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1 + 6 + N, this "addition problem" is too "tricky"!

2021-08-31 21:28:47 Sogou wechat


In recent days,

Zhengyang County, Henan Province issued a circular

One of them

When primary and secondary school students check in

To be held

Parents ( Guardian )

Grandma and grandpa

Grandpa and grandma

And their close relatives living together

New crown vaccination certificate


Not accepted or suspended


“1+6+N” Of “ Continuous sitting ” policy

Really hit the door of parents

Such binding is not only Against individual will

more Violation of children's basic right to education

The law does not allow

There is no reason

I don't know

Some netizens also expressed doubts about this





Vaccination with COVID-19
It is an important means to prevent and control the import, spread and spread of epidemic diseases
Also reduce
Necessary measures to reduce the incidence of severe cases and deaths
School age people without taboos should do We should do everything we can

However, in order to complete relevant indicators and tasks in some areas
One after another Work simplification 、“ One size fits all ” A sign of
Various “ Hard means ”、 Strong measures emerge one after another

Restricted activity places
Include personal integrity records
Stop paying wages ……
This time, Zhengyang County is “ Better at it ”
Directly from people's “ Weakness ” Lay hands on
a “ Steady and ruthless ”

This wind cannot last long !
Knowing 、 agree! 、 voluntarily
It has always been a basic principle followed by COVID-19 vaccination.

Accelerate vaccination at the grass-roots level
The determination and urgency to establish an immune barrier are understandable
Difficulties in grass-roots work , Everyone can understand
But the sword should not go sideways
Or should it be solved within the framework of organizational management
Study reality
fine 、 science 、 Rational policy implementation
Never do bad things with good intentions

Respect for the rule of law 、 Prevention and control according to law
It is the fundamental guarantee for winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic
The more critical it is 、 Difficult times
The more we need to strengthen the thinking of rule of law 、 Strictly abide by the bottom line of the rule of law

such “ Add ”
It looks like “ surprise ”、 Carry out with drive and sweep
In fact, the score is reduced 、 Hurt people's hearts


Xin Chou Nian July 19


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