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Another new battlefield for technology giants: the era of robots is opening

2021-08-31 20:59:39 TechWeb

Throughout the development of human productivity , It has experienced the era of manual labor 、 Mechanization Era 、 The age of electrification 、 The age of Automation , Now it is accelerating into the era of intelligence . In the context of this era , The intelligent industry represented by robots is booming , Technology giants have set their sights on this field .

8 month 18 Japan , At Baidu World Congress 2021 On , Baidu founder 、 Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer, first proposed “ Car robot ” The concept of , And publish Baidu Apollo“ Car robot ”. In Robin Li's view , The car of the future will become “ Car robot ”, But the future “ robot ” It will look like a car . Car robots will have automatic driving 、 Intelligent assistant 、 Loyal company and self-learning .

Then , Two days later 2021 tesla AI Japan (AI Day) On , tesla CEO Elon · Musk announced that Tesla is developing a humanoid robot , And will be in 2022 Its prototype was released in . Musk said , Making humanoid robots is Tesla's next logical product , Because he thought , Tesla is already “ The world's largest robotics company , Its car is basically a robot ”.

actually , stay 8 month , These two companies are not the only ones announcing robot related products , stay 8 month 10 At the millet new product launch held on the evening of the th , Xiaomi founder 、 Chairman and chairman of xiaomi group CEO Lei Jun announced Xiaomi's self-developed quadruped robot CyberDog( Chinese name “ Iron egg ”). according to the understanding of , Xiaomi was the first to open 400 One place to 9999 The paid price of yuan CyberDog Engineering discovery , At present, the registration is over , share 22672 The applicant submits the application .

Just one month , There have been three major events in the field of Robotics , It's hot enough to see .

Emerging technologies promote industrial development

With artificial intelligence 、 The Internet of things 、 The continuous maturity of big data and other related technologies , Robots are gradually emerging , And give people production 、 Life brings many conveniences , The prospect of robot industry is generally optimistic .

One side , The continuous growth of labor costs , The increasing aging of the population jointly drives the demand for robots ; On the other hand , In safety production 、 Natural disasters 、 Fire fighting 、 Public security emergencies and emergency rescue , Robot value highlights . Especially during the novel coronavirus pneumonia , Delivery robots 、 Disinfection robot 、 Interrogation robots provide auxiliary functions for medical treatment and epidemic prevention and control , Let the public truly feel the importance of robots .

In recent years , Google 、 Amazon 、 Microsoft 、IBM And other technology giants invest a lot of money , Seize the robot market . Domestic Internet giants , Like Alibaba 、 Baidu 、 Tencent, etc , Also accelerate the layout of the robot track , To further enhance competitiveness , So as to expand market share .

for example , Google from 2013 He began to get involved in the field of robots in , at that time , In six months , Acquired 7 A robot related startup . Amazon has long been exploring the application of robotics in warehouses , Up to now , The company has deployed about... In logistics centers around the world 350000 A robot with a drive . Alibaba, also an e-commerce giant, is in 2020 In, it released its first logistics robot “ Little donkey ”, And release the robot platform , Officially enter the robot track . in addition , Tencent announced its exploration in the field of mobile robot technology : Quadruped mobile robots Jamoca  And self balancing wheeled mobile robots , among ,Jamoca It is the first quadruped robot in China to complete the complex challenge of walking plum blossom stakes , The relevant research results of self balancing wheeled mobile robot are also selected IROS 2020.

According to a research report released by Boston Consulting, it is predicted that , The global robot market is growing 2030 The years will reach 1600 Million to 2600 Billion dollars . meanwhile , According to the company's assessment ,2020 The scale of global robot market in is 250 Billion dollars .

National policies support the outbreak of robotics

It is worth mentioning that , since 2006 Since then , A series of relevant policies issued by the state give strong support to China's robot industry . Such as 2006 year , The State Council has formulated 《 Outline of the national medium and long term plan for science and technology development (2006-2020 year )》, It is proposed to focus on the application requirements of service robot and special robot , Study related common basic technologies ;2016 year , Ministry of industry 、 Jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance 《 Robot industry development plan (2016-2020 year )》 Put forward , Pay attention to the R & D and industrial application of robots ;2019 year , The Ministry of science and technology announced 《 National key R & D plan “ Intelligent robot ” And other key projects 2019 Annual project application guide  》 Show ,“ Intelligent robot ” The total budget estimate of the funds to be allocated by the state for key special projects is about 4 One hundred million yuan .

Besides , stay 2021 Published in 《“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning and 2035 The outline of the long-term goals for the year 2000 》 Put forward , We should thoroughly implement the manufacturing power strategy , Push the IC 、 Aerospace 、 Ships and marine engineering equipment 、 robot 、 Innovation and development of construction machinery and other industries . More Than This , Provincial and local governments have also studied and issued a number of policies and measures to support the accelerated development of the robot industry according to local conditions .

CIC Industrial Research Institute released 《2020-2024 Investment analysis and prospect forecast report of China's robot industry in 》 Pointed out that , With the structural shortage of labor force and the sharp rise of labor cost , China is facing the urgent need of industrial transformation and upgrading , There is a huge gap between demand and supply in China's robot market , There is a huge market space in the future .

At present , The field of robots has attracted more and more attention , Investment in this field is also getting hot at the same time . Enterprise check data show ,2011 Since then , AI tracks co occur 5475 Financing from the event , The amount of financing disclosed amounted to 8288.4 One hundred million yuan . In terms of track segments , In the past ten years , Robots in this field / Intelligent hardware ranks first in the number of financing , Co financing 1650 rise , Proportion 30%.

Predictably enough , Driven by market demand and favorable policies , The robot market will continue to heat up , And will usher in a rare golden period of development opportunities .

At the end :

Now , For manufacturing 、 Home Furnishing 、 education 、 Robots are emerging in many fields such as medical treatment , Greatly improves the user experience .

The age of robots has come , Do you feel it ?


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