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Advantages of merchant number authentication to enterprises

2021-08-31 22:09:14 Station master number

  Kwai LAN v The benefits of certification


 1、 Home page function permission , Our home page can add one click to make a call , Store address, etc

 2、 Unlimited current, unlimited number , You can send advertisements on Kwai Fu. , It will not be restricted or blocked because of too many advertisements

 3、 There's a discount on sales promotion , Don't buy it at the original price , A discount that can save money

 4、 Account verticality increases , You need to select a category when you are authenticating , We can increase the verticality of the account according to the classification

1、 Advertising is not illegal , Many users who have done marketing on Kwai Fu. , Have been prompted to violate the rules . If the violation is minor, the current is limited , If it's serious, it's called , Friends who want to do marketing in fast Kwai should have experienced the current limiting. 、 Title , Made blue V It can be avoided .

 2、 Flow addition , Made enterprise blue V in the future , The weight of the account itself will increase , It will be more convenient to do marketing promotion , Simply put, it's easier to fire .

 3、 Promotion discount , This is also the most convenient function for enterprise users , Promotion expenses can be made on marketing Kwai. 88 fold .

In fact, for businessmen, choose Kwai LAN. v Certification is a very good choice , And there are more than 20 kinds of fast certification rights , Everyone should know that promotion is very important in the link , If your brand doesn't even have popularity , So how do you let others know , How to sell the product , So for those who have not yet done certification, hurry up .

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