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"I'm coming to nvgao. I'm not afraid of anything!"

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# Zhang Guimei held the crying freshman in her arms , After knowing her situation, tell her :“ Here comes nvgao , I'm not afraid of anything !“
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8 month 24 Japan

Huaping female high school officially opened

Also ushered in 159 A freshman in Senior High School


Yang Limei, a freshman who lost her parents when she was a child

stay 8 month 23 The day of check-in

I had a conversation with headmaster Zhang Guimei


After learning about her, teacher Zhang said to her

“ Here comes nvgao , Not afraid of anything !”

“ Don't call me headmaster Zhang , Just call me Miss Zhang .”


Yang Limei made up her mind

You should spell it well in the three years of high school

After learning, repay those who have helped her



Huaping women's high school 13 Over the years

Principal Zhang Guimei

Helped 1800 Many girls were admitted to the University

Out of the mountains

Achieve your dream

Principal Zhang Guimei and the students

Every story is worrying

It's also very moving



Escorting students in the rainstorm
Insisting on sending the exam has 11 year

This year, 6 month 8 Japan

The second day of college entrance examination

There was a sudden rainstorm in Huaping County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

64 Year old Zhang Guimei

Escort... In a rainstorm 150 Senior three students

Go to the college entrance examination room


Before the candidates leave

Zhang Guimei insisted on leading senior one and senior two students

Cheer for senior three students

“ Come on, sister !”“ Come on, sister !”


This is what Zhang Guimei insisted on sending the exam

The first 11 A year

With all her pain

I still care about the children all the time



The children said :
“ She is in , We have confidence ”

6 month 8 Japan

Huaping women's high school in Lijiang, Yunnan 150 A graduate

After the college entrance examination

Pack up and leave school

Their “ The headmaster's mother ” Zhang Guimei

As usual

quietly “ Hide in ” The office

Students are not allowed to say goodbye to her

After the college entrance examination, Zhang Guimei hid in the office alone , Students are not allowed to say goodbye to her …… Thank you very much ,“ The headmaster's mother ”!
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Before leaving school
Recall three years
And “ The headmaster's mother ” Unforgettable moments together
The students have tears in their eyes
Reluctantly and silently say goodbye


“ She's been with us all day at school

She is in , We have confidence

“ Take Mr. Zhang as an example

Pay for society ”

She is my greatest confidence

The benefits one gets from one's teacher are immeasurable. ”



Net friend :
Every time I see mother Zhang, I cry







“ Here comes nvgao , Not afraid of anything !”

Zhang Guimei's words

Let a person a second “ Break defense ”

This is a solemn promise

It's a heavy responsibility

In the brilliant mountain flowers

You are the laurel on the bank

Plum in the snow

Thank you very much , Mother Zhang !

Thank you very much , Principal Zhang Guimei !

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