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Master nature's work on returning home to be a civil servant: the competition for public examination is fierce, and scientific research experience is a valuable asset

2021-08-31 20:37:43 Heart of machine

In recent days , Hao Zhiwei of Zhejiang University of technology has become the focus of heated discussion in the academic circle . As a master's student , Without the background of a famous university, he can be the first author in the international top academic journals 《Nature》 Previous dispatch , Became the first person in the history of the school .

For researchers , This is a starting point that many people dream of , However, he chose to go back to his hometown to take an examination of civil servants . According to his mentor , Hao Zhiwei himself went to work the day before yesterday .

Emerging Nature A work has no choice, Academia , Nor did I choose industry , Such an experience is really beyond people's expectation . For Hao Zhiwei to become a civil servant , People have expressed their views on social platforms .

Some students said it was difficult to understand , After all, an article Nature It is self-evident for the academic community , Associate professors and even professors can be promoted directly in many places ,「 It's a pity that a rising academic star didn't go to doctoral study .」 Others said that he actually made the right choice , At the end of the universe are civil servants ,「 Being a civil servant is much better than being in the academic circle .」

yesterday , Hao Zhiwei and his tutor were interviewed by surging news . In fact, he has long thought about the choice of the future .

Hao Zhiwei , The picture comes from the surging news .

Zuo Biao, Hao Zhiwei's mentor, said , Hao Zhiwei has long been interested in his career development planning , During his postgraduate study, he once revealed to him the idea of taking an examination of civil servants .「 At the end of last year, the first round of expert review comments returned , At that time, I had good expectations for this paper . In fact, this article 《Nature》 The article this year 4 The month has been pre received , But at that time, Hao Zhiwei firmly chose to take the civil service examination .」

Hao Zhiwei's preparation for the civil service examination probably began last year 10 Month counting , He said :「 last year 9 I graduated with a master's degree in June , I'm not sure about my future . There was a one-year window , I need to find a job , So he chose to take the civil service exam .」 He once applied for the post of Jiangsu Xuzhou Ecological Environment Bureau , But it was second , Not accepted in the end . This year, 7 month , He signed up for the Anhui provincial examination , Admitted to the current position .

「 At that time, the competition was also very fierce , The report to record ratio exceeds 60:1. Finally, five other candidates were admitted to the economic development zone in the same batch as me , I'm the only graduate student .」 Hao Zhiwei said .

At present, Hao Zhiwei has joined the Management Committee of Suzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province ,8 month 23 The first day of his official work happened on the th . The academic aura has also attracted the attention of unit leaders and colleagues :「 Everyone came to ask at work , I'm sorry . After all, this paper is not my own achievement , I still want to thank my mentor for his guidance .」

Although I chose the road of civil servants , But he won't give up his major :「 In fact, the post I applied for is responsible for the management of the chemical and biomedical industries in the economic development zone . Therefore, previous school and scientific research experience will not be wasted , Instead, it will help me better in my work .」

Both energy Nature, And be a civil servant , Hao Zhiwei must have a super ability : After all, to a certain extent, research and high scores are mutually exclusive . We should believe in , After he has made clear the direction of his efforts, he will make greater achievements in his life .

Hao Zhiwei studied at Ningbo Institute of technology, Zhejiang University , My major is chemical engineering and technology .2017-2020 year , He is studying for a master's degree in Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University of technology , During this period, he devoted himself to the study of polymer surface molecular dynamics , I studied with Zuo Biao, associate professor of Science School of Zhejiang University of technology .

This year, 8 month 18 Japan ,《Nature》 The journal published Hao Zhiwei, a master of Zhejiang University of technology, as the first author 、 An academic paper written by Zuo Biao as a corresponding author . Wang Xinping of Zhejiang University of Technology , Princeton University Rodney Priestley, University of South Florida David Simmons And Keiji tanaka of Kyushu University in Japan are the collaborators of this paper .

According to introducing , This study is an important research achievement in the micro dynamic mechanism of surface polymer chain . The surface is the boundary of the material , Is the transition area between adjacent phases . Surface molecules are subjected to interactions from within the material and adjacent phase molecules , In an asymmetric environment , It has a thermodynamic state and dynamic behavior significantly different from the internal molecules . Interfacial molecular behavior is not easy to measure 、 unpredictable , It's chemistry 、 Research difficulties in the field of physics and materials .

For a long time , Due to the difficulty of characterization , The study of molecular relaxation and diffusion on the surface of solid polymers has been facing great challenges , No breakthrough . The polymer surface and interface research team of Zhejiang University of technology has developed a nano creep measurement method for polymer surface , The characterization of multi-scale molecular motion on polymer surface is realized , Thus, the research on the dynamic process of interfacial polymer and the development of related new mechanisms are promoted .

Use this method , Combining simulation and theory , The molecular motion behavior of glassy polymer surface was studied , A mechanism controlling the diffusion of polymer chains on the surface was found 「 Pseudo entanglement 」 Mechanism and surface 「 Instantaneous colloidal 」 New phenomena in polymer physics . New discoveries have deepened people's understanding of material wear 、 friction 、 bond 、 Understanding of the essence of interface phenomena such as self-healing , Processing for polymer materials 、 It provides a new idea for molding and performance control .

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