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Xi Jinping talked to Putin on the phone.

2021-08-31 18:40:06 Sogou wechat

President Xi Jinping 8 month 25 On the th, he spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin .

Xi pointed out that , since this year on , China and Russia celebrate 《 Sino Russian Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation 》 signed 20 The anniversary is a new starting point , Promote strategic cooperation and all-round practical cooperation between the two countries and achieve a series of new achievements , It has provided important support for promoting the respective development of the two countries , It has also played a mainstay role in uniting the international community to overcome difficulties . Both sides should innovate ways of cooperation , Expand the field of cooperation , Strive for more cooperation results . At present , The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is fluctuating , The international anti epidemic task is arduous , China is willing to deepen cooperation with Russia in vaccine R & D and production , Ensure the safety and stability of the global vaccine supply chain , Safeguard the life safety and health of the two peoples , Contribute to the construction of a human health community .

Xi Jinping emphasized , Shoes don't fit , Only the wearer knows . Which system will work in China and Russia , The people of China and Russia have the most say . China and Russia as comprehensive strategic cooperative partners in the new era , We should deepen anti-interference cooperation , Firmly grasp the future and destiny of their respective countries in their own hands . China firmly supports Russia's development path in line with its national conditions , We firmly support the measures taken by Russia to safeguard national sovereignty and security . The two sides should establish the Shanghai Cooperation Organization this year 20 The anniversary is an opportunity , Working with Member States , Strengthen unity and cooperation , Increase mutual support , Safeguard regional national security and development interests .

The two sides exchanged in-depth views on the situation in Afghanistan .

Xi Jinping emphasized , China respects the sovereignty of Afghanistan 、 Independent 、 Territorial integrity , Pursue a policy of non-interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs , Has been playing a constructive role in the political settlement of the Afghan issue . China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties in the international community, including Russia , Encourage all Afghan factions to consult and build an open and inclusive political structure , Implement moderate and steady domestic and foreign policies , Completely cut with all kinds of terrorist organizations , Friendly relations with all countries in the world, especially neighboring countries .

Mr Putin said , Russia is satisfied with the development of Russia China relations . This year is 《 Russia China Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation 》 signed 20 Anniversary of the , It is of special significance to Russia China relations .76 Years ago , Russia and China made great national sacrifices to win the world anti fascist war 、 Make a decisive contribution . Under the current situation , The two sides should work closely in strategic cooperation , Mutual firm support , Defend the victory of World War II , Maintain the historical truth . Russia firmly pursues the one China policy , We firmly support China's efforts in Taiwan 、 Involving Hong Kong 、 A legitimate position to safeguard its core interests on issues related to Xinjiang and the South China Sea , We firmly oppose any interference in China's internal affairs by external forces , Opposing the politicization of COVID-19's traceability , We hope to continue to deepen practical cooperation with China in various fields , Strengthen anti epidemic cooperation .

Mr Putin said , Evolution of the current situation in Afghanistan , It shows that the policy of imposing its political model by external forces will not work , It will only bring destruction and disaster to the relevant countries . Russia and China share similar positions and common interests on the Afghan issue , Russia is willing to closely communicate and coordinate with China , Actively participate in multilateral mechanisms related to Afghanistan , Promote a smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan , Fight terrorism , Cut off drug smuggling , Preventing the spillover of security risks in Afghanistan , Resist the interference and destruction of external forces , Maintain regional security and stability .

Both sides agreed that , The current international and regional situation is complex and evolving , It is very important and necessary for China and Russia to maintain timely communication on major bilateral and multilateral issues , Agreed to continue to maintain close contacts through various means .

source / The xinhua news agency

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