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[see you at 8:00] reward 1 million yuan for reporting one person!

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8 See you -8 month 26 Japan 02:04


  • China will promote 3 The cost of infant care services under the age of shall be included in the special additional deduction of individual income tax .

  • Detailed specifications of eight departments , Public schools shall not recruit students in the name of private schools .

  • The National Federation of procurement responded to the centralized procurement and supply interruption of Huabei pharmaceutical : Breach of contract will be punished and admonished .

  • newly added 12.68 One hundred million tons of ! Daqing Gulong shale oil exploration has made a major breakthrough .

  • The rectification is not completed according to the time limit , Dragonfly FM etc. 67 paragraph APP Off the shelf .

  • Beijing Provident Fund will build credit rating , Poor credit or restricted business processing qualification .

  • First day of Tokyo Paralympic Games , Chinese Legion 5 gold .


  • Algeria announces severance of diplomatic ties with Morocco .

  • The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee responded “ Gold medal peeling ”: The peeling part is not gold plated , It's a coating .

  • Morocco approved its draft legalization of cannabis , Prohibited for personal pleasure .

  • Space suit R & D delayed , American astronauts 2024 Return to the moon or “ Make soup ”.

  • British researchers found : Climate change makes the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions more difficult to predict .

All States

  • Notice issued by Lufeng Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Province , Yes 5 Lu Feng, a drug-related Internet fugitive, publicly offered a reward for arrest : For example, report to the public security organ or provide clues , Cooperate with the public security organ to capture the fugitive , The informant will receive 100 Ten thousand yuan reward .


  • 24 Japan , A recruitment information spread wildly on the Internet , It's called “ CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau 2021 Afghanistan post-war reconstruction project recruits important posts , Annual salary exceeds 200 ten thousand ”. CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. issued an announcement : False information , Alerted .

  • It is said that a man attempted to rape a woman in the street , Response from Daliang police station of Shunde District Public Security Bureau, Foshan City, Guangdong Province : The people involved have been arrested , At present, the case is under investigation .

  • A college student in Hangzhou, Zhejiang was cheated in online love for a month and a half 318 ten thousand ,200 Jin “ According to cheat ” Voice anchor in criminal detention .


  • A couple hiding in a residential building in Wuhan , Handmade fake Maotai 800 Multiple bottles , The value involved is nearly 200 Ten thousand yuan , At present, five suspect are under criminal detention according to law. .

  • Shanghai two “ Family convenience store ” Exposed to sell overdue roast sausage , The market supervision bureau will file a case for investigation .

  • Warm heart ! A nanny in Kunming accidentally fell down when she came out of the fence with her baby , Hold the baby tightly when you fall , Didn't hurt the baby at all .



  • Survive on user traffic , We should be in awe of the flow . Users do not harvest at will “ leek ”, Make a one-off deal in a fraudulent manner , Destined not to go long .

    —— People's daily commented on “ A penny of milk tea ” tricks


  • After the beginning of autumn , Qinghai Lake “ The white sand birds fly back ” The landscape .


  • 8 month 24 Japan , the 17th day of the seventh lunar month , Qiantang River ushers in the flood tide , Be commonly called “ Ghost King tide ”, The surging trend attracts many tourists to Haining, Jiaxing to see the spring tide .



  • Farewell ! Academician Zheng Zhemin, winner of the national highest science and technology award, died , At the age of 97 year .


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【8 See you 】 The mother slapped the man who molested her daughter and caused minor injuries , The court decided so  picture

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