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How to promote video number in tourism industry

2021-08-31 22:09:58 Che Meiqi

Any operation that cannot be realized is a waste , In terms of business value , The biggest advantage of video number is its daily activity 11 Million wechat users , And fully open up the interconnection between the traffic matrices of the wechat ecosystem , This is not available on other platforms . Before talking about the realization of the video number , Let me start with , Who is suitable for drainage in the video number .

The first category : The official account of the public number. , It can be realized quickly ; The second category : Micro e-commerce practitioners , Direct selling conversion ; The third category : Education and training , You can pay for knowledge ; Fourth category : Talented creative people , Display original and novel works ; Fifth category : A handsome beauty .

Video Number 9 Large liquidation mode

The first 1 There are ways to realize it : Drainage and powder swelling

The official account is unchanged. , Mainly drainage and powder expansion : Video link of tourism strategy links WeChat official account in content , User attention to official account is pop-up and guide text. , Let users pay attention to the blogger's little red book 、B standing 、 The tubing 、 Microblogging 、ins Other platform accounts , The whole platform drainage effect was achieved .

Such as the video number in the vertical field of tourism : Travel Travel , Create high-quality travel video content through each shot , Attract the attention of a large number of tourism enthusiasts ,1 The natural powder rose more than in three months 8000 people .

The second way : quick 、 Efficient customer communication , Improve customer service quality

Compared with other consumer industries , Tourism needs more sophisticated services , The uncertain interference factors are also increasing , Effective customer communication has become an important part of the market competitiveness of tourism enterprises .

The official account of the enterprise is connected to the software of the fishpond. , When visitors arrive , Will be like QQ The same instant flash reminds the travel consultant to receive , At the same time, active invitation is supported , Improve visitor dialogue rate .

When tourists encounter problems 、 And then consult the official account. , The enterprise Tourism Consultant will click on the knowledge base of the fishpond software ( Including tourist routes 、 Precautions, etc ) Make a quick reply , Even if you encounter a large number of tourists , No matter how many same questions are raised in a certain period of time, we are not afraid !

also , Through fishpond software , The tourism consultant of the enterprise can send pictures directly to customers 、 Image & Text 、 video 、 voice 、 Template messages, etc , It can be said that communication quality , Communication efficiency is very high . meanwhile , Fishpond software will also keep customers' chat records for a long time , It is very effective for tourism consultants to continuously follow up the same tourist .

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