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Hoarding nearly 500 million doses of new coronal vaccine and engaging in political manipulation by tracing the source of the virus... The United States has become a stumbling block to the fight against the epidemic all over the world

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   Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee Wu Jing reports “ Millions of vaccines are about to expire , Will eventually be thrown into the trash can . This vaccine waste is expected to continue into the autumn .” The United States 《 Washington post 》 Recently published articles , Criticizing the United States for hoarding a large number of new vaccines . The Brookings Institution, an American think tank, said , In the year to 9 month 25 Daily us or accumulated surplus 5 100 million doses of new crown vaccine .

   The current outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is still spreading worldwide. , Especially under the background that the mutant strain has brought greater challenges to global epidemic prevention and control , American hoarding 、 Every vaccine wasted could have saved a life . The World Health Organization recently pointed out that , Unfair distribution of vaccines has become the key to the fight against epidemic diseases “ The stain ”, Rich countries need to start sharing vaccines , Instead of hoarding vaccines .

   Why is the United States hoarding vaccines ? Is there any capital force behind it ? From vaccine distribution behavior , What are the differences between China and the United States ? The reporter interviewed relevant experts .

Excessive hoarding leads to expiration , The new crown vaccine in many states of the United States is seriously wasted

   Georgia has destroyed more than 11 Wanguanxin vaccine , New Jersey waste 5.3 Wan Duoji , Ohio more than 37 Ten thousand doses of vaccine cannot be used ……《 The New York times 》 Recently to the United States 10 According to state reports , From last year 12 Since January, vaccination has been started , America has wasted 100 Ten thousand doses of vaccine . State data do not include all vaccines delivered directly by the federal government to chain pharmacies , The actual wasted vaccine dose in the United States may be much higher .


   The picture shows Americans holding a protest near Washington's national square , Oppose the US government's massive hoarding of vaccines .( picture source : People's vision )

   On one side, vaccines are wasted , On the other hand, the federal government is still buying and hoarding vaccines in large quantities .《 Washington post 》 Reports said , Although there is no evidence that people need to increase the injection dose , But the United States still bought about 2 100 million doses of Modena vaccine , These vaccines are hoarding ash in China .

   meanwhile , The rate of vaccination in the United States continued to slow down . Vaccine conspiracy theory 、 Anti intellectualism and other factors have led to differences among the American people on the issue of vaccination . The BBC reported that , Some healthy young people in the United States are not in a hurry to get vaccinated , Others are worried about the safety of the vaccine ,“ boycott ” vaccination . Jennifer, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, which monitors vaccination mood in the United States · Dr. Katz pointed out : Proportion of people who insist on not getting vaccinated 20%.

   Political opposition also affects vaccination . near 30% Republicans claim they will not be vaccinated , Democrats who have made this statement account for 4%. Francis, President of the National Institutes of health · Collins said , Political factors have divided American public opinion on epidemic mitigation strategies , Compulsory vaccination or wearing a mask has become an act of political stance .“ Our political polarization is incredible , We really don't need to be polarized about a killing virus .”


Vainly trying to use vaccine distribution as a tool to achieve their own hegemony , The United States has become a stumbling block to the world's fight against the epidemic

   While the United States hoards vaccines , Many countries around the world are still hard to find . According to statistics released by who , Rich countries in this year 5 Monthly average 100 People offered about 50 One dose of vaccine , And poor countries can only be the average per capita 100 People provide 1.5 One dose of vaccine .

  “ I understand that under the ravages of the delta strain , All governments are eager to protect their citizens . But we can't accept that some have been purchased in large quantities 、 Countries that have to use more vaccines .” Who director general Tan Desai said , Global vaccine supply remains highly unequal , When some countries have yet to vaccinate their health workers and the most vulnerable groups , Other countries have ordered millions of doses of vaccine booster shots ,“ This is very disappointing , And it's meaningless ”.

  “ in fact , Vaccines have become a tool for the United States to achieve its hegemony .” Diao Daming, a researcher at the National Institute of development and strategy of Renmin University of China, told reporters , As early as when the vaccine was first developed , Some think tanks in the United States have begun to study how to use vaccines as a tool to achieve American leadership . From a series of actions of the US government , The research of these think tanks is gradually transformed into action . On the one hand, the US government pursues vaccine nationalism , Adhere to American priority , Stockpile vaccines in China , Render reserve reinforcing needle , Cause panic around the world . On the other hand , Promote vaccine diplomacy , Take self-interest and alliance as the standard , Delusion to achieve leadership by controlling vaccine distribution . meanwhile , Politicize virus traceability , Belittle and slander the vaccine efficacy of other countries with the thinking of zero sum game , Slander and suppress the achievements of anti epidemic in other countries . so to speak , The United States has become the biggest stumbling block in the world's fight against the epidemic .


