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How to popularize the official account of education industry

2021-08-31 22:10:03 Che Meiqi

Education and training is relative to school education , It is characterized by flexible form 、 The content is diverse 、 targeted , Focus on meeting people's needs in a particular area , Be able to quickly impart various technologies needed by society or individuals 、 Such method ; School education is an organized 、 Planned General Education , The teaching methods and contents are fixed . Education and training is a useful supplement to school education .

From the perspective of industrial division , Education and training industry belongs to the cultural industry in the tertiary industry , It is an important part of modern service industry . The education and training industry is important for the improvement of human capital of the whole society , It plays an important role in economic and social development , It is a very important measure to cultivate and enhance national soft power .

1.、 After setting the column section , Determine the layout style : Font size 、 Color 、 Title Processing 、 Emphasize handling 、 Small symbols decorate 、 mark 、 voice ...

Combine the good typography of others , Make your style , Don't change often after you decide , It is convenient to form a visual brand recognition .

2、 Often use dry materials , Forward the circle of friends and take a screenshot , This is a way to stimulate propagation .

You can send dry goods materials and download articles regularly , You can also prompt this matter in the automatic reply to the attention , There is also the option of downloading materials in the menu bar settings .

3、 Circle of friends , Make influence simple .

Be a parent 、 After the students join the group , The teacher assistant should add everyone in each group as friends , Some information that is inconvenient to say in the group , You can share through the circle of friends , Send it to everyone , If you share something other than work , Will increase students 、 The favor of parents and teacher assistants , Finally, we form a trusted friend relationship . When your customers are willing to make friends with you , What other sales tasks can't we accomplish ?

4, Wechat operation rules , Don't let parents 、 Students dislike .

Although we are talking about wechat Marketing , But remember not to treat it as a complete marketing platform , We should show our parents from a personal perspective 、 Students share valuable information , Help them solve problems , To build trust , Carry out certain marketing on the basis of trust .

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