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Chinese Ambassador writes to tan Desai

2021-08-31 17:45:10 Sogou wechat

According to the website of the permanent mission of China in Geneva ,8 month 24 Japan , Ambassador Chen Xu, permanent representative in Geneva, wrote to who director general Tan Desai , We further reiterate China's consistent position on the issue of COVID-19's traceability , It is emphasized that the leakage of Wuhan Virus Research Institute is very unlikely , This is China — Clear conclusions drawn from the joint who traceability study . If the parties concerned insist that the laboratory leakage cannot be ruled out , It should be based on fairness 、 The principle of justice , To the fort Detrick base in the United States 、 The University of North Carolina conducted a survey .

Enclosed please find 《 About Fort Detrick ( US Army Institute of infectious disease medicine ) Doubtful points 》《 About the research on coronavirus carried out by Barrick team of the University of North Carolina 》 Two non documents , And exceed 2500 Ten thousand Chinese netizens jointly signed an open letter asking to investigate the fort Detrick base .


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