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Xi Jinping: carrying out the concept of new development and carrying forward the spirit of Sai Han dam to strive for the main task of economic and social development for the whole year

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Xi Jinping stressed during his expedition in Chengde, Hebei

Implementing the new development concept and carrying forward the spirit of Saihanba

Strive to achieve the main objectives and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year

   General secretary of the CPC central committee 、 Chairman of the national 、 Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently stressed in Chengde, Hebei province. , We should fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee , Adhere to the seek improvement in stability work general tone , complete 、 accuracy 、 Fully implement the new development concept , Carry forward the spirit of Saihanba , We will do a good job in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development , Better overall development and security , We will promote high-quality development , Strive to achieve the main objectives and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year , Realization “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Good start .

  8 month 23 solstice 24 Japan , Xi Jinping is secretary of the Hebei provincial Party committee, Wang Dongfeng. 、 Accompanied by Governor Xu Qin , Go deep into state-owned forest farms 、 Cultural relics protection units 、 rural 、 Community survey .

  23 On the afternoon of Sunday , Xi Jinping first visited the Sai Han Ba machinery farm in the northernmost part of Hebei province. . Saihan dam in August , The forest sea is green . The forest farm was built in 1962 year . near 60 Over the years , The builders of Saihanba Forest Farm listened to the call of the party , stay “ Yellow sand covers the sky , Birds have no trees ” Hard struggle on the desert sand 、 Willing to contribute , It has created a human miracle of changing wasteland into forest sea . Xi Jinping came to the altitude. 1900 Moon mountain of meters , Overlooking the natural features of the forest farm , Listen to the introduction of Hebei Province's overall promotion of the governance of landscape, forest, field, lake, grass and sand system and Saihanba mechanical forest farm , Build civil air defense for Forest Farm 、 Technical defense 、 Integrated resource management and protection system combining physical defense , The achievements in safeguarding the security of forest resources were affirmed . Xi Jinping emphasized , China has the largest plantation area in the world , This is a great achievement . Saihan dam has successfully built a million mu artificial forest sea , It has created a model in the history of world ecological civilization construction , The builders of the forest farm won the highest honor of environmental protection of the United Nations —— Earth guard Award , The mechanical Forest Farm won the title of national model for poverty alleviation . I hope you cherish your honor 、 Keep fighting , Deepening the reform of state-owned forest farms 、 Promote green development 、 Bold exploration in enhancing carbon sink capacity , Earnestly build an ecological barrier for Beijing and Tianjin . The moon mountain has a sea tower integrating fire prevention lookout and resource management and protection . Xi Jinping kindly visited the sea tower. 13 Liu Jun, a forest ranger in 、 Wang Juan and his wife , And climb the sea tower , Learn more about their daily work and daily life , Praise them for their silent persistence 、 Selfless dedication , Guarding the ecological security of Saihan dam .

   Shanghai Memorial forest is located in the war zone of the original matikeng afforestation meeting of Saihanba mechanical forest farm , It is the origin of millions of mu of forest sea . Xi Jinping came here. , Walk along the plank road to observe the growth of trees , Learn about animal and plant protection . Xi Jinping affirmed the work of the forest farm. , And repeatedly told , Fire prevention responsibility is more important than Mount Tai , We should properly handle the relationship between fire prevention and tourism , Insist on safety first , We will earnestly nurture the important achievements of continuous struggle for more than half a century 、 manage 、 Good guarantee . We should strengthen forestry scientific research , Promote high-quality development of forestry . Before leaving the memorial forest , Xi Jinping is a cordial exchange with representatives of the three generation of forest farms. , Ask them about their work and life , Gonghua forest farm changes , Conspire for the future development of the forest farm . Xi Jinping emphasized , The construction history of Saihanba forest farm is an epic history of hard struggle . You have cast your mission with practical actions 、 carve 、 Saihanba spirit of green development , This is of great demonstration significance to the construction of national ecological civilization . Pay attention to the construction of ecological civilization , Both rely on material , It also depends on spirit . We should inherit the spirit of Saihanba , Deeply understand and implement the concept of ecological civilization , Make persistent efforts 、 Secondary Entrepreneurship , Make further contributions on the new journey to achieve the second Centennial goal .

  24 The morning of , Xi Jinping visited Chengde's Mountain Resort. . Chengde summer resort was built in 1703 year , It is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units , Listed on the World Heritage List . Xi Jinping inspected the main building and tourist service facilities of the villa. , Learn more about the history and cultural relics protection of the villa . Xi pointed out that , China is a big country with world cultural and natural heritage . Chengde summer resort has a profound heritage , In ethnic exchanges and blending 、 Adaptation of religion to society 、 Protection and inheritance of traditional culture 、 The harmonious coexistence between man and nature has important historical value and contemporary significance . Protect 、 Good inheritance 、 Make good use of Chinese excellent traditional culture , Excavate its rich connotation , So as to better strengthen cultural self-confidence 、 Condensing national spirit . The tourists greeted the general secretary one after another , Xi Jinping waved to everyone. .

   Leave the summer resort , Xi Jinping visits Puning temple for investigation and investigation . Puning Temple was built in 1755 year , It is a typical Han Tibetan temple . Xi Jinping looked closely at the historical inscriptions and the hall of heavenly kings. 、 Main hall and other buildings , Listen to reports on religious work . Xi Jinping emphasized , We should adhere to the party's basic policy on religious work , Adhere to the direction of Chinese religion , Actively guide religion to adapt to socialist society , Adhere to the principle of independence , Fully implement the party's policy on freedom of religious belief , Carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism and love of Education , Create a good religious environment , Manage religious affairs according to law and regulations , Promote religion to better adapt to society 、 Serving the society 、 Fulfill social responsibility .

