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It is reported that Google's new generation pixel smartphone will use Samsung 5g modem

2021-08-31 20:59:49 TechWeb

Sina science and Technology News Beijing time. 8 month 26 Morning news , As report goes , People familiar with the matter said , The new generation of Google Pixel Smart phone devices will use... Produced by Samsung Electronics 5G Network modem , This marks the first time that this Korean company has defeated Qualcomm in the United States , The latter has dominated the U.S. market before .

Earlier this month , Google revealed that they had designed a processor chip , For its latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro High end flagship phones provide power , End the dependence on Qualcomm , But the latter will be Google's lower selling price Pixel 5A Continue to provide chips .

Earlier reports said , Samsung will produce processors for Google . Two people familiar with the matter said , Samsung will also provide... To Google 5G Modem technology .

Can Google Pixel Mobile phones provide modem technology , It's very important for Samsung , This Korean enterprise is the only one in the world 3 Home can make 5G One of the modem companies , The chip is responsible for connecting the device to the wireless network . The other two can produce 5G The modem companies are Qualcomm , And China Taiwan enterprise MediaTek .

In the Asian and European markets , Samsung is widely used in its flagship smartphone Exynos Modem technology . However, the company has long relied on Qualcomm to provide modems for its U.S. version of mobile phones .

Part of the reason is that Qualcomm is 5G A variant of the network ( Millimeter wave ) It has relatively leading technology , This network can provide faster speed . Up to now , All mobile phones sold in the United States , Including Apple's iPhone, Using Qualcomm's modem chips .

Samsung said to foreign media , The company's new modem technology enables millimeter wave networks , Google says its new phone will support millimeter wave networks like previous versions , But neither company wants to comment directly on whether they are new Pixel Cooperate on mobile phones .

TIRIAS Research Chief analyst Kevin · Cowell (Kevin Krewell) Express , Win Google's Pixel The business gives Samsung the first great opportunity to demonstrate its chip manufacturing technology to the wider mobile phone industry , Samsung has long been cautious about buying key components from a fierce competitor . The Korean company has never before 5G Modem chip technology is sold to external companies .

Qualcomm said in a statement that , They still have a leading edge in technology , Because in addition to modems , The company's millimeter wave technology also relies on other chips . The company said :“ A modem is not enough to support the millimeter wave used by the mobile phone .”

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