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"I found my son who had been separated for 28 years in prison..."

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In prison , The woman hugged a man in prison clothes .

Two people's tears , Wet and mixed together , It's hard to tell each other . They're all trying to catch ,28 The familiar taste years ago ……

It's just a pity ,28 Years is too long , The only constant is : She is his mother .

The man serving the sentence is Wu Wei , Someone once asked him :“ Have you ever thought about finding your biological parents ?”

His answer was :“ Thought about , But no one told me where to find , If one day I find , Will they be sad to see me now ?”

6 Wu Wei has already had a “ The new father ”

“ Dad 、 Mom , I'm here ! Are you tired of working today ?”

1993 year ,6 Wu Wei followed his parents to Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province . Every evening , On the mine where they work , Wu Wei would stand on the roadside early and look out .

This is the middle of the day , The happiest moment of their family , Three people walked into the twilight lights hand in hand . And mine workers working in the distance , Still pumping water 、 mining 、 Carry . A speeding truck lifted up the overturned mineral soil , There are deep marks on the ground, connecting the mine and the outside world .

“ Where did Yao'er play , He will come back and see me later. I won't talk about him well .”

On the day , Lao Wu waited left and right , I didn't see Wu Wei . The ticking of the wall clock at home is disturbing , He finally couldn't help it , Ask the workers to look for .

“ Yaoer , Go home ……” Call out , Echoing empty in the mountains and forests , Chilling .


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That night , Lao Wu and Luo Yun stayed up all night , I searched the mine and the place where my son often played . Exhausted, they held their son's favorite toy , Sitting on the side of the road, waiting numbly .

Where the hell has my son gone ? Go to the local police station and call the police 、 Post a missing person notice 、 Gather fellow villagers to inquire about , Lao Wu and Luo Yun tried everything they could think of , Nothing has ever been achieved .

Months of waiting , The heartbroken two decided to leave this place with happy and painful memories , Go to Guangzhou to work .

At the same time ,1800 Kilometers away . Quanzhou, Fujian ,6 Wu Wei has already had a “ The new father ”.

“ OK, Dad 、 Bad Dad , Xiao Wei has a mangy father ……”

An obscure dialect , A very different accent , Wu weigen couldn't fit into the life here , From time to time, he will be ridiculed and bullied by his friends around .

He ran home wrongfully and asked :“ Where's mom ?”

The one he called “ Dad ” People who , Just stare at him blankly and don't know what to say .

“ Who am I ?”

“ I have no mother , I should be an adopted child .”

I heard that , Ma Jie, leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Heping District branch of Tianjin Public Security Bureau, suddenly straightened up , Put one elbow forward on the table , The police in charge of recording also paused for a few seconds .

Wu Wei, a criminal suspect, involved a criminal case , Being interrogated in the interrogation room .2008 year , He was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for theft ,2016 year 11 month , He was arrested again by Heping District branch of Tianjin Public Security Bureau for robbery .

Wu Wei, who has been extremely resistant to the trial , When it comes to family , Suddenly burst into tears .

“ They laughed at my accent , Laugh at my dad , I didn't look up all my childhood ……”

In the interrogation room , Wu Wei's memory goes back to 20 Many years ago ——

“ The child is so old , His family doesn't discipline well , What can I do later ?” From small to large, what Wu Wei heard most was , Gossip and pointing from neighbors around .

“ It's not their own... Anyway , Let him go .”


“ Who am I ? Where are my biological parents ? They don't want me anymore ?” Wu Wei is eager to get the answer .

One day at last , He secretly made a decision : Out of the mountains . After more than ten years in Quanzhou , Wu Wei embarked on the road of looking for relatives alone .

He came to Yunnan , His unruly character made him hit a wall one after another in the city .

“ I can't find a job in Yunnan , What do you live on ?”

“ Steal , After you sell things, you have money to eat .” Wu Wei replied without concealment , In his eyes, all this seemed so natural .