Capital has a profound impact on American politics , American pharmaceutical enterprises under the political escort are crazy to grab profits

  “ Analyze the massive hoarding of vaccines by the U.S. federal government , The influence of the capital force behind it cannot be ignored .” Diao Daming pointed out , The pharmaceutical industry in the United States is the largest profit-making industry in China , It has a great influence on American politics .

   Through political contributions “ Bet ” The presidential election , Exchange funds for spokesmen . Take Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, as an example , In the last campaign cycle , Pfizer's bipartisan bet , Substantial political contributions have been made , Among them, the contribution to the Democratic Party is higher than that to the Republican Party . In return , The two parties naturally want to use political power to make profits for the financiers .

   As early as the development stage of new crown vaccine , The United States federal government has invested a lot of money to fund pharmaceutical enterprises . Modena, an American pharmaceutical company alone, gained nearly 100% of its profits last year 10 US $billion in government funding . The federal government also buys vaccines in large quantities , Deliver benefits directly to pharmaceutical enterprises . As for the number of purchases , Waste not waste , Not at all , This is also a major reason for the large accumulation of vaccines in the United States . in addition , The government also uses the national machine to sell vaccines to allies and others , A variety of vaccines produced in the United States frequently start from the ground .

   adopt “ revolving door ” This mechanism arrangement , Make capital and political power closely related , It is also an important way for capital to affect politics . Senior managers of pharmaceutical enterprises and key members of the federal government , Bidirectional conversion role , You have me , I have you. , Profit for interest groups .

   in addition , Pharmaceutical companies also influence policy-making through lobbying . Annie, an American economist · Keith and Nobel laureate Angus · Deaton wrote that , The pharmaceutical industry has the largest spending on political lobbying in the United States , Even beyond the financial industry .

   Under the escort of political power, the major pharmaceutical enterprises in the United States have made a lot of money . According to US media , Pfizer expects its new crown vaccine 2021 Annual revenue will reach 335 Billion dollars , a 5 Of the month 260 There was a substantial increase of US $100 million . Modena expects sales of the new crown vaccine to reach million this year 180 Billion dollars .


Vaccine distribution is like a mirror , Both show responsibility , It also reflects the differences in the positions and systems of political parties in various countries

   In contrast to the large stockpile of vaccines in the United States , China has always promised to make vaccines a global public product , Carry out vaccine cooperation 、 Promote equitable and rational global distribution of vaccines .

   President Xi Jinping announced at the first meeting of the International Forum on new crown vaccine cooperation , This year, we will strive to provide foreign investment 20 100 million doses of vaccine , towards “ New crown vaccine implementation plan ” donation 1 Billion dollars , Used to provide vaccines to developing countries . A spokesman for the foreign ministry 8 month 20 Said Monday , China took the lead in announcing and practicing vaccines as a global public product , Provide the world with more than 8 100 million doses of vaccine .


   8 month 20 Japan , The Sinopharm Xinguan vaccine assisted by the Chinese government arrived in Manila, the capital of the Philippines , This is the third batch of new crown vaccines that China has provided to the Philippines . Shen Jizhong ( Umali taken )

  “ One is the largest capitalist country , One is the largest socialist country , In front of COVID-19, a common enemy. , The differences between political parties' positions and systems are particularly obvious .” Diao Daming thinks .

   The Communist Party of China always represents the interests of the people , Put people's life and health first . Free vaccination for all populations , make every effort to treat patients , Provide perfect medical service guarantee for the people . The two parties in the United States represent the interests of a small number of capitalists , Serving their respective interest groups , Ignore the people's life and death .


   2021 year 8 month 25 Japan , Huai'an, Jiangsu , Medical staff vaccinated the elderly .( picture source : Vision China )

  “ This global epidemic has revealed the positions of various political systems on people's lives and quality of life . What system values people's lives more ?” Bussena, political and press adviser to the president of Syria · Xia ban thinks , China's political and social system has proved to be the most powerful in this public health and humanitarian crisis 、 Cherish people's lives most 、 Most efficient loss reduction 、 The most powerful leader of society 、 The best way to deal with the crisis .

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