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Fun clip video editing app

2021-08-31 18:58:58 Shang Taotao

Interesting editing Is a main video shooting and editing software , If you want to make more creative video content , So why don't you use this software to create ! Its functions are rich and easy to use , It allows users to easily shoot amazing videos through their mobile phones , The video can be edited through software , It has a huge music library for users to use , Cool videos with dynamic music , Instantly ignite hot blood ! At the same time, there are more video templates for you to use , Make videos easily ! Small partners in need can go to the download bank to download !

Software features

Browse to popular recommended songs at top speed , View the recommended music in real time ;

Support music download function , You can quickly download the required music resources online ;

Music settings and style switching , Quickly rotate the style of the song and play it immediately ;

Video filter settings , You can see all the filter settings , Replace the filter ;

Video templates , View and browse video capture template content and resources at top speed ;

Novice production tutorial , Check out the methods and tutorials for novices making videos ;

Software highlights

It brings users a large number of templates , View the template setting effect and status in real time ;

Template setting and viewing , Browse to all template resources , View video templates at top speed ;

Support video blockbuster settings , It provides users with more video blockbuster setting functions ;

Video template setting is easier , Select the template with one click , You can clearly see the effect ;

Intelligent video generation , Combine special effects with video , Easy release ;

There are more convenient functions here , Be able to select and edit videos at will

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