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Deng Yaping's sports industry investment fund shares in lecke Sports

2021-08-31 18:05:07 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , According to business information , The equity of Hangzhou lecke Network Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of lecke sports on the Internet platform of fitness industry, has changed , Deng Yaping sports industry investment fund , The specific investment amount is not disclosed . It is worth noting that , Last month, , Le Ke just got a new equity investment , The investor is 58 Industrial funds .

Accumulated capital partner Wu Xianjun said ,58 Industrial funds 、 Deng Yaping's sports industry investment fund has successively injected capital into lecke in less than one month , I like the latter, which has greater industrial and social value ,“ The basic investment logic of investment institutions is changing . Integration into national strategies , Around the important proposition of the times, such as the combination of digital economy and traditional industries , It is the background color of investment in the new era . And enterprises that integrate into the times , Will have the opportunity to become the mainstay of China's Internet industry .”

Disclosure of information , Music carving movement founded in Hangzhou , So far, it has nearly 200 technicians . since 2015 Since its establishment in , Lexus has completed 5 Round of funding , Investors include IDG、 High allocations 、 closely reasoned and well argued 、 huaxing 、 Head investment institutions such as Tencent .

at present , Lecke's three main businesses are divided into private brand to store fitness business 、 Business gym empowering transformation business 、 Home fitness business . at present , LECE has owned... In the whole country 700 Many stores , The business covers nearly 50 city . stay IHRSA( International Federation of health sports and fitness clubs )2020 Global gym released in TOP25 The list of , Le Ke ranks fifth .


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