Later days , Wu Wei has traveled to several cities , When I arrived in Tianjin, I spent all my money , Then he went to the street to rob .

The interrogation is over , After sorting out Wu Wei's file , Majie and his colleagues leaned against the window and thought . The smoke of cigarettes , Tossing between index finger and thumb .

“ or , Let's help Wu Wei find his biological parents ?”

Guizhou accent has become the only breakthrough

“ Too long , I only have some impressions of life in Quanzhou .” Wu Wei's fragmented memory increased the difficulty of police investigation . When they handed Wu Wei's blood sample to the technical department for inspection and comparison , Went to Quanzhou City, Fujian Province to carry out verification work .

“ I remember Wu Wei , He is 6 Adopted at the age of , The child has a hot temper , Make trouble all day .”

“ His adoptive father is mentally ill , After the daughter-in-law did not , I haven't seen Wu Wei for a long time , His adoptive father died and he didn't come back to see , The child should not !”

“ Oh, yes , His strong Guizhou accent is unique .”

The process of looking for relatives is not easy , The police can only use a few words , Piece together Wu Wei's life .


Guizhou accent has become the only breakthrough .

“ Cavalry , How long do we have to look , Will Wu Wei be lying to us ?”

“ Are we still going to Guizhou , What if you get nothing ?”

The voice of doubt appeared .

“ You will use your life experience to open joke Do you ?” Majie took a recording of Wu Wei talking , Come to a police station in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province .

“ Because Guizhou has a wide geographical distribution , Guizhou dialect is also different . I feel his accent is a bit like Anshun 、 Bijie .”

With the help of Guizhou public security organs , Majie and his colleagues decided to go around the two cities , Go down to town and check the situation .

The physical characteristics of the clue are wrong 、 The birthmark doesn't match …… The search for relatives is at an impasse , Helpless, they can only return to Tianjin to continue searching for other clues .

“ There is a couple in Liupanshui city whose situation coincides with Wu Wei's experience , They have taken blood from the public security organ , Why don't you come and see the situation .”

A phone call from Liupanshui Public Security Bureau in Guizhou rekindled Ma Jie's hope .

“ We may all be a little telepathic in our business , I feel sure I will find !”

“ dad …… mom ……”

Prison interview Center , The door of the isolation hall opened slowly . Wu Wei moves his steps , Seemed dazed and shocked .

He knew , From Liupanshui to Guangzhou ,1200 Kilometer's journey ,28 Looking for a family in , Lao Wu and Luo Yun never wanted to give up .

not long ago , The couple came to the public security organ , Left a blood sample . After further investigation DNA comparison , Finally, it was confirmed that Wu Wei was Lao Wu and Luo Yun separated 28 My son in .



“ dad …… mom ……”

A call , Then he drowned in Luo Yun's heartbreaking wailing . Lao Wu held his staggering wife , While hugging Wu Wei .

“ son , Dad, I'm sorry , If I had taken good care of you , There won't be now ……”

Wu Wei held his father's leg and knelt in front of his parents , Not good at words, he only covered his face and sobbed .

Mother Luo Yun stroked Wu Wei's head , In her eyes , My son is still that naughty six-year-old boy .“ Son …... My miserable son …... You have to behave well in prison …… Do you hear that? …… Don't worry about mom , Mom, when you get home , Mom comes to see you every month ……”

“ I leave ‘ home ’ It's been more than a decade , Did something wrong 、 In prison . Sometimes I think , If I had mom and Dad , Have a complete family , Can I go to college now 、 Have a serious job , Have the concern of relatives and friends , There is a lover thinking about ……”

A don't 28 year , The family burst into tears amid sadness and joy .

if , The late gathering is crying with joy , That Lao Wu 、 Luo Yun's reunion with his son is so heartbreaking .

After a brief reunion , Wu Wei returned to prison to serve his sentence , Maybe the pain of youth can't be cured for the time being , But everything has gaps , That is the persistence of crossing mountains , It's being loved 、 By blood 、 A place surrounded by love .

That night , He slept soundly .

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