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Domestic thriller game "three volts" exposure: the horror is weaker and more suspense than the previous work "fireworks"

2021-08-31 21:00:18 TechWeb

Horror suspense puzzle game developed by domestic Shiying studio 《 Fireworks 》, With its unique Chinese horror 、 Nostalgic watercolor painting is very popular , Although there are few ghosts , But the penetrating coolness will follow .

In recent days, , The studio unveiled its new work 《 Three volts 》 Of “ A synopsis of the story ” and “ Introduction to main roles ”.

《 Three volts 》 A synopsis of the story :

In the 1990s , Claimed to have special functions “ Three eyed ” Make a noise in the world .1996 year ,“ Three eyed ” Accidental death , The mystery of his identity and special function has become an eternal mystery .2000 year , A strange video with hidden death prophecy appeared on a CD ,“ Taoist priest ” Xu Qingyuan and investigator Qiu Wu are responsible for investigating the incident . According to the survey , I guess the incident has something to do with three children . Besides, we have an emergency , The prophecy is becoming a reality ! I wonder if I can save the person predicted to die !

Introduction to main roles :

Xu Qingyuan “ Taoist priest ”, Entrusted by former colleague Shen Yanchuan to investigate the prophecy of three children ;

Qiu Fu XXX Investigator , Just joined XXX The new , Assist Xu Qingyuan in investigating the prophecy of three children ;

Shen Yanchuan XXX Deputy mayor, , Investigate the three children's prophecy under the instructions of the superior .

according to the understanding of ,《 Three volts 》 It will be more than a century 90 A horror puzzle game set in the s , The game scene is old Chongqing at that time , The story will revolve around “ Cicada flower ” an .《 Three volts 》 Compared with the previous work 《 Fireworks 》, Will adopt a new two-line narrative structure , And will try a lot of new content and new mechanisms .

The game screen adopts 2D Horizontal plate , Compared with the previous work 《 Fireworks 》 The sense of terror will be weaker , More emphasis on suspense and narrative .

Comparison 《 Fireworks 》 Focus on traditional folk customs ,《 Three volts 》 Have more modern elements , Like weird urban legends 、 Mental pollution, etc . The development team hopes to pass 《 Three volts 》 Find out how traditional folk customs and new strange talk complement each other .

At present, the preface of the game has been developed , The trial is expected to be released by the end of this year DEMO, It will be put on sale as soon as next year .

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