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Metu released the financial report for the first half of 2021: Advanced subscription service has become a new profit breakthrough

2021-08-31 17:51:15 TechWeb

As the Internet moves into deep water , Member economy has gradually become a new performance growth highland for enterprises . Improve self liquidity by launching advanced subscription services ,2021 In the first half of , Mito has ushered in its own highlight moment .

8 month 25 Japan , Released by metu 2021 The first half of the year . Results show that ,2021 In the first half of, metu achieved total revenue of RMB 8.060 One hundred million yuan , Year on year 2020 Annual growth 44.6%; Among them, the advanced subscription service business has ushered in rapid growth , Year-on-year increase 150.7%, Percentage 26.2%, Jump to the second curve of income . Within the period , The adjusted net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company is RMB 3340 Ten thousand yuan , Realize half a year profit , Year on year 2020 Growth in the first half of the year 33.8%.

Significant growth in advanced subscription services , While pushing metu's performance to the highlight moment , It also confirms the far-reaching future prospects of the new business model .

Metu's advanced subscription service is from 2019 Since its launch in , Has been in rapid growth . The beautiful 2020 The annual report data show that , Revenue from advanced subscription services and in app purchases increased significantly year-on-year 140.1%, Up to RMB 2.065 One hundred million yuan . Came to 2021 In the first half of , The business has seen another big increase , The business income reaches RMB 2.109 One hundred million yuan , Year on year 2020 In the first half of the year 150.7%, It has become the second curve driving the performance growth of metu .

Strong growth in advanced subscription services , It is mainly due to the two-way pull of the number of new members and the renewal rate of members . data display , By 2021 year 6 month , The app already has about 300 Million effective premium subscribers . And in Meitu XiuXiu 、 Based on the huge user scale of beauty cameras and other products , This data will continue to grow in the future , Inject new momentum into metu's profit model .

There are many competitors in the beauty market , And in the increasingly competitive situation , Why does Mito stand out , And keep the track ahead ? Behind it is related to the unique product matrix advantages of Meitu company .

One side , Meitu sits with a beauty camera 、 Meitu XiuXiu's top two user scale products , The traffic advantage of the track is obvious .QuestMobile Release 《 China Mobile Internet 2021 Semi annual report 》 data display , Meitu XiuXiu of Meitu company 、 Beauty cameras won the title again 2021 Picture beautification of semi annual China Mobile Internet strength and value list 、 The number of users of the photography track is the first .

On the other hand , The core competitiveness of Meitu's series of products is strong , Help metu build a solid brand moat . For businesses , Whether it is the optimization and upgrading of products or the improvement of user experience , All rely on the support of scientific and technological strength . Therefore, increase scientific research expenditure , Continuously promote product R & D 、 Optimization is to attract user traffic , A feasible way to improve user stickiness and Loyalty . Based on this , Meitu company continues to increase its expenditure in the field of product R & D , Invest huge resources to optimize the iterative series of products , Help users get a better use experience .

Financial data shows , By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , The R & D expenditure of Meitu company is RMB 2.595 One hundred million yuan .

Besides , In terms of product functions , Show with beautiful pictures 、 The products represented by beauty cameras have more and more rich and diverse functions , It meets the new needs of becoming beautiful derived from users .

Based on Meitu formula , Meitu XiuXiu creates UGC Create communities together , It has greatly stimulated the freedom and enthusiasm of user participation . Under the formula of Mito , The user can according to the information provided by the system AR stickers 、 Frame 、 A variety of aesthetic elements such as filters are freely matched and combined , Create a personalized image beautification template ,“ Beautification ” Become more convenient and fast .

Under metu MCP( Meitu creative platform ) On , It brings together artists from all over the world , They enrich aesthetic expression with professional artistic ability , Expand and extend the boundaries of beauty . meanwhile , The platform also has an alliance with colleges and universities 、 Leading artists 、 Content geeks and many creators , Build a beautiful virtual and real track together , Create more beautiful works , Open the user's imagination of beauty .

From virtual beauty to real beauty , Meitu company extends the definition of beauty to real space , Help users explore more possibilities on the road to beauty . For example, in advanced subscription mode , Users can enjoy orthodontics 、 Facial features remodeling 、 More convenient tools such as video teleprompter 、 Richer creative content and more advanced image beautification functions , So as to obtain a better use experience .

2021 year , Metu company further deepened its landing “ The strategy of changing the United States ”, In order to achieve “ Integrate the beauty changing ecological chain , Help users become beautiful in all directions ” Vision , On the basis of steady operation , stay “ Beautification ” Active layout in the field , Help the American industry move towards intelligence in an all-round way 、 Digitization .

Take Meitu Yifu as an example , In particular AI With technical support , Metu's products can accurately identify individual skin types , Accurately recommend skin care solutions , And help customers finally improve the sales conversion rate . data display , The flagship panoramic skin detector developed by Meitu Yifu has been completed worldwide 240 Launch in multiple cities .

In the United States SaaS Service , Midea, invested by Midea, now covers China 250 More than... In many cities 10000 A cosmetics store provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) SaaS service . Beautiful ERP SaaS The service platform , It can more efficiently promote the upstream and downstream synergy of the beauty industry . At present, Midea has begun to cooperate with some well-known domestic cosmetics brands , It will also promote cooperation with national trendy and cutting-edge brands 、 International brand cooperation .

There are strong business growth in different sectors , Outside, it will boost the ecological chain of opening and enabling beauty industry . In the new 2021 year , Metu has made a combination of performance growth and driving the development of the industry , Demonstrate the development potential of the new business model , It has also broken the doubts of the outside world about the single and weak performance growth of metu for a long time .

what's more , Handing over 2021 After the answer sheet of the financial report for the first half of the year , Metu's income is not only the advantage of the number one seed of the track , And the confidence of the capital market and the expectation for the future development prospect of metu , And this is for the current beautiful picture , Perhaps more critical .

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