the world's largest chip foundry , It was reported last year that they would cancel the offer to big customers 12 Inch wafer foundry discount 、 News of indirect price increases , And in the 3 End of month , It is also reported that TSMC will increase quarterly from the second quarter 12 The OEM price of inch wafers , It will be raised this year 3 Time .

And the shortage of chips continues , And it is expected to last for some time , There is also the news that TSMC will continue to raise the price of chip OEM .

The English media quoted a source from an integrated circuit design company as saying , TSMC has informed their customers ,16nm And the OEM price of the following processes , Will be raised by approx 10%, The new price will come into effect next year .

16nm And the following processes , It is the main source of TSMC's revenue , In the first two quarters of this year , It's more than 60%.

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