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The price of TSMC OEM service will rise

2021-08-31 21:58:39 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 26 Daily news , Recently, a number of Taiwan media have reported the news of TSMC's price rise , TSMC has not made a clear response to this rumor .

Taiwan Economic Daily reported that , As the foundry capacity of wafers continues to be in short supply , Market spread , TSMC, the leading foundry of wafers, has recently informed all IC Design customers , We will expand the range of increase in foundry costs , From the fourth quarter, the whole line rose . among ,12nm The price of the following advanced processes increases 10%,12nm The above mature process increases 20%. This will help TSMC increase its gross profit margin , Hold steady 50% mark .

Taiwan 《 Industrial and Commercial Times 》 Reports said , TSMC decided last week that 2022 Since the first quarter of, the quotation of wafer foundry has been raised , The highest end 7 The manufacturing process within nanometers will increase 10%,16 Mature processes above nanometers will increase 10%—20%.

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