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Tomorrow, check the score!

2021-08-31 20:42:07 Sogou wechat


8 month 26 The morning of 10 when

2021 In the first half of

National College English 4 、 Level 6 examination (CET) achievement

Will officially release !

There are two query methods :

Log in to China Education Examination Network

website :

Or search for “ China Education Examination Network ” Applet

Since this exam

An electronic report card will be provided

( Minor language subjects are certificates )

Candidates can 9 month 27 The date of

Log in to China Education Examination Network (

Free inquiry and download

The electronic report of this exam ( certificate )

Electronic report card ( certificate )

With a paper grade report ( certificate ) Equally effective



How many points did you get in CET-4 and CET-6 ?

What is the most impressive translation topic ?

Leave a message ~~

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