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The release date of iPhone 13 sneaked away: the whole series went on sale synchronously on September 17

2021-08-31 21:58:33 TechWeb

【TechWeb】 According to previous forecasts , This year Apple will continue to 9 The new iPhone 13 Series models ( There is also news called iPhone 12s series ), As the release time approaches , The revelations about the aircraft have also appeared on the Internet more and more frequently . Now there's the latest news , After the appearance and some configuration details , Recently, a digital blogger unveiled an e-commerce platform iPhone 13 The preheating page of the series , The launch date of the machine has been exposed for the first time .

According to the latest information released by digital bloggers , It's basically the same as the previously exposed news , Apple will hold its autumn launch next month , At that time, we are most looking forward to a new iPhone 13 The series will officially debut , Will still contain iPhone 13 mini、iPhone 13、iPhone 13 Pro、iPhone 13 Pro Max Four models . The preheating page of an e-commerce platform released by the blogger this time further shows , This series of new machines will be in 9 month 17 It was officially released on the day of the press conference , And it's the whole family 4 This model is on sale at the same time , It won't be sold in batches like last year .

other aspects , According to the previously exposed news , all-new iPhone 13 Series will still use bangs full screen design , But the fringe area has been greatly reduced ; Samsung's 120Hz LTPO OLED panel , Support 120Hz Adaptive refresh rate , And bring the function of intelligently adjusting the screen refresh rate , It can be realized according to the screen content 1-120Hz Automatic switching between , At the same time, it also brings more power saving effect , And support Face ID and Touch ID Double unlocking scheme . Besides , The aircraft will be equipped with a new A15 Bionic processor , Support Wi-Fi 6E technology , Rear three camera module , And the lens specifications will be further improved , Will be equipped with a new ultra wide angle lens , from 5P(f/2.4) And focusing (FF) Upgrade to 6P(f/1.8), Autofocus (AF).

It is reported that , all-new iPhone 13 The series will continue this year 9 Moon phase , Will be on the screen 、 There will be no small upgrade in camera and other aspects , And its price will rise at the same time , The top version is expected to break through 15000 The price of RMB , Become the most expensive in history iPhone mobile phone . More details , We'll see .

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