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“ follow ‘ mentor ’ Can connect the universe ‘ energy ’, family 、 Your career will be smooth ”“ No medicine 、 The disease can be cured without injection ”…… Such fantastic propaganda , Frequently appear in the so-called “ Spiritual growth ” In the training class . The organization's “ Threshold fee ” From tens of thousands of yuan to millions of yuan , A hierarchical structure is also established according to the payment amount , Many of the benefits come from development 、 Get a commission .


The reporter secretly visited : Tens of thousands of yuan

“ The recovery of the disease depends on increasing the frequency 、 Accept cosmic energy ”

after many setbacks ,“ Xinhua viewpoint ” The reporter got a “ One hundred yuan audition ” The opportunity to . Enter a bookstore in Tianjin , Dozens of students are receiving a course called “ Spiritual growth ” Online training for , The screen is dressed in strange clothes “ mentor ” speak with fervour and assurance .


“ Einstein said , There are only two kinds of life in the world , One is all miracles , It's not a miracle …… How to raise the frequency when it is low ? Just find a way , Drink coffee 、 Beat thigh 、 Go to the meeting , Don't let yourself ……”

“ Pat your left , Pat your right , I Want You …… Come on. ! How can you be so shy ……” Enter the interactive link ,“ mentor ” Lead the students to read “ The truth is ” and “ a spell ”, Sometimes burst into tears , Sometimes stand up and cheer .

In the corner of the bookstore , A set called “ Spiritual growth ” My books are e-mailed 、 Lotus platform and tribute surround , For students “ Worship ”, The author of the book is Zhang Xinyue , Called by the organization “ God like existence ”.


After bargaining , The reporter paid 3000 Yuan for training , Be allowed to enter the higher-level training site held by the organization in a five-star hotel in Tianjin .

“ The hospital is in charge of the diseases in your skin , We tested your body 5 Meters away ‘ Etheric body ’ Energy field .”“ mentor ” emphasize , The recovery of the disease depends on increasing the frequency , Accept cosmic energy . When your frequency is on the same frequency as the frequency of miracles , Miracles will happen .“ mentor ” It's a pipe connecting the universe , The highest level of pipeline is “ Miss Xinyue ”.

The reporter told me many times “ mentor ” Ask how to understand frequency and energy , Were told “ Don't ask , Just a letter ”. How to increase the frequency to obtain cosmic energy ? Is to spend money on training , Less than ten thousand yuan , Hundreds of thousands more . In the training package sold by the organization , It also includes a high-tech physical examination program to a country in Southeast Asia . among , Iris detection and quantum detection , Can predict the bad things that will happen to students . And such a physical examination is expensive , Single up to more than 100000 yuan .

“ Spiritual growth ” The propaganda claims that , A student has two holes in his heart , The hole healed through training ; Some students have stomach problems , Three days of class , Raise the frequency to receive energy , By vomiting , The stomach is over . As for the treatment of diabetes 、 Not to mention cancer .

Professor Lv Hong, director of the quantum crossover research center of Tianjin University, said , The human body does have frequencies , But only the steps 、 heartbeat 、 Breathe, etc , There is no frequency of abstract concepts , Such misappropriation of physical concepts , It belongs to pseudoscience .

Professor Wang Jingui, vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, said , So-called “ The heart has a hole ” It's actually a congenital ventricular septal defect in the heart ward , If the area is small , Some can heal themselves the day after tomorrow . Besides , Stomach pain caused by qi stagnation can cause vomiting , The patient will feel relaxed after vomiting , But it's just a temporary symptom . Some of the organization's claims are nonsense , It's ridiculous .

Li Xu, a folk anti MLM person, said , The organization preaches theories that go against basic scientific common sense , By suggesting that training can cure , Pave the way for mental control of students .


Closed training “ a spell ” Brainwashing

Mind control for students

“ Spiritual growth ” Within the organization, there are a group of people known as “ mentor ” People who . In an unannounced visit , Journalists often have to participate in interaction :“ mentor ” Lead the students to clap their thighs , This is interpreted as “ Build a new nerve chain ”“ Get high frequency energy ”; Recite loudly “ a spell ”, for example “ Dreams don't need to be reasonable , Just have some strength in your heart ”“ The situation is that situation , That's good , What's good, what's good ……”


The usual routine of training is ,“ mentor ” Let the students share their parents and children first 、 spouse 、 Native family conflicts and other troubles , Then tell your experience , Express “ I was worse than you ”, Claim to pass “ Spiritual growth ” Training creates “ Miracle ”. Finally, sell the course 、 Recommend investment projects .

meanwhile ,“ mentor ” Will be implanted continuously “ obey ” And “ Wealth ” The psychological implications of , To improve family relations , Suggest “ The wife should submit to her husband ”“ Don't be afraid to spend money , Tell the child , You deserve a rich and beautiful material life ”.

according to the understanding of , The organization's training activities are in closed bookstores 、 In the hotel , No recording 、 videotape 、 Note taking . In training ,“ mentor ” There is no doubt about your authority , If any student doubts , Will be admonished :“ Worry is a curse , Your field is wrong , To change .”