   And then , Xi Jinping came to Chengde Museum. , Visit 《 Look inside and outside the Great Wall —— Record of national unity in the prosperous era of the Qing Dynasty 》 exhibition . Xi Jinping enters the exhibition hall , Stop and watch from time to time , Learn more about the development of ethnic relations in the Qing Dynasty and take multiple measures to maintain ethnic unity 、 Border stability 、 National unification, etc . Xi pointed out that , China is a unified multi-ethnic country , In the long history, a pluralistic and integrated Chinese nation has been formed . Through the continuous struggle of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups , We have achieved the first Centennial goal , A well-off society, including ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas, has been built in an all-round way on the land of China . Practice has proved that , Only the Communist Party of China can realize the great unity of the Chinese nation , Only socialism with Chinese characteristics can unite all ethnic groups 、 Develop all ethnic groups 、 Prosper all nations . We should adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China , Adhere to the correct path of solving ethnic problems with Chinese characteristics , Fully implement the party's ethnic theory and Policy , We will continue to consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony . We should focus on realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and do a good job in the study of history , Integrating historical research resources and forces , Improve research level and innovation ability , Better sum up historical experience 、 Reveal the laws of history 、 Grasp the historical trend .

   On the afternoon of the , Xi Jinping traveled to the Da GUI Kou village of Shuangqiao Town, Shuangluan District, located on the north shore of Luanhe River. . Xi Jinping is very concerned about the local promotion of Rural Revitalization. , Into the village valley market 、 The clinic , Understand the market sales of characteristic agricultural products 、 Brand building , And improve the medical and health conditions of villagers 、 Do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control . He pointed out that , Industrial revitalization is the top priority of Rural Revitalization , We should adhere to accurate force , Based on Characteristic Resources , Focus on market demand , To develop advantageous industries , Promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries , More and better benefit rural farmers . We should strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure and public service system , We will accelerate efforts to make up for the shortcomings of public health services , Improve grass-roots public health facilities , Strengthen the construction of rural spiritual civilization , Carry out health knowledge popularization , Advocating civilization and health 、 Green lifestyle .

   Xi Jinping came to visit Hocking, the villager. . An old novel has lived a carefree life these years 、 The house is full of children , I'm filled with emotion about today's good days . Xi Jinping emphasized , National rejuvenation , The countryside must be revitalized . Even if China's urbanization reaches a high level in the future , There are also hundreds of millions of people working and living in rural areas . We will build a modern socialist country in an all-round way , We should build a prosperous city , We should also build a prosperous countryside , Promote the formation of mutual promotion between industry and agriculture 、 Urban and rural areas complement each other 、 The coordinated development 、 A new type of urban-rural relationship of common prosperity between workers and peasants . This can only be achieved under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and China's socialist system . We should carry out rural construction , We will carry out in-depth improvement of the rural living environment , Adjust measures to local conditions 、 Seeking truth from facts , One by one , Year after year , Build a new socialist countryside more beautiful and livable .

   When leaving the village , The villagers cheered enthusiastically :“ Hello, general secretary !” Xi Jinping wished the days of the villagers more and more prosperous. 、 More and more happy .

   In the evening , Xi Jinping came to Chengde home-based care services center of Binhai community in the new high tech Zone . In recent years , The community purchases services through the government 、 Business operation 、 Ways of social participation , Provide home-based elderly care services for the community , Explore solutions to health care for the elderly 、 Life care and other issues . Xi Jinping inspecting information platform 、 Aging modification and other projects , Ask for service scope in detail 、 Rescue methods and other matters . Xi pointed out that , Meet the various needs of the elderly , Let the elderly have a happy old age , It is an important responsibility of Party committees and governments at all levels . We should promote the coordinated development of pension undertakings and pension industry , Develop inclusive care for the elderly , Improve the community home-based elderly care service network , Building home community institutions to coordinate 、 The elderly care service system combining health care with medical care . We should combine a sense of security for the elderly with a sense of security for the elderly , Study and improve policies and measures , Encourage the elderly to continue to glow and fever , Give full play to the role of the younger elderly , Promote volunteers to do more in community governance . The community should play an important role in joint prevention and control 、 The role of group defense and group control as the first line of Defense , Always tighten this string , Do well in an all-round way “ External defense input 、 Internal anti rebound ” All works , Resolutely overcome paralytic ideas 、 War weariness 、 Fluke mind 、 Relaxed mentality , Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control .

   In the community square , Xi Jinping cordial communication with community masses , He pointed out that , Under the leadership of the party , In our country 56 People 、14 More than 100 million people live in harmony . The Chinese Communists keep in mind that they will strive for happiness for the Chinese people 、 The original mission of seeking rejuvenation for the Chinese nation ,14 More than 100 million Chinese people are twisted into a rope , We will persevere on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era , We will certainly be able to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation . The applause in the square lasted for a long time .

   Ding Xuexiang 、 Liu He 、 Chen Xi 、 He Lifeng and leaders of relevant departments of the Central Committee .( The xinhua news agency )

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