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Samsung's lawsuit against Huawei was rejected again

2021-08-31 17:01:24 TechWeb

【TechWeb】 Companies check APP Show , In recent days, , Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and other administrative judgments of first instance of the State Intellectual Property Office are made public . Trial process display , Samsung's patent for invention is invalid , Not satisfied with the relevant sued decision , Sue Huawei , Huawei participated in the lawsuit as a third party . Court identification , The patent involved in this case is “ The node performing the random access process B、 User equipment and method ”, Huawei has filed a request for invalidation of the patent .

The court held that Samsung provided the reason why the patent was creative , Cannot be established . The judgment result is to reject Samsung's claim , And pay the case acceptance fee 100 element . It is reported that , Samsung sued Huawei for other patents , The result of the judgment is also to reject the claim .

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