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Apple is accused of stealing trade secrets: copying technology and digging at the foot of the wall

2021-08-31 21:57:51 TechWeb

Over the years , The digital world takes Apple's products as a benchmark , Its design and technology are known as the world's top , In the past, many manufacturers designed their own products according to Apple's products , And it can also get good market feedback through reference design .

But as a giant company , Apple is also accused of stealing other people's trade secrets , Not only copy technology, but also dig corners .

As report goes , American medical device company maixinnuo (Masimo) CEO Joe · Chiani (Joe Kiani) Recently expressed to the outside world , At present, the company's lawsuit accusing apple of stealing trade secrets is entering a new stage .

According to the source , Maixinnuo and its subsidiaries Cercacor Laboratories stay 2020 year 1 Sued Apple last month , Accuse apple of stealing its trade secrets , stay Apple Watch Used their health monitoring invention , Although Apple has questioned and defended the validity of the patent and the way to obtain information , However, the trial of the case is still far from complete .

The latest report mentioned , The latest highlight of this civil case is , Kiani claimed that , Apple CEO Tim Cook May have personally participated in the investigation of a Cercacor Recruitment of senior executives , An email proved it , The executive took away the company's blood oxygen monitoring technical secrets , And applied for a patent , List yourself as an inventor .

Apple denies that it is Apple Watch The invention of maixinuo is used in , He also said that cook was not involved in Cercacor CTO Marcelo · Recruitment of ramego .

at present , Apple is trying to exclude cook's electronically stored information from this civil lawsuit , Claim that this information has nothing to do with the case .

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