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Kwai LAN blue V invitation code for what use?

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When we do Kwai Fu certification , Want to light blue V, Except for flowers 600 Yuan audit fee , And an invitation code , What does that mean ? Kwai plus certification plus v How do I get the invitation code ? Everyone should know Jialan V And no blue V The difference between . To put it bluntly, it means giving money and not giving money .


Kwai LAN V benefits :

For most businesses , The main advantage is that it can :

1、 Leave a phone call formally . One click smart phone .

2、 Displayable address . One click navigation to the store .

3、 Online consultation . Don't worry about chatting with customers anymore .

4、 Book online . The customer can place an order directly after they are optimistic about it .

Kwai plus certification plus v How do I get the invitation code ?

Invitation code 0000014 What do you mean ?

Service provider corresponding to invitation code , Kwai Kwai is also an invitation code for fast service certification service providers. , It is an identity tool as a service provider .

Fill in the invitation code 0000014 The benefits of :

Fill in the invitation code 0000014 Can help you find the corresponding Kwai Fu business certification service provider ,

1、 Help you pass the account authentication efficiently and conveniently , Timely feedback relevant information in the audit process , problem .

2、 At the same time, be responsible for your after-sales service , Provide corresponding help and support in the growth of your account .

3、 Building effective bridges between you and Kwai Kong .

4、 Get flow support .

5、 Get exclusive operational guidance .

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