One named Yu Shan “ mentor ” He claims to be a visiting professor of psychology in a famous University . The reporter checked with the personnel department of the University , The University said there was no such person on the list of visiting professors .

Zhi Xuan, a psychologist, said , In a collective closed place , Students will have a herd mentality , Show blindness 、 impulse 、 The characteristic of fanaticism . Repeated actions and language have brainwashing effect .

Liu Yuanchao, a professor of psychology at Tianjin Public Security Police Vocational College, analyzed that , The organization through repetition 、 Hint 、 Hypnosis and other means , Zoom in on the participants “ Omnipotent narcissism ” psychology , The essence is a kind of mind control .


“ Beat the drum to spread the flowers ” Pyramid schemes to collect money

64 Year old “ Spiritual growth ” Student Shi Jie ( alias ) Finally chose to quit . Half a year ago , Shi Jie handed in 15 Ten thousand yuan “ Threshold fee ”, Joined “ Spiritual growth ” Of “ Durian rights ” investment projects , And ready to take out 45 Ten thousand yuan to make up the investment .

“ Spiritual growth ” promise , The money will be used to sign a land purchase contract with the Malaysian government , The income from planting durian and land rental can reach up to 30 RMB 10,000 yuan , Income years 90 year . This means that Shi Jie paid 60 Ten thousand yuan can bring 2000 More than ten thousand yuan .

however , Shi Jie hasn't got any invoice yet 、 Receipt 、 A contract or a document with legal effect . After several training activities , She became suspicious of the organization and decided to quit , To demand the return of “ Threshold fee ”.

“ This system has not refunded money since its establishment .” Shi Jie's “ go online ” Wanhua ( alias ) Express . Wanhua is her hair ,“ She also paid so much money , I'm not supposed to lie to me .” According to Shi Jie , Wanhua has been handed over to “ Spiritual growth ” Millions of dollars , To obtain the “ International supervision ” identity .

Shi Jie told reporters , stay “ Spiritual growth ” In the hierarchy of , Identity is divided into... From low to high “ International supervision ”“ director ”“ mentor ”“ International tutor ”, The corresponding fee is 350 Ten thousand yuan 、3000 Ten thousand yuan 、8000 Million and $ 1.4 One hundred million yuan . Pay enough expenses , You can get the corresponding identity , Organize training and obtain benefits . Trainees can become “ The literary elite ”“ Martial arts elite ”, Or by joining , open “ Shehuo Art Museum ” Undertake training , Get the qualification to develop offline students .

Student Haolin ( alias ) say , He 2019 Joined the organization in , Before and after 100 More than ten thousand yuan , Because of the wide network , It took only half a year to recover 90 More than ten thousand yuan , The benefits come from development 、 Get a commission .

The reporter also found that , The remittance account provided by the organization shows that the recipient is not any training institution , It's under someone's name “ Ticket deposit collection account ”.

In recent years , similar “ Spiritual growth ” Organizations emerge one after another , Such as “ Wulun pure land ”“ Blessing brings back life ” etc. . Different from the traditional MLM , These organizations act as life mentors 、 Close friends , Promote success 、 The spirit of soul chicken soup “ A hodgepodge ”.

Most of these organizations aim at those with certain economic strength 、 People with low education . When these people are married 、 health 、 When children encounter difficult problems in Education ,“ Spiritual growth ” The scam can take advantage of it .

Fang Ligang, a lawyer of Shaanxi Zhenli law firm, believes that ,“ Spiritual growth ” Our business activities have been suspected of fraud . According to the criminal law , The crime of fraud refers to the purpose of illegal possession , By making up or hiding the truth , The act of defrauding a large amount of public or private property .

Tan mintian, a lawyer at Heilongjiang Fuying law firm, said , According to the criminal law ,“ Spiritual growth ” The training has the income gate fee 、 Hierarchy 、 Fictitious or exaggerated profit prospects 、 Development personnel 、 Defrauding property, etc , Has been suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities .

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