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New features and release date of KDE plasma 5.23

2021-08-31 19:46:14 Linux China

In this article, we summarize KDE Plasma 5.23( Coming soon ) New functions , Including the main features 、 Download and test instructions .

KDE Plasma Desktop is the most popular today 、 The best Linux Desktop Environment , and KDE Plasma The high heat of is mainly due to its strong adaptability 、 Iteration develops rapidly , And continuous improvement of performance .  Since its publication ,KDE The team has been busy preparing for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.23 Merge changes and test new features . at present KDE Plasma 5.23 Still under development , The following is a tentative Timetable .

KDE Plasma 5.23 Release schedule

KDE Plasma 5.23 Will be in 2021 year 10 month 7 Promulgated by the , Here is the schedule :

  • Beta Public survey – 2021 year 9 month 16 Japan
  • Final release – 2021 year 10 month 7 Japan

Just like every Plasma Same as version update , This update is also committed to the core Plasma Shell and KDE Apply significant changes 、 Code cleaning 、 Performance improvements 、 Hundreds bug Repair 、Wayland Optimization, etc. . We have collected some important features in this article , Let you have a basic understanding of the new features to be released . Let's take a look at .

KDE Plasma 5.23 – new function

  • This version update is based on Qt 5.15 edition ,KDE frame 5.86 edition .

Plasma Shell And application updates

  • This time KDE Plasma Of Kickoff The program launcher will be greatly updated , Include bug Repair 、 Reduce memory usage 、 Visual update 、 Keyboard and mouse navigation optimization .
  • Kickoff The program launcher menu allows fixed buttons to be fixed on the desktop , Keep it on .
  • Kickoff Your tabs don't switch when you scroll ( From application label to location label ).
  • Kickoff Can be used in  CTRL+F  Shortcut keys focus directly on the search bar .
  • Kickoff Operation buttons in ( Such as shutdown, etc ) It can be set to display only icons .
  • You can now target all Kickoff Project selection uses grid or list view ( Not just favorites ).

KDE Plasma 5.23  in  Kickoff  New options for program launcher

Kickoff  Program launcher changes

  • New based on QML New overview view ( similar GNOME 3.38 Workspace view of ), Used to show all open windows ( See the following video for details ). I can't find more details about this merge request at this time , And this new view is also very unstable .

Video author :KDE The team

  • This overview effect will replace the existing “ Show window ” Special effects and “ Virtual desktop tile grid ” Special effects ( Planned ).
  • When the touchpad is not connected, it will show more perceptible “ Touchpad not found ” Tips .
  • “ Power configuration scheme ” The settings are now rendered in Plasma UI( Battery and brightness window ) in . The power configuration scheme functions from Linux kernel 5.12 The version has already logged into Dell and Lenovo's laptops . therefore , If you own newer laptops from these brands , You can set the power configuration scheme to high performance or power saving mode .[ notes :Fedora 35( It's very likely that ) Will be in GNOME 41 This function is added in ]

 new “ Power configuration scheme ” Set up

  • If you have multiple screen settings , Including vertical and horizontal screens , Then the login screen can now be synchronized and aligned correctly . The demand for this function is very high .
  • new Breeze The theme is expected to be updated in style .
  • As in the previous version , New wallpapers are expected ( At present, the wallpaper competition is still in progress ).
  • Added the setting of whether to scale the system tray icon when the hardware switches from notebook mode to tablet mode .
  • You can choose the Bluetooth status at login : Always on 、 Always disabled 、 Remember the last time . This state can still be maintained after version upgrade .
  • The user can now change the display name of the sensor .
  • Breeze The style scroll bar is now wider than the previous version .
  • Dolphin The file manager provides a new option to show hidden files before folders .
  • You can use it now  DEL  Key to delete the selected item in the clipboard pop-up window .
  • KDE Now you are allowed to go directly from Plasma desktop , towards    Submit your icons and themes .

Wayland to update

  • stay Wayland In the session , Icon feedback animation will also be displayed next to the cursor when running the program .
  • You can now copy text from the notification .
  • The middle click paste function can now be used in Wayland and XWayland Normal use in the application .

Please remember , Each version has hundreds of bug Repair and improve . This article only covers the surface level things I collected . therefore , If you want to know about applications and Plasma Shell Details of the changes to , Please visit GitLab or KDE Planet Community .

Unstable version download

You can now download through the link below KDE neon To experience all the above features . Direct download .iso file , Then install and test . Be sure to find bug Timely feedback after . This unstable version is not suitable for serious occasions and productivity equipment .


KDE Plasma 5.23 Every release improves the underlying 、 Add new features . Although this version is not a major update , But everything is optimized 、 Improvements will eventually accumulate into stability 、 Adaptability and better user experience . Of course , And more Wayland improvement ( Speak true ,Wayland Compatibility seems to have been in “ In progress ” The state of - Like ten years later , But still making that . Of course, this is another topic ).

farewell .